Books and Music

I really love this rotation’s first grade lesson, because I get to teach one of my favorite “surprise” songs (Good Night, Sleep Tight) while reading one of my favorite books, Time for Bed by Mem Fox (illustrated by Jane Dyer).  Always one of the students says, “I *love* that book!”

This was one of my favorite go-to bedtime books for my own children, and I’m sure yours would love it, too.  It’s available at the Cobb County Library, and very reasonably priced on Amazon:

While you read it, let your child teach you the song with its “surprise” at the end.


Hello, Patriot Nation!

I hope you had a wonderful summer!  I am so impressed with how much you still know after your time off!!  I can’t wait until our “review” time is over and we start learning NEW things!!

I have promised my 5th graders that I would post a video of myself reading the book “Good Night, Owl!” but…….  I am going to have to check to see if that would violate copyrights.  Sorry for that delay, but we will be learning how to play the note E next time!