Week of August 13th

Well our first full week of Fourth Grade is complete and it went really well! Thank you to those of you who came to open house this week and if you need any refreshers please feel free to check out the Parent Resource page on the blog. The kids really enjoyed our first Science Lab day on Friday and we are excited to see if our hypothesis is correct.

Units of Study for the week:

Math: This week we will continue our study on Place Value with a SWYK on Friday. We will be working with standard form, word form, expanded form, comparing numbers, rounding numbers and powers of ten this week. Students will receive a Review Sheet to help them study on Thursday, we will work on some of the problems together in class and they are to finish the rest at home for homework. Nightly homework is the Spiral Math sheet that the students receive on Monday and we check over the previous nights homework in class the following day. Please encourage your student to get on Prodigy to help them study and to refine skills.

Reading: In Reading this week we will be working on how authors use Details in their writing. We will also have our Learning Commons Orientation this week and students will be able to check out books. In writing, we will be talking about summarizing and I will be working with the kids on how to write a 25 Book Challenege Organizer as well this week. Students daily homework is to read for 30 minutes each night.

Writing: This week we will be working on paragraph writing and writing summaries. Students will also get to meet with their “Writing Buddies” for the year with Mrs. Miller’s class on Tuesday. We will be working on writing with out “Writing Buddies on a bi-weekly basis.

ELA: Students will be working on reviewing parts of speech this week. Students will also be working on Vocabulary Unit 2 this week. The SWYK (Show What You Know = Test) will be on Friday. Students can study and practice with their vocab words at home on the online version of the Vocabulary Workbook, which is in the Class Links section of the Blog. Students are only allowed to complete the synonyms / antonyms page for homework on Tuesday and Wednesday night, the other pages for the unit will be taken as a grade in class.

Science: We will be wrapping up our unit on the Water Cycle. Students will have a quiz on Friday over th water cycle, please remind your child to bring home their Science INB to review for Friday. We will also begin to collect daily weather data this week to lead us into our upcoming unit on weather.


Important Announcements for the week:

  • Monday: 4th Grade Class T-shirt Money orders due
  • Monday – Wednesday: Chorus Auditions in the morning for students
  • Tuesday: We will be meeting up with Mrs. Miller’s class to begin “Writing Buddies”
  • Wednesday: Fall Picture Day please make sure to submit your child’s payment before Wednesday if you wish to purchase.

Week of May 21st

It’s finally here, the end of fourth grade! I cannot believe how fast this year has come and gone. I wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am to have taught this amazing group of kids this year!

Last week was we had the 25 Book Challenge celebrations at Stars and Strikes and coke floats at recess on Friday. We finished up our Novel Studies and our last vocabulary unit! We also had a wonderful final Performing Arts Assembly on Monday too.

This week I am calling it “The Race to the Fourth Grade Finish Line”. Tuesday and Wednesday are half days and will be dismissed at the 12:30 time. Please have your kids wear athletic or sports related clothing to go with our theme! Monday students will be taking home their belongings, so if you have extra Publix bag or two, send them with your child for them to bring items home tomorrow. Students are not to bring backpacks on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you haven’t sent in a stamped and self addressed envelope for your child’s last report card, yet please do so as soon as possible.

Monday: Students will have yearbook signing during specials. We will have our last Class Dojo Coupon Buy and work on some fun space activities. Last day of Ford’s Theater.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Half day for students. Novel Movie Event with Popcorn Bar. We will be doing some review “Race” activities and enjoying our last few days together.


Week of May 7th

We are in the final stretch of the year and it’s unbelievable that there is only 13 more school days left in the year!  With that being said we will be packing in a lot of learning filled with fun! This week starts off with Field Day on Monday.  We will be outside from 9 – 12 and then will have lunch. After lunch we will have Tug of War! Please have your student wear their green fourth grade t shirt, make sure to apply sunscreen before school and send in a water bottle.  There will be extra water and Popsicles during field day as well.Then we will have STEM tour on Thursday and if your child turned in their application for News team, their auditions will also be this week, too.

