November 13th 2018

Today we got started on Unit 4 Equations …my favorite ūüôā

Notes are below:

Unit 4 115-1ya1rba



  • If you are missing Gotta Love Math or your incomplete Gotta Love Math¬†was¬† handed back to¬† you, please get it to me by this Friday or a zero goes in the grade book. Here is a blank copy¬†2018 Gotta love math-wu5nj3
  • Period 5: I forgot to hand them back today so check the gradebook notes to see if yours is missing or incomplete


HW: Finish the worksheet problems from class [Homework Practice side #1-9 ONLY], please follow instructions for showing work.

November 12th 2018

Today we completed the Unit 3 Test.


For the handful of students who did not finish, I will be here tomorrow at 8:15, report to the cafeteria first.


Attention: Progress Reports go live this Friday which means I will be putting in a Zero for any missing Gotta Love Math assignments.

  • Incomplete –¬† see me if I have not already handed it back to you to finish.
  • Missing – See me for a blank copy if you cannot find yours


HW: None. We start Unit 4 tomorrow so have MSG and glue sticks ready ūüôā



November 9th 2018

Today we review for our Unit 3 Test. Students¬† worked on problems similar to their upcoming test and got to choose the level of spice for each problem solved: mild, medium or hot. ..I will now be eating Chipotle this weekend ūüôā


After their hard work students were rewarded with one jenga piece per correct problem and were able to use those pieces to build a tower with classmates. Mini jenga was a good time!


Study Session will be on Monday at 8:15am. Report to the cafeteria first and wait to be sent down by Mrs. Sewell.


HW: Check answers for all study guide/task packet problems that you have completed thus far. If you want to go back and work on the ones that were not assigned to you, that is fine.

Unit 3 Task Answer Key-1o3cpkm    Unit 3 Study Guide Key-16xl610





November 8th 2018

Today was day 2 of Combining Like Terms, we practiced lots of different problems  on the dry erase boards. Here are some extra examples Combining Like Terms Examples-1fa942t


We also went over the most missed from our Unit 3 Quiz 2 which students received today.

The best way to study for the test is to create and solve problems similar to the problems on Unit 3 Quiz 2. I will put some extra practice problems on the blog tomorrow as well.


Quiz Correction Requirements:

  • On a black sheet of notebook paper title Unit 3 Quiz 2 Corrections with heading in top right corner
  • If you missed the problem (even half credit), you must redo the problem showing ALL of the work [except the Identify Properties section]
    • For Identify Properties: Write the full name of the correct property and give an YOUR OWN example of the property.
  • Check your answers with the key¬†Unit 3 Quiz 2 Key-vh17u5




Please see the above instructions for how to do your quiz corrections

  1. Quiz Corrections
  2. Study Guide pg 3  #20-#22 . These are combining like terms. If you have parenthesis, do the distributive property first then you can combine like terms after. Do not stress over these 3 problems, SIMPLY  make the attempt and we will fix any mistakes in class.

November 7th 2018

Today we finished our Factoring Lesson ..there were many students who did not have their notes done from Monday night’s hw. I warned them, in the future, I will take these hw assignments for a completion grade as it is there responsibility to complete hw consistently especially when the HW is simply copying my notes from the blog.


Students will have their quizzes returned to them tomorrow so they can have another study resource for Monday’s Unit 3 Test.


We also covered the last lesson of this Unit: Combining Like  Terms, student really seemed to catch on fast. We will review this and practice more tomorrow.



  1. Unit 3 Study Guide  pg 1  #1-7
  2. Combining Like Terms Hw  #7-12. Copy down each problem on notebook paper and follow the steps practiced in class today. Do not forget a title and heading.

November 5th 2018

Today we took our Unit 3 Quiz #2.


Students flew through the 20 questions and were able to work on test prep in their Unit 3 Task Packet. Any students who did not finish (very few) are to come in Wednesday morning before school.


Factoring Notes on pg 103





  1. Take home MSG and copy the above notes to pg 103 where the distributive property notes are.
  2. Work on CAPS 10 Practice problems then check answers


      CAPS 10 Practice Problems Answer Key-1su7ycq

November 2nd 2018

Today we

  • reviewed translating expressions, evaluating expressions, and algebraic properties through our Warm Up and Study Guide answers
  • learned & practiced the Distributive Property which went VERY well. Sorry if you didn’t make it to the BrainPop Quiz


Resources for Monday’s Quiz (Quizizz & Quizlet are Highly Recommended)



HW: Feel free to use ANY of the study resources above to study for Unit 3 Quiz 2 on Monday


*Will post notes in separate Tab at the top of blog by end of the day

November 1st 2018

Today we discussed 6 Algebraic Properties with a little help from our good friends Tim & Moby.

  • Commutative Property of¬† Addition & Multiplication
  • Associative Property of¬† ¬†Addition & Multiplication
  • Identity Property of¬† ¬†Addition & Multiplication

We took very important notes which went into our binder instead of our MSG and students used Brain Pop Interactive Quiz to assess their knowledge of each properties.

Students also made up their MI today so anyone who did not finish the notes, I have provided them below.


HW: Study Guide pg 2 #15-19   pg 4  #1-7

October 31st 2018

Today was day 2 of Translating Expressions so we are officially 75% of the way done with Unit 3.

Important Info Datesates:

  • Unit 3 Quiz 2 is on Monday, November 5th (Translating, Evaluating, Order of Operations, Properties)
    • We will be covering Properties Thursday and Reviewing Properties on Friday
    • We will use our Unit 3 Study Guide as a Mini Study Guide for this Quiz, will give to you on Thursday
  • Gotta Love Math is graded (forgot to include in the gradebook during Monday’s update)
    • If yours is missing, turn it in ASAP because it is a TEST GRADE!
  • You will receive all your recent graded papers back tomorrow and/or Friday
  • Unit 3 Test is on Monday, November 12th¬†
    • I will be creating a blog page with ALL of the Unit 3 notes for you to catch up on anything you may have missed due to absences are not being able to finish in class


HW: Read all of the important information above and most importantly, MATH ROCKS…get it?

October 30th 2018


Today we started working on Translating Words Into Math. We will cover this today and tomorrow which will prepare students to face their fears with word problems in algebra.

Notes¬† will be posted within an hour. HW is below and make sure to bring to class as you should all HW ūüôā


DO NOT FORGET to bring $1, or 2, or 3 in order to dress up for Halloween & support relay for life


HW: Read the directions. Copy the problems, underlined/circle key words (except on 2a and 2b), write our final answer all on a separate sheet of notebook paper with the same title.




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