Week of January 16th

I hope that everyone enjoyed their extended weekend and was able to reflect on MLK day. This week I am sure will go by very quick! Last week, we started our fraction unit.  Students spent the first half of the week digging in to the basics of fractions and this week we will be adding and subtracting like fractions.  We finished our study of text structures in nonfiction text.  We dove into the beginning of the cause to the Revolution in social studies and Force and Motion in science.

Scholastic Book Orders are due by this Friday. The Ident-a-kid ID card photo and money will be due this Wednesday. Also make sure to get your child’s yearbook online for the reduced rate.

New Units of Study this Week:

Math:  We will work with decomposing, adding and subtracting fractions this week.  Students will be using Conceptua to digdeeper into fractions.  If they have a device, please send it in daily. Unfortunately, Ipods/Iphones do not work with Conceptua.   Homework this week will be My Math Worksheets AND any Conceptua that they did not finish during the day.

Reading:  We will begin a new unit Traditional Literature.  Students will discuss fairy tales, fables, and myths. We will complete Vocabulary week 6 and their Scholastic magazine.   Vocab unit 6 SWYK will be on Friday  and the magazine will also be due.

Writing:  This is the last week that we will be working on our opinion writing piece.

Science:  We will continue our study of force and motion.  The kids will be assigned a simple machine project. It will be done at home and will be assigned this week (probably on Wednesday). We will be using DEVICES (Tablets, not cell phones or ipods because they will not be compatible with what we are working on) to help with our learning this week as well. 

Social Studies:  We continue learning about the causes of the revolution. If we cover all of our material this week, we will have a test on Monday. If we don’t get through everything we will have a test sometime next week. We will be using DEVICES (Tablets, not cell phones or ipods because they will not be compatible with what we are working on) to help with our learning this week as well. 

Week of January 9th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break and I am so glad to be back with the kids at school. It’s crazy to think that the next 18 weeks of school, between now and the end of the year will fly by. I’ve been telling the kids that now we are beginning to prepare to  be successful fourth graders and they’ll be fifth graders before we know it!  The second half of the year is going to be filled with so many learning experiences and opportunities for the kids!

Report cards went home on Friday in Red Folders along with the GREEN accountability sheet for this 9 weeks. Please send back the signed report card envelope and the signed accountability sheet on Tuesday.

On Friday, the 4th grade will be celebrating those who completed the 2nd nine weeks 25 BOOK CHALLENGE GOAL with a Dessert Party at lunch time! Students who met the goal will be receiving their invitation tomorrow.I am so proud of the group of students who met the goal for the quarter and I would love to see ALL of the class make it to this 3rd quarter’s challenge celebration!

If you haven’t turned in the field trip form, please do so as soon as possible. If you need another please let me know and I will get you another by the end of the week.

Units of Study:

Math – We will be starting our unit on Fractions.  We will start with basic exploration this week and move into adding and subtracting fractions next week.  Homework will be different this week, kids will have homework pages in regards to fractions and pages from their math workbooks as well.

Reading – This week we will be working with the RACES strategy and finding and citing evidence as we read.  We will also be learning about text structures this week as well.  We will have a reading comprehension test next week.  The kids will also be working on their next unit in their Vocabulary Workbooks and a test will be next Friday. Students will also be assigned to complete 2 ReadTheory passages online, a night for homework Monday – Thursday to help refine and enhance their reading comprehension skills.

Writing – We will be working on and wrapping up our opinion writing over the course of the next two weeks.

Science – We are starting our next unit on Force and Motion. We will be discussing and investigating the unit’s topics this week. I will be incorporating some virtual learning  lessons with NEARPOD with the kids this week and next. So if your child has a device (tablet)  with internet connection that they can bring in for the next two weeks to work with for science that would be fantastic. You can also download the free app to their device as well.

Social Studies – Kids will have a quiz over the 13 Colonies on Tuesday. Then we’ll be starting our unit on the American Revolution.   We will cover everything from the road to the revolution to independence to forming a new nation.

Week of December 18th

Holiday festivities are in full swing in our 4th grade classroom! The excitement keeps on building. I am so PROUD of the kids from the past week in getting all of their assignments turned in and their class behavior while I was out. This week we have ONE full day of school and TWO half days. School is out at 12:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday. On  Monday we have our Holiday Party from 1 -2. We will also watch the Spelling Bee in the morning, learn about holiday traditions around the world in reading, and continuing our work on our persuasive pieces. The kids will also have their final Class Dojo Buy on Monday as well. Tuesday is the talent show at 8:15. As a Holiday gift to the class and as a reward the kids will have PJ Day on both TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY. On Wednesday we will be doing some high stakes activities with our writing buddies, that I am sure the kids will LOVE! On Wednesday along with PJs  wear your crazy sweater for a foundation donation. We will also be working on a math review packet.  There will be no homework this week!