To continue the fun, next week is our final performing arts performance, our final 25 book celebration,  the Bonus celebration for those students who have completed the 25 Book Challenge completely, and Ford’s Theater will begin. On Friday your child should have come home with a yellow reminder sheet in their agenda if they haven’t met the required amount of organizers for the quarter, please make sure to sign it and talk with your child regarding their 25 book graphic organizers. Please encourage them to complete them!  I would love to see everyone attend the final celebration.  I will provide more information on the celebrations early next week.  Graphic Organizers are due Monday the 14th. 

Scholastic Book Orders are due this WEDNESDAY, MAY 9TH. This is the final book order for the year, so if you want to get some great books for your child to read over the summer the time is now.

Units of Study this Week:

Math – Students will continue their work on their choice board.  This will be due next Tuesday, May 15th.  No Math homework this week. If your child wishes to earn extra Dojo points they may continue to work on Prodigy to refine and review their math skills.

Reading – Students will continue their novel study. We will also work on Scholastic Magazines. Students will be working with Vocabulary unit 15 this week and a SWYK on Friday. Please continue to read and complete their graphic organizers/summaries. Homework for this week will be to study their vocabulary words  and write their graphic organizers.

Science – We will continue with our unit on Planets and Stars this week and next week.

Social Studies – We will conclude our presentations for Westward Expansion Projects. This week students will be working on web quests to learn about suffragists and abolitionists. We will then study the Civil War this week and next week.

Week of April 30th

So many things have been happening in Fourth grade lately! Last week we were working hard to renovate the garden site, busily working on geometry and social studies. Students have been working very hard with their novel study and are doing a great job working independently. Last week we had a guidance lesson with Mrs. Ruddell on Thursday. The kids did wonderful with their Poem Presentation SLAM on Friday and we wrapped up our poetry unit as well.

The kids did an excellent job on their social studies project for Westward Expansion! I can’t wait to listen to their presentations this week!

Tuesday is Evening in the Garden from 6 to 8:30. The kids have been practicing very hard with practicing their songs in class as well as in music class. I can’t wait to see them perform tomorrow night! I hope to see everyone there as well.

The final Scholastic Book Order was sent home this week. This will be the last chance to buy books for the year. They are due on MAY 9TH so that we can get your orders in before school lets out.

25 BOOK CHALLENGE DEAD LINE is on Monday, MAY 14TH. Students need to be completing their nightly reading and writing their summaries on their books. Please make sure to check over your child’s summary and sign the finished summary before they turn it in.

Units of Study:

Math: This week we will be working on their Numbers and Operations choice board that will be due on Tuesday, May 15th. Homework will be to work on Prodigy nightly for at least 20 minutes

ELA & Reading: This week we will be working on informative writing that goes along with our Scholastic Magazine. The magazine, writing pieces, close reading questions and Quiz whiz will be due on Friday. We will also be continuing our novel studies and the kids are loving the novels so far! This week we will be working with Vocabulary Unit 14. Homework for this week is to complete 2 ReadTheory passages a night and to write their scores in their agenda. Also study their Unit 14 Vocabulary words because the SWYK is on Friday.

Science: This week we will wrap up the phases of the moon with a SWYK and a lab. Then we will begin our exploration of the planets in our solar system.

Social Studies: We will be presenting the Westward Expansion Projects. Along with that we will be taking some notes on Westward Expansion and then beginning our journey into the unit on suffragists and abolitionists.

Week of April 23rd

Well testing is now finally behind us and we are free to continue our learning and enjoying the remaining time that we have left in Fourth Grade. Last week we complete our poetry anthology and sent it off to the publisher. Now we are just waiting on those books to come back to us! The kids did some excellent work int he garden last week on Thursday and Friday! We also enjoyed our pizza party for winning the Grade level competition for BoxTops.

I want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that donated snacks during testing! It definitely made taking the tests easier knowing that they had some wonderful snacks afterwards.

