What do we get to do today?

March 23 Here’s my video as we look for lines!

Today let’s go on a scavenger hunt! You can use a device like a tablet or phone to take photos, or just look if you don’t have one. We are going to begin by reviewing our Elements of Art this week. Look for lines all around you- in your house, or in your yard. Take a pic of where you see lots of interesting lines!

Now try making a drawing of something of your choice using only one kind of line. Examples: a dog with only straight lines, an underwater scene using only curvy lines, a self portrait using only zig zag lines, a spring picture using only spiral lines. You get the idea! I’d love to see what you are working on if you want to send me a photo. I miss you guys!

For younger students, here’s the Line Song!

4th and 5th grade, here’s a review of how artists use lines in Elements of Art: Line from KQED Arts

9 thoughts on “What do we get to do today?

    • I’d love to see it! You can email a pic to me or post on Twitter if you want to share with everyone and tag me @msart2015

    • Cool! Tattoo artists have to use lots of lines in their art! Glad you are looking all around you to see the elements of art.

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