Graphic Organizers for the 25 Book Challenge for this quarter are to be turned in by Tuesday. Please make sure to sign each organizer for the books they read and to ask your child how they are doing on their quarter goal!

Please make sure to send in your child’s permission slip and payment as soon as possible, for our upcoming Field Trip to the Cobb Youth Museum in January.

I hope to see you all tomorrow at our holiday party!  If not, I hope you have a restful break and a Happy Holiday! See you in 2018!

Week of December 4th

We have just a little over 2  weeks left until the Winter Break!  Time sure has flown by these past few months.  We will be busy at focusing on wrapping up academics for the second quarter and having lots of Holiday fun integrated into our studies!  Please watch for an email from our Fantastic Room Mom regarding our Holiday Party.  We have the Holiday Shoppe on Tuesday morning.  An envelope should have been sent home with the kids last Friday in their red folders. Along with that the field trip permission form for pour trip to the Cobb Youth Museum in January went home on Friday. Please have the permission form and payment turned in by this Friday (Dec. 8th) If your student took school pictures this year you should have received a magnet, please return these if you do not intend to purchase them.  The giving tree ends this week as well.

I will be sending home the Scholastic Book Orders for December with your student tomorrow. If you plan on ordering and want the books or items here before your child goes on Winter Break, please have your money and order sent in or ordered online by this FRIDAY THE 8TH. Having your order turned in by this Friday ensures from the company that it should be here by December 19th.

One last reminder please make sure to send in a note for when your child is absent and within two days of the absence for the front office.

New Units of Study this week:

Math – Our focus will be on division of whole numbers up to 4 digits. Students will have a quiz on Friday.  Homework will return to the spiral format used earlier in the year.

Writing – This week we will focus on our persuasive writing. We will be having a Vocabulary SWYK over unit 5 words on Friday.

Reading – We will be focusing on First and Secondhand accounts in nonfiction texts. We will also be wrapping up our reader’s theaters from last week by Friday. The end of the quarter is approaching quickly and so is the deadline for turning in 25 Book Challenge summaries. I have discussed with the kids that they need to write 1 paragraph (5 sentences minimum) per every 100 pages that they have read. Also that a parent needs to check over their summaries and sign it before they can turn it in to be counted towards their goal.

Science – We are focusing on ecosystems. We also had an Earth Parent Lesson on Monday to help introduce ecosystems and our PBL project that we will be completing this year.

Social Studies – We will be working with the Middle and introducing the Southern colonies this week.

Week of November 27th

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Break and that it was a fun time had by all! I am thankful each one of my students and I am very happy to be back into the swing of things here at school! Before break the kids finished and finalized their weather forecasts and their writing piece. With only 3 weeks until the Winter Break the kids will be busy little bees with their academics and our other festivities that are planned! We will be starting the planning process for the SURPRISE holiday gifts this week.

Units of Study:

Reading: This week we will be focusing on comparing and contrasting drama, prose and poetry. Students will have 2 ReadTheory passages assigned nightly for them to complete. That can also count as their thirty minutes of reading too, if it takes them that long or they wish to do more.

Writing: This week we are beginning our new unit on Persuasive writing. We are also learning about relative pronouns, and prepositions/ prepositional phrases. We will be starting Vocabulary Unit 5 this week and students will have a SWYK on unit 5 words next Friday.

Math: We will be wrapping up our unit on multiplication with multi-digit numbers. Students will have a SWYK on Friday over Multiplication. Please have your child bring home their Math INB to help them study for their test this week along with practicing these skills on Prodigy. Homework will be the 20 problem math sheet and students only need to complete 5 problems nightly.

Social Studies: We are focusing on the New England Colonies this week and a hope to begin the middle colonies by the end of the week.

Science: Students are beginning their unit on Ecosystems.


Week of November 13th

This is the last week before Thanksgiving break and it will be yet another busy week in fourth grade!  We have our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday at 12:05 to 12:50.  I hope to see all of you there!

On Friday, I sent home the optional “Holiday Gift” form that we will be creating in class, please make sure to send in your child’s money by Friday if they wish to participate. The kids are so excited to begin creating the gift and I can;t wait to see their end results!

Also Scholastic Book Orders for November are going to be due this FRIDAY, so that we can get in your order before winter break.