This week will be a busy one for learning! We will be wrapping up our New Nation and Government and beginning our journey west into Westward Expansion. In Science we will be wrapping up our study of the moon and its phases this week. The kids are cruising right along in our final novel study too. We will also be having a guidance lesson with Mrs. Ruddell on Thursday. If your child is wanting to audition for the News Team for next year their application deadline is rapidly approaching and the deadline is this Wednesday.

To continue our study of poetry for the month, students will be having a poetry slam on Friday. Today a “PRESENT A POEM” sheet was sent home with your child. please read over it with them and help them to memorize and recite their poem. Also make sure that you sign off on the bottom portion of the sheet that your child will be turning in to me. The kids are pretty pumped up about the activity and I can’t wait to hear their poems.

Next week is the beginning of PENNY WARS fundraiser for RELAY FOR LIFE. This is such a fun and great way to raise awareness and money for Relay For Life. If you have any loose pennies or silver coins that you would like to donate please send them in for your child to participate in the fundraiser that will be running from MONDAY, APRIL 30TH THROUGH FRIDAY, MAY 4TH. Our class goal is to collect the most pennies in the entire fourth grade and using silver coins to place on the other classes. Below is information provided from the Relay For Life Team:


Ford’s Relay for Life “Penny War” begins on Monday, April 30.  This is a great way for all students to get involved!  We will be competing with the other classrooms on our grade level to collect the most pennies.  Students can bring pennies or even silver coins to help their class win.  Please send in coins with your students this week to help support a great cause.

Next week  on Tuesday is the Evening in the Garden Event. See below for details provided by Mr. Hurley about the event.

Evening in the Garden – Tuesday, May 1 6:00-8:00

(Rain date May 3)

Performance Schedule

6:30 – Knd/1st grade performs

7:00 – 2nd/3rd grade performs

7:30 – 4th/5th grade performs

7:40 – Finale for ALL grades

Please plan to park at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church one hour before your performance time.

For the best seating BRING A BLANKET



Units of Study:

Math: We will be continue our study of geometry this week. Students have been working on the Geometry math menu in class and is due this Friday. Students will have a SWYK over geometry on Friday this week. Homework will be the spiral math skills worksheet and will be due on Friday.

Reading & ELA: Students will continue their novel study on “The Tale of Despereaux” or “The BFG”. This week we will go back to working with vocabulary. This week we are working on Unit 13 and the SWYK will be on Friday. We will also be continuing our study of poetry through next Monday. Poetry Portfolios are due next Monday as well. This week for homework, students will need to be studying their vocab along with completing ReadTheory passages and memorizing their poem for the poetry slam on Friday.

Science: This week we will wrap up our study on the Earth and Moon and then begin our study of the planets and stars. Friday we will be doing a lab on the phases of the moon.

Social Studies: On Monday and Tuesday we will wrap up our study of the New Nation and branches of Government. Wednesday through the rest of the week we will be learning about Westward Expansion. Please make sure that your child is working on their Final At Home Social Studies Project on Westward Expansion. Their project is due on this upcoming MONDAY, APRIL 30TH. 

Week of April 16th

I am glad to say that I am very proud at all the kids’ persistence and hard work during testing last week. They were troopers with the long waits and the lengthy tests. I am very impressed with all of the poems that everyone made over the course of the week! We are well into the publishing process for our book and I can’t wait to see the final product.

Tomorrow is the last day of testing and then we will finally be back to a normal schedule on Wednesday. Student’s will not have homework this week (except to continue their 30 minutes of nightly reading), but are able to practice their skills and work on their poetry if they wish! On Wednesday we will be celebrating our Box Top Competition win with a Pizza party from PTA and movie during lunchtime in the classroom! Tomorrow your child will be bringing home their final AT HOME PROJECT. Students will be creating a project about Westward Expansion, which is a topic that we will begin studying in the next few weeks in Social Studies. The final project will be due on MONDAY, APRIL 30TH. Please watch for the Project Sheet that will be coming home with your child tomorrow.

Important Dates and Information:

Our publishing date for our Poetry anthology is rapidly approaching! If you haven’t already PLEASE FILL OUT THE PUBLISHING ORDER FORM and return it with your child by TUESDAY, APRIL 17TH. Even if you are not purchasing a book I still need the form, checking off that you will not be purchasing and your signature at the bottom of the form. This is a requirement from the publishing company.

