Pitner’s Little BIG SHOTS!

Audition forms for this year’s Talent Show are due NEXT Friday, May 4th.

Binge-watch some Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots this weekend and you’ll see all kinds of talents.  Not just singing and dancing but math tricks, bubble blowing, sports demos, and science experiments.

Be creative and take a chance!!!

Fine Arts Night

Please come and enjoy Pitner’s Fine Arts Night tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28th from 5:00-7:30pm!

Not only can you purchase your child’s framed art, you can come support out PTA at 6:00.  The Pitner Chorus will perform to conclude their meeting.  Also, there are come-and-go STEM Activities in the STEM Lab for your child to enjoy throughout the evening.



Shout Out to Ms. Poulos’ 4th Grade!

I wish, wish, wish my phone and my computer would stop being mad at each other so I could share your wonderful work from class today.  Kids broke into small groups and played the rhythms of their names in a Rondo Form.  They were all VERY creative and worked VERY hard.  So proud of you!!

Maybe the video will follow soon????

Read Across America!

Tomorrow Pitner is celebrating “Read Across America!” in a BIG way.  We read melodies and rhythms every day in music class, and I have displayed some songs you should be able to read in the hall.  Stop by and see how many of the songs you can recognize!



Thank you, Piedmont Church!

Thank you, Piedmont Church, for your generous donation to our music program!  Not only does Piedmont Church provide a beautiful venue for our Chorus Winter Concert (at the annual “Christmas  at Piedmont” event), but they also give donations to each school which participates.  We are so honored to have you as a Partner in Education!