Meet Ms. Bryant

Hello, and welcome!  This is me – and my husband.  We have been married for 26 years.

We have three children.  Beau and Reid are both students at KSU and Alyssa is in the 7th grade at Durham Middle School.  My parents are just thrown in for free!  =)

I love cats and dogs, but I am very allergic to them!  My husband rescued this poor kitten on Hwy 41, and we tried to keep him.  (Doesn’t he look like Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon”?)  We ended up giving him to another family because I couldn’t sing from all my allergies.  (Not good when you’re a music teacher!)

I began taking piano lessons in the 4th grade, and for most of my life I played piano by myself.  It was only 6 years ago that I started playing in the worship band at my church.  I like playing with other people because each person can play something very simple, but it sounds beautiful when all the parts are put together.  It’s also just a lot happier to make music with other people, and that is what I hope your experience in music class!

This summer I took some time off from music, and spent my days decorating and painting my house, reading lots of books, and trying to keep my first few plants alive!

But, to be honest, I am glad we had a short summer break as one of my favorite things to do is to have with YOU every single day!