April 26th Class & HW

Today was Day 2 of working on Adding Integers and we modeled on number lines to show our reasoning.

I changed plans to allow student more time to work on the Amusement Park Project.

I will be here tomorrow before school again if students need help finishing their project. Some might need to wait til Monday to turn in for 10 points of to ensure they do not turn in an incomplete project (this is a test grade)


HW: Finish Amusement Park


*Moving CAPS 23 to next week since we might be with Mr. Kamhout’s class again.

April 25th Class & HW


If you NEED BOSS’ APPROVAL or HAVE QUESTIONS on Task 3-5, you need to come in tomorrow morning. I will be here at 8:15. Report to the cafeteria, when my name is on the board they will send you down for that time.


Today we started Unit 8. We set up our Msg for the new Unit as well as copied our Vocab to our vocab sheet.

We worked on an activity called Let’s Play Ball and students worked in partners to roll die. The person who had the higher score “won”  and they had to determine by how much using subtraction.

We then used this activity to apply to adding positive and negative whole numbers. We subtracted the “digits” (absolute value) to determine our answer but the sign was which ever number had the higher absolute value. Example:

-24 +  4

1.  Subtract 24 and 4   —->   4

2. Take the sign of the bigger “digit” which is 24 and its sign it negative; our answer :  -4


Tomorrow we will discuss in terms of debt to give students a more concrete example of adding positive & negative numbers AND adding two negative numbers.



  1. Finish the problems on the Let’s Play Ball Wksht
  2. Work on Amusement Park (due by Friday upon ENTERING THE ROOM). Today was the last day for working IN CLASS.


April 24th Class & HW

Today we finished up our Unit 7 Test & Constructive Response and used the remaining time to work on our Amusement Park Project.

We will begin Unit 8 tomorrow so students will not have the entire time to work tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the last day for Boss’ Approval so the priority will be to work with students to get that done first.


HW: CAPS 23 Look below (click to enlarge) and work on a separate sheet of paper.


Check #1-6 with a calculator.

#7       6  1/2

#8       7/15

#9       9

#10     4/35





April 20th Class & HW

Today we worked on the Amusement Park task and enjoyed our Extended FAF.

The turn in window for the Amusement Park is now Tuesday to Friday. So Friday is the last day to turn it in without penalty

I also took the last pg of the Study Guide for a completion grade and will leave notes in the gradebook for those that were completely blank. I am hoping this was a wake up call for students who had been skipping out on their math hw and waiting until class to receive answers.


  1. Work on the Socrative link below using the Roomname for YOUR class period. You will need a scratch sheet of paper. Socrative Login
    1. Period 3   MATHBLUE
    2. Period 4   MATHPURPLE
    3. Period 5   MATHYELLOW
    4. Period 6   MATHGREEN
    5. Period 7   MATH RED
  2. Finish coloring and drawing of your Amusement Park blueprint. YOU ARE NOT WORKING IN THE ACTUAL PACKET UNLESS I have personally shown you how to do Task 3
  3. Study your MSG and create your own quizlet using your Unit 7 vocab sheet.



April 19th Class & HW

Today we were worked on Amusement Park the entire class today and will be doing the same tomorrow. Students who remained on task were able to make great strides today.

With their being Extended FAF tomorrow, classes will be a tad bit shorter so we want to be sure we are focused and on task. (Don’t forget your $4/$5 for Kona Ice!!!)


I will use a different review activity and post it tomorrow instead.



April 18th Class & HW

Today we went over the study guide answers for pg 1 and 2.

Students received their graphing paper and started on their blueprints by creating their X and Y axes as well as numbering. Some students got to plotting their points & jotting down the coordinates.


HW: Study Guide pg 3 and finishing numbering your coordinate plane on your blueprint if you did not finish in class.


April 17th Class & HW

Today we did a Ticket in the Door to check for understanding of Unit 7. While I graded, students worked on their Unit 7 Study Guide to prepare for their Unit 7 Test. Tickets were returned and students made corrections based off a quick review at the board.

The Amusement Park Project was introduced and explained. Students did their creative exploration today & will start on the actual blueprint tomorrow.


Important Dates:

-Study Guide due Friday, April 20th

-Test on Monday, April 23rd

-Amusement Park due Tuesday, April 24th


HW: Finish up to pg 2 (the back of the very first page). Create Park Name and park sections if you have not already.


April 16th Class & HW

Today we reviewed reflections again and it is taking some time. I emphasized working all 3 steps (written in the MSG). Students who ignored the steps and tried to do the reflections on their own, struggled more. We will practice more tomorrow and then introduce our project.

Our Unit 7 Test is on next Monday, April 23rd. Students need to start reviewing their Unit 7 notes, I will post all MSG pages tomorrow so we can be sure all notes are up to date.

**Quiet class changes will continue until Friday. ** Let’s be proactive and self aware these next few days to help out students still testing.

HW: Finish Skills Practice Worksheet

April 10th – 13th Class

Students you all did great today, parents thank you for having them here!

Let’s keep up this great energy for the rest of testing!


HW: See my April 9th blog post video links, had questions today about Ratios even though I posted a link for review.

Look at concepts in your packet that you have forgotten about and look them up in your MSG, you have to use your resources!


April 9th Class & HW

Today we worked on plotting points in the coordinate plane to make a polygon. We also started on Reflections and will pick back up on reflections when testing is over with so do not stress these things.


Milestones Testing:

Remember we have to be as quiet as possible ALL DAY for the next 4 days. Check your materials and make sure you have the following for tomorrow:

-Science binder (extra notebook paper)

-SS binder (extra notebook paper)

-Math MSG (1st & second if possible)

-a library book to read


HW: Look over the quick lessons. Find practice problems online or try the ones I have posted.


GCF/LCM: For some reason I can post images today (go to your old MSG or google “sled method for gcf/lcm”. Remember GCF is “on the left” and LCM is “all of them” (it makes the L)

GCF LCM Khan Academy Practice



Ratios Review  This link is interactive so make sure to follow along so you can click when needed.

Ratios Khan Academy Practice



Algebraic Expressions Khan Academy Practice


Equations: Remember, we have only done ONE STEP. Stick to these examples

Equations Khan Academy Practice