This SATURDAY is the community work day at the school from 8 to noon.

Scholastic book orders are due Friday, order either online or send in your child’s order and payment by FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH. This is one of the last 2 Scholastic Book Orders for the school year!

Units of Study:

Math: Students will be working on some review tasks covering all the wonderful things that we have learned in math this year. We will be focusing on geometry this week. Have your child continue to work on Prodigy.

Reading & ELA: We will continue with our study of poetry for the rest of the month. We will be publishing our poem anthology and sending it out to the publishers by Thursday this week. Students will also begin their final novel study starting on Wednesday. They will be completing a novel study workbook that accompanies the novel.  Please have your child continue reading for their 30 minutes nightly and working on TAPPS SHEETS.

Science:  This week we will be focusing our studies on the Earth and Moon’s relationship. Students will be learning about rotation, revolution, orbits and what causes the seasons on Earth.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of the New Nation on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday we will be talking about Government of the New Nation. Students may begin working and researching for their Westward Expansion Project. We will begin Westward expansion next week.


Week of April 9th

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable spring break. Its hard to believe that there’s only about a month and a half left of this school year! This week students will begin their Milestone Testing and will continue into next week. This week is the ELA portion of Milestones and we will take it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Next week on Monday and Tuesday students will be taking the Math portion of Milestones. Please make sure that your child is at school by 7:45 or 7:50 at the latest so that they can get settled in before testing. If you’re able to help out, I also sent out a Sign Up Genius for snacks for the kids during testing. Below is the link in case you didn’t get the email.

Link for Sign Up Genius for Snacks during Testing

If you have not yet sent in your child’s signed report card envelope please make sure to send it in by the end of this week. Along with that envelope, I also need a self addressed envelope with 2 stamps to be sent in so that you will receive your child’s final report card in the mail.

I am also very excited to introduce some projects to the kids these next two weeks to get them excited with our final units of study for this year! We will be creating a poetry anthology that will be published and made into an actual book. The kids and I have been talking about this project since December and I know how excited they will be to complete this author activity! The finalized book will also be available for purchase to you towards the end of the month and more information will be coming home with your child in the upcoming weeks! Then for a final at home project students will be working on a Westward Expansion themed project. More information will be coming home in the next two weeks as well. After Testing we will be starting our final Novel Studies too!

Scholastic Book Orders will be coming home this week and this will be one of the final book orders for the school year! I am asking that you submit your order online or send in your money and order form to me by next Friday, April 20th.

Units of Study:

Reading: With testing this week we will be working with some  paired texts and finishing up our American Revolution Novel Study. We will be reviewing skills that we have learned this year during our reading time as well. Our poetry unit will also be introduced this week too.

Language Arts / Writing: This week we will be focusing different types of poetry and focusing on how it is written and the author’s purpose when writing poetry. Students will not have vocabulary this week or next due to testing. Students will be able to come home and work on their poems for publishing our class anthology as homework. If your child has a tablet or Ipad please have them bring it in the next two weeks while we are working on our Poetry Project!

Math: We will be continuing our geometry unit and reviewing for the math portion of testing next week. Please have your child work on the Milestone Practice that I have assigned to them on PROGIDY to help remind and prepare them for testing.

Social Studies: We will begin working on our next unit about the New Nation and Constitution.

Science: We will be continuing our study of the Earth and Moon. Students will be learning about what causes the seasons and the phases of the moon in the next few weeks.


Week of March 26th

Only this week before Spring Break and boy do we have a busy week of learning! I can definitely tell that the kids are excited for their upcoming break and they have been trying their hardest to contain that excitement. In academic news we worked hard on our measurement unit last week and with line plots. We wrapped up our light and sound unit with some fun science investigations. Students also did a wonderful job on writing their “Silver Pen” competition writing prompts.

