August 14th 2018


Today we reviewed Dividing Decimals and I was impressed with students who were able to talk to me privately about still needing help with a concept. Anytime students are working independently in the classroom, I HIGHLY encourage students to use that time to advocate for themselves if they need help because that is what I am here for 🙂

Students worked on their Quiz corrections and will have their quizzes officially returned to them tomorrow. Students should be reviewing content at home even if they do not have “a lot” of homework because there is a Test on Friday covering Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Decimals.



  • CAPS #2 odds only – on separate sheet of paper & check answers using calculator and
  • Finish Task 3 (problems 1-7) from the Unit I Task Packet if you did not do last night so that means I gave you an extra day (this only happens once a year)

August 13th 2018

Well we are getting the hang of things and starting to look like 6th graders 🙂 …just in time, as 6th grade teachers will have to start cracking down on policies such as going to lockers when it is not locker break or monitoring bathroom passes so let’s be proactive so that we can have some Fresh Air on this upcoming Friday!

Looking forward to meeting parents tomorrow night at Open House

Today we worked on reviewing long division and divisibility which is our last “new” lesson for our Unit 1 Test Part A on this Friday. Here are the notes from our graphic organizer closing activity as some students did not get to finish the examples. CLICK TO ENLARGE


Homework: Unit 1 Task Sheet – Task 3 problems. [Handed out in class with verbal/visual directions]

There are 7 problems in this section. If you struggle with #4, please attempt and then move on to your other problems to save time. We will check over in class.


August 10th 2018

Today was our Unit 1 Quiz 1. Student who had a few problems left will see me during Homeroom on Monday to finish.


Reminder, Open House is on Tuesday, August 14th

Reminder our first test is next Friday, August 17th.




August 9th 2018

Today we reviewed for our Quiz tomorrow, this included:

-finishing our practice sheet from yesterday

-received small group reteach where needed

-correcting error from the exit ticket

-interactive practice via Quizizz (use code: 533488 and the link below for extra practice)


HW: 2018 2019 math 6 unit 1 quiz study guide-1a01cde . Show work on separate sheet of notebook paper with the same title as this sheet and heading in the top right corner. Will post answers by 5pm to check work.

August 8th 2018

Today in class we continued working on Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Decimals. Students worked on a practice sheet in preparation for their quiz on Friday which will contain both numerical and word problems. We closed with a 5 question exit ticket which will be used to group the kids tomorrow based on which skills they still need help with.

Tonight’s homework is the first CAPS assignment of the year. Students will do the same problems in class tomorrow FOR A GRADE so it is important they do their HW tonight. Please take a second to read the following post before continuing onto the last part of this

CAPS 2018-2019


HW: Please click to enlarge. Work these problems on a sheet of notebook paper, title the paper “CAPS#1” and put write your heading in the top right corner. SHOW ALL WORK and check answers by returning to this post. THERE ARE 10 PROBLEMS TOTAL.


CHECK Decimal answers on a calculator

CHECK Fraction answers using this website:

August 7th 2018

Today we continued to work on establishing our routines and following directions independently.

*Students are encouraged to check their work for last night’s hw with a calculator.

We took notes in our MSG on Multiplying Decimals and worked on practice problems. We  also reviewed adding & subtracting decimals with an activity called Menu Math where we order our favorite foods from Chick Fil  using the menu below:

HW: Finish the Menu Math assignment and have ready to turn in tomorrow.

August 6th 2018

Today was the first OFFICIAL MATH DAY. Students were expected to come in with all materials and read the board for the first 10 mins of class to-do list which usually includes writing down HW, grabbing notes from the shelf and getting started on a warm up.

Our lesson was an Intro to Unit 1 involving decimals, knowing place values and adding/subtracting. Students are encouraged to bring the MSG (composition notebook) home daily to review the lesson & share with family/tutor if help is needed.

Anyone rusty with regrouping (borrowing) when subtracting might want to watch this short video: Khan Academy Subtracting Decimals . For specific help with learning regrouping altogether, watch a more in-depth video: Khan Academy Regrouping (Borrowing)


HW: On notebook sheet of paper, show work for each problem and circle your final answer. You do not receive credit if your work is not shown. Title the paper “Add/Subtract Decimals HW” and do not forget to put your heading in the top right corner.

CLICK to enlarge.


August 3rd 2018

Today we reviewed the Restroom procedures as aligned with the DMS expectations.

In class, we set up our math binders as well as our Math Survival Guides. EVERY student present was able to set up a composition notebook. ANY student who borrowed one from me must bring in one to donate next week. Please and thank you.

These have been posted in class and students were asked to copy them into the agenda today.


Unit 1 Quiz – August 10th

Unit 1 Test Part A – August 17th


HW: Look over the following list for Quiz topics —

Adding/Subtracting decimals

Multiplying decimals