In other news, we spent the week working on multiplicative comparisons,  wrapping up the unit on Early European Explorers, and continuing to work on our weather forecasts. The kids are so creative and full of excitement when it comes to their weather forecasts! I can’t wait to watch their final products!

Units of Study:

Math – we will be working on double digit multiplication.  Students will use either area model or partial product to solve.  Homework this week will be a review type sheet, which has 20 problems on it. Please have your student complete 5 problems each night. I have also assigned the kids to work on Conceptua math to build on their Multiplication fact knowledge so that our lessons this week will be easier for them.

Writing – We’ll be starting our unit on Persuasive writing.  We will begin to formulate ideas and develop topics. Students will not have spelling or vocabulary homework this week.

Reading – This week we will be working on our Scholastic Magazine and Close Reading Strategies. The Scholastic magazine and all worksheets will be due on Friday. We will also have our regular reading comprehension SWYK on Friday. Students are going to have online homework on ReadTheory this week. Students should take 2 ReadTheory quizzes and write their scores in their agendas to show me the next morning.

Science – This week will be the final crunch to get our Weather Forecast Project completed. Students will be working on collecting data, writing their script and filming all throughout this week. All projects are due this Friday.

Social Studies – We will begin our unit on the Colonies and discuss the New England  colonies this week.

Week of November 6th – 10th

This week will be packed full with learning! Last week we worked on our personal narratives which have come a long way, took a test over factors, multiples, prime/composite numbers, took our comprehension quizzes and a vocabulary SWYK, wrapped up our study of European Explorers. Halloween was a great time for all! Many thanks to the help of our parents with extending our Dia de los muertos study with cookie decorating. We also got to have a comparison of medias (book vs. movie) of  our novel study on “The Witches” with Mrs. Miller’s class. We had a very successful STEM tour on Friday working on our weather forecasts!  It was a very busy week!

Another thank you is in order to all of those who donated to the BIG HEAD Campaign. We reached 54% of our classroom goal and the school made the overall goal as well! The kids enjoyed all of the in class incentives that they had earned during the fundraiser. Along with that they also enjoyed the carnival recess that was put on by the Ford Foundation as well!

Important Events and Reminders for the week:

  • NO SCHOOL on TUESDAY November 7th for students.
  • Canned food drive is still going on. Please make donations to help those less fortunate as the holidays approach.
  • STEM Night is this Thursday from 6:00 – 7:30, I hope to see you there!
  • Scholastic Book orders are coming home this week. This is a great opportunity to get some holiday shopping done at discounted prices! I am asking that Orders be due on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17th so that we can get your order before the holiday break!


New Units this Week:

Math:  We will be beginning our unit on Multiplication and this week we will be focusing on multiplicative comparisons. Please continue to review multiplication facts with your student nightly to help ensure their success with this unit. Homework is the same weekly sheet.

Reading:  This week we will be working nonfiction text structures. Students will be wrapping up their reading of our Novel Study “The Witches” and should be completing their Edmodo questions by the Wednesday. Students will have a SWYK over the book on Wednesday.

Writing:  This week we will be publishing our Personal Narratives and then beginning our next unit on persuasive writing. Students will also have spelling homework this week and will have a SWYK over the words on Friday.

Social Studies: We will have a review on the Explorers on Monday and students will have a SWYK on Wednesday over all of the Explorers. Please encourage your student to study their Social Studies Interactive Notebook this week for their SWYK. Then we will begin our unit on The 13 Colonies.

Science: We will continue recording weather data this week as well as starting our forecast scripts.

Week of Oct. 30th – Nov. 3rd

We had another fantastic week in Fourth Grade. On Wednesday we had an author visit, which really encouraged the kids to continue enjoying writing and boy did it show!   In our academic subjects we worked on factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, worked on our multiplication facts, took a quiz over the first 9 chapters of our novel study, discussed the different types of clouds, and took weather data for our forecasting project! It was a very busy week!

There are two days left in the Ford Foundation Campaign. Please consider donating and a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who did. The kids reached around 45% of our class goal so far which means that we will have Pajama and Slipper Day on Wednesday this week!

If you were planning to participate in our school’s Annual Campaign, there are still a few days left.  Just send in your donation with your child on Monday or make a secure online donation at https://4agc.com/donation_pages/ee84c117-fe30-433e-a022-c89ed5775764 and your donation will count towards our class total!

With Halloween on Tuesday, students are allowed to wear their Halloween Costumes as long as they donate $2 to the Ford Foundation. If your child is going to wear their costume on Tuesday please make sure that it is school appropriate and will not scare younger students also no masks or props. We also have a guidance lesson this week. Bingo is Friday night from 6:30 – 8:00.

