Snow Break! ….trapezoid practice

I hope you have all enjoyed your extra few days off by staying warm.

Catching up will be much easier by doing the following before Monday:

1. Watch the video below. It covers using the Trapezoid formula (we came up with it on Tuesday).

It shows a great practice problem and then walks through why the formula is what it is, basically a refresher of Tuesday’s lesson.

2. After the video, go back over the Trapezoid task worksheet, it is on my last blog post (if you forgot to take your math binder home)

3. Practice using the formula on your own via your textbook (starting at 599) OR practice via Khan Academy by clicking here Trapezoid Practice

January 16th Class & HW

If you did not watch the video from yesterday’s post please do so tonight. IT is not long at all. Less than 5 minutes.

Today we worked on constructing a formula for finding the area of a trapezoid by doing an inquiry lab. Students used their prior knowledge about parallelograms and triangles to come up with a formula and tomorrow they will put that formula to use. The homework is verrrryyyyy similar to what we did in class today. See below for the notes if you did not finish in class.


  1. Textbook pg. 595 & 596 Only Investigations 1 and 2. DO NOT do Investigation 3.
  2. CAPS #18 odds only. I noticed half of you are not looking up the answers to your CAPS problem when you work on them at home. There are websites you can google that will compute fractions and mixed numbers. Google is your friend 🙂



January 11th Class & HW

Today we went over last night’s hw and reviewed how to show our work.

We did our Area Learning Check as well as finished up CAPS if needed.

HW: Skills Practice Wksht evens and CAPS #17 evens . We will be doing CAPS 17 tomorrow in class with our usual 10 minute timer.

January 10th Class & HW

Today we worked on using our formulas and showing all of our steps.

Tonight’s hw needs to be shown on a separate sheet of paper and MUST INCLUDE ALL 3 STEPS. See your notes for the formulas

HW: Skills Practice Worksheet odds only & CAPS 17 odds only




January 9th Class & HW

Today we reviewed our 2 lessons from last week: Area of Rectangles & Area of Triangles.

Students signed a calculator contract before starting on the day’s lesson. The contract stated students must show work for all problems in order to use a calculator in class. The statement can be found below:


Feel free to start bringing your 4 function calculators to class.


Students numbered and set up their Table of Contents in their new MSG. Any students who did not have their MSG, received a signature on the blue card in their agenda. Agendas will be redeemed for all students who have their MSG before Friday.


HW: pg. 591 #1-3 and #6. Show all work to receive credit.

CAPS #16. Work problems on a separate sheet of paper and check answers with an online calculator. CAPS 16 problems are listed below:


January 5th Class & HW

Today we worked on finding the area of triangles by using the information we learned about triangles. We discovered after cutting parallelograms and rectangles in half, we have 2 perfectly congruent (equal) triangles.

Therefore the area of a triangle is always half of a parallelogram.

Here are the finalized notes from today’s Area of a Triangle Practice (5th period did not get to finish copying)


Here is your hw answers from Thursday night. Please check over. Remember finding perimeter is just adding up all the sides of the shape.



HW: Review my notes on the different ways triangles can look and how to show your work when finding area. (see first image above)

ALSO PLEASE DO NOT FORGET YOUR 2nd MSG for Monday. I will be signing agendas for unprepared for class if not.


Enjoy your weekend. Yall Rocked This WEEK!!!

January 4th Class & HW

Today students reviewed finding area and perimeter of rectangles.

We worked with decimals numbers in order to sharpen our skills.

For review, click the link below and choose Step by Step

Review Area of Parallelograms

For perimeter, just ADD UP ALL THE SIDES. FOR AREA, USE YOUR FORMULA. Here is an example of how to show work for the area hw problems:

HW:  Area/Perimeter Wksht (show work on the back of your Worksheet from class today)

Only do the following problems  #1 a, b ,c, and d, #2 a and b, #4 a, b, and c

Welcome Back

Hello everyone,

Hopefully break was restful and enjoyable.

Here are a few reminders before your return:

-Quarter 2 Report Cards will NOT go home. You view them through StudentVUE or ParentVUE. 

-You will need a second composition notebook for this semester (on syllabus at the beginning of the year). Please bring tomorrow if you do not already have one at school in your locker.

(Please text your friends who have me for Math to remind them they need their second composition notebook)

-Your schedule this semester will be switch around so make sure you know which connections you have and you are still reporting to Homeroom first!


I believe that is all folks!


See you tomorrow.

December 19th Class & HW

Today we wrapped up the Unit 4 Test. I had a small few in each class who are not finished. If you have more than 4 problems, I would recommend coming in tomorrow morning before school at 8:20. Report to the cafeteria first.

If you have 4 or less problems you can finish within your class period tomorrow.

Students finished with tests will work on their CAPS 15 and Holiday Packet.


HW: If you did not work CAPS #15 last night for hw go to last night’s post to view the CAPS 15 problems and work them out.