November 16, 2017

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First Period ELA – Carlton – Students are working on their dialogue journal for “President Cleveland, Where Are You?”  They will use the information in their journal to  complete a RACES writing assignment for the story.

We are doing this work in class, so there is no homework today.


Carlton’s Crew’s PBIS Word of the Week:  Reflective:  How can I be reflective about the choices I make?

Friday, November 10, 2017

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1st period LA – Today we began reading “President Cleveland, Where Are You?”  Students will be writing a literary analysis essay on this story.  On Thursday, students worked on the vocabulary for the story using the QHT strategy.

HW:   Notecards or three column notes for vocabulary due Monday.

Your cards or notes must include:  work, definition, part of speech, colored illustration

Quiz on “President Cleveland” vocabulary Wednesday

President Intro Vocabulary Anticipation Guide-2h0wxy1


Monday, November 6, 2017

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1st  Period LA -Carlton –  Today students continued to edit and revise their short stories.  They are using an editing checklist to annotate their story  for specific elements and to revise their writing.  The final story will be due Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at the end of class. If you are not finished at that time, you will need to complete the work at home.

Have a great day off tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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First Period LA

Today, students continued to work on the draft of their short stories.  Students are writing an original short story which will include all of the narrative techniques we have learned.  We will continue writing tomorrow and Friday.  All stories will be due Friday at the end of class.

Short Story Directions-2huwh1s


Carlton’s Crew’s PBIS Word of the Week:  Self-Aware – How can you be self-aware when you are walking through the halls at DMS?

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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1st Period ELA:

Tomorrow you will have a quiz on the short story vocabulary.  Be sure to study your flashcards and review all the examples that you have for figurative language.

Tomorrow will continue to be BYOD as we complete our lesson on ways to start a narrative.  We will use Spiral tomorrow.

Short Story Vocabulary-2hanfgb

Figurative Language simile, metaphor, personification, idioms-11v37mi

Carlton’s Crew’s PBIS Word of the Week:  Proactive:  How will you be a proactive student as you prepare for tomorrow’s LA quiz?

Monday, October 23, 2017

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Language Arts – 1st period – Carlton

This week we are continuing our study of writing techniques and strategies to improve writing.  Today, students took notes on figurative language and practiced identifying examples from a story in their textbook.  We will continue tomorrow with Brushstrokes.  On Wednesday, students will work with ways to begin a narrative – SAD! On Thursday, students will complete an organizer and begin working on a rough draft of their original short story.  This work will continue Friday after the vocabulary quiz.

Quiz update:  Vocabulary quiz Friday –

Make flashcards for the words on the study guide.  Follow the example for completing the cards.  Flashcards are due Thursday at the beginning of class.  See study guide below.  In addition to the the terms on the study guide, be able to identify  examples of figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, idioms.)  See PP below.

Short Story Vocabulary-2hanfgb

Figurative Language simile, metaphor, personification, idioms-11v37mi


Friday, October 20, 2017

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First Period Language Arts

Today students began exploring how authors use figurative language to add depth and interest to short stories.  We are taking 4 square notes on similes, metaphors, personification and idioms.  See the PP below for complete notes.

Figurative Language simile, metaphor, personification, idioms-11ux9dl

Other elements we will work on next week include brushstrokes and 3 ways to begin a story.

Students will begin writing their original short stories next week.

Stay Tuned for the Date: We will have a quiz on the four types of figurative language and the elements of a short story.


Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Language Arts – 1st Period

This week, we are exploring the elements of a short story, and students are practicing strategies to improve their writing.  We will be examining the use of figurative language, brushstrokes, sensory details, syntax and other strategies to add voice and style to writing.

We are also reading short stories and myths, and we are examining how published authors apply these elements in their writing.  Last week, we read “Thank You, Ma’m” by  Langston Hughes.  This week we are exploring the myth of “Daedalus and Icarus.”

Next week, students will begin writing an original short story using these elements.  This will be a test grade for Quarter 2.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

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Homeroom News:

Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for!  The Great Game of Colors will take place tomorrow.  All students who donated $30.00 or more will participate in the Game of Colors.   I can’t wait to find out the grand total for donations to support our foundation! Other students who are not participating will be able to choose from several fun activities during this time.

Reminder:  Early release tomorrow, Thursday, October 12.  Students are released at 1:30.

Conference Week:  Conference Week begins Monday, October 16.  We look forward to meeting all of our parents and talking about your great students!  Students will be dismissed at 1:30 every day next week.

The Annual Scholastic Book Fair starts Monday, 10/16 and will run through conference week.  This is a great time for students to purchase some new books or try out a new author. In addition, there is a great selection of books perfect for holiday gifts or birthdays.  Check it out while you’re at conference next week.  Students will have an opportunity to attend with their reading classes.

Annual Book Drive:  While you’re at the book fair, please consider purchasing an extra book for the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital’s library.  While they routinely receive books for younger patients, they do not receive as many donations for the teen aged patients.  Our  goal isto  collect 250 new books for these brave young patients.  Donation boxes will be in the atrium.

Language Arts – Period 1:  We began our narrative short story unit this week.  Students are investigating vocabulary related to narrative writing using the Q,H, R strategy, and we are exploring how authors create interesting and engaging stories.

 Yesterday, we analyzed the next assessment and the rubric for the assignment using Spiral.  Spiral is an interactive application that allows students to post responses and share them with classmates.  The students did a great job of expressing their ideas and sharing.

Today, we began reading “Thank You Ma’m” by Langston Hughes.  Students are examining how the author creates the incident, the characters’ responses and their reflections on the incident.  We are also studying the story for the author’s style and craft.  There is no homework this week.

Carlton’s Crew’s PBIS Word of the Week:  Reflective:  When you make a poor choice or have a difficult decision, how can reflecting on it help you?