New Units this Week:

Math:  We will be wrapping up factors, multiples, prime/composite numbers and then beginning multiplicative comparisons. Students will have a SWYK over factors, multiples, prime/composite numbers on Wednesday. Please encourage your student to bring home their Math Interactive Notebook to study with. Homework is the same sheet.

Reading:  This week we will be working and reviewing setting and plot in fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will have Vocabulary homework this week and also need to study their Vocabulary unit 4 words. They will have a SWYK on Friday. Students will also have reading homework with our Novel Study “The Witches” and Edmodo questions. We are hoping to wrap up the novel by Friday with a SWYK next Monday.

Writing:  This week we will be wrapping up our Personal Narratives with writing strong endings and publishing their final copy.

Social Studies: We will continue our studies on European Explorers Hernando de Soto, Henry Hudson, Jacques Cartier, and John Cabot. Students will have a SWYK next Tuesday over all of the Explorers. Please encourage your student to study their Social Studies Interactive Notebook this week for their SWYK.

Science: We will continue recording weather data this week as well as starting our forecast scripts.

Week of October 23rd – 27th

Thank you to everyone who made it to conferences this past week! I am sure that the kids are ready for a normal week as much as you are! I am so proud of how many students made their first quarter goal for  the 25 Book Challenge goal and it showed when they went to the Books for Breakfast Celebration! I want to see everyone at our next 25 Book Challenge Quarter Celebration! We have a very busy week ahead of us. There will be the 5th grade Musical on Tuesday and an author visit on Wednesday. Then on Friday students’ will have Mustang Madness.  This week will be a very busy academic week.  The second quarter and the ones coming after bring more advanced academic work.  So sit back and buckle up your seat belts, here we go on the journey known as Fourth Grade!

This week is also the Big Head Campaign! If you are able to donate to the class that would be fantastic and if not just having your support of your child is enough! There are classroom incentives for the kids to keep up their morale. Along with the winning class from each grade will get a carnival themed recess with extra treats involved!

New Units of Study this Week:

Math – we will begin our unit on factors and multiples. Students will also be introduced to prime and composite numbers as well. Math homework will be the same,  please practice multiplication facts.

Writing: This is our final week working on our creative writing piece. Students will also be working on how to create strong leads and endings in their personal narrative this week. The goal will be to have both pieces finalized by the end of the week!

Reading:  This week we will wrap up our lessons on Character traits and begin text structures in non fiction texts. We will also be continuing our novel study of the witches. Students will have a SWYK over chapters 1-9 on Friday.  We will begin Vocabulary unit 4 this week.

Science: We will begin collecting data for our final weather forecasting lesson. Students will also be learning about clouds this week. There will be a quiz over clouds on Friday.

Social Studies:  We will be continuing our unit on Explorers.  There will be a SWYK over the explorers next week. Please review the information on the explorers with your student throughout the week.

Week of October 16th

It’s the 11th week of school and it’s amazing to see how the kids have been growing intellectually and physically!  Everyone has been settling into the groove of fourth grade and are working towards being independent and responsible rising fifth graders. We studied numeric and non-numeric patterns and input/output tables, which the kids picked up on rather quickly!  I am so thrilled at how much the kids are loving  our novel study for this month and not wanting to put the book down! We wrapped up our unit on Native Americans and are ready to start on Explorers.  We have been working so hard on learning about all things weather related. We will be taking a test on weather instruments on Wednesday.  Students will be given a study guide on Tuesday and should be taking home their Science INB to study with.

This week is conference week and students will be dismissed at 12:15 all week.  I am looking forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your fantastic children.  If you are unsure of your time, please let me know as soon as possible.

Units of Study this week:

Math – We will wrap up our unit on patterns and students will have a quiz on Wednesday.  We will then begin our unit on Multiples, Factors, Divisibility Rules and Prime / Composite numbers.  Homework is the same this week.

Reading – This week we will continue working on defining character traits and characterization in literature. On Friday kids will have their usual reading comprehensions and a Spelling Test. We are still reading our novel “The Witches” by Roald Dahl. Students will be reading the novel in class along with at home for homework some nights. Please encourage discussions with your child about what they are reading. Students will also begin a new Scholastic Magazine and it will be due next Friday.

Writing – We will be finalizing our Totem Pole Writing Narrative this week. We will be continuing working on our Personal Narratives and working on creating strong leads and closing sentences.

Social Studies – We will begin our unit on Early Explorers.

Science – SWYK on Wednesday on weather instruments.  The rest of the week will focus on our weather forecasting projects and types of clouds.