A letter about upcoming testing went home with your student on Tuesday. I’ll be sending home a “Spring Break Tic-Tac-Toe Board” with your child this week. It is for activities to help them review their skills for testing. Please initial in each box that your child completes. If they complete the board they will receive some incentives. This is optional but would be a great activity to keep your child on board with their learning over the break.

I will be sending out a sign up genius for Milestones snacks either this week or next. Testing begins the Tuesday after Spring Break. Please make sure that your are able to get your student here to school before or by 7:45 during testing.

Units of Study for this week:

Reading: We will be continuing our context clues review and working with paired texts. Students are able to work on their paired texts and article a day assignments at home on Readworks. Please make sure that your child is reading nightly and working on their 25 Book Challenge for this quarter. Students are also reviewing nonfiction text structures as well this week. The scholastic magazine will be due on Friday along with the close reading questions.

Math: Our focus will be on all things geometry. Students will be working with Prodigy for Milestones practice and review for homework this week. To ensure their success please have them working on it for at least 15-20 minutes.

Writing and Language Arts: This week students are working with Vocabulary unit 12 with a SWYK on Friday. They should be working and studying those words nightly. We are also working with written responses to texts.

Science: We will be introducing our next unit in science on the Earth and Moon.

Social Studies: Students are wrapping up the American Revolution with a SWYK on Thursday. Students were given a study guide that will be EXTREMELY helpful for their SWYK on Thursday.


Week of March 19th

We have entered the final stretch of Fourth Grade and the countdown begins until 5th Grade!  I cannot believe that we are almost finished with this year, it has really flown by quickly!  Report cards will come home on Wednesday Please make sure that you sign the envelope and return it with an addressed envelope with 2 postage stamps on it for the 4th quarter report card to be sent home in.  This Wednesday will also be the third nine weeks reading celebration.  Students who made the goal had their invitation stapled in their agenda today. Tomorrow is Class/Spring Picture day, if you wish to purchase the picture please make sure to send in your child’s order form tomorrow. This week is also the Gimme 5 Campaign, if you wish to donate please send in your donation in the Gimme 5 envelope. It is also spirit week for the campaign, the schedule is as follows:

Monday- Silly Sock Day

Tuesday – Twin Day

Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day

Thursday – Pajama Day

Friday – Favorite sports team

In case your student didn’t get the book they wanted or were unable to participate in the book fair, book orders for March were sent home today. Book orders are due this Friday in hopes that we can get your order in before Spring Break.

The next two and half weeks of school will be very busy academically in preparation for Milestones.  We will be working extremely hard and diligently to finish all our math standards and to prepare for the the reading/writing portion of the Milestones.  Students will have an optional bingo assignment over Spring Break.  More information will be available in the coming weeks.


New Units of Study this week:

Math – We will be spending a little time on line plots and interpreting data on graphs. We will also begin our unit our measurement.  We will focus on length, capacity, elapsed time and mass. We will also focus on writing constructed response math answers.  Homework will be working on Prodigy. I have already set up Prodigy for students to be doing a Milestones Prep/Review program. To complete the Review and to be ready for Milestones, students should be on Prodigy for a minimum of 15 minutes a night.

Writing – Wednesday this week the final hand written copy of the Twisted Fairy Tale writing prompt is due. We will also continue with  our paired text unit.  Students will be working on Readworks to complete this assignment.  If they have a tablet or iPad, please send it in.

Reading – We will be focusing on the 5 types of context clues and nonfiction text structure this week. There will be a quick assessment on nonfiction text structures on Friday too.  Students will not have a Scholastic or Studies Weekly this week. Please have the students read nightly and complete their 2 ReadTheorys nightly. Vocabulary Unit 11 is our unit to be working on this week. Students will have a SWYK on Friday.

Social Studies – We will continue our work with the American Revolution. Kids will have a SWYK on the people of the American Revolution on Friday.

Science – We will be conducting investigations with sound this week. The kids are really excited for the different investigations we will be doing this week. If you have any of the following items that you wouldn’t mind donating to the class for the investigations, it would be greatly appreciated:

paper cups, plastic disposable cups, string, elastic cord, ribbon, twine, yarn

Week of March 12th

Last week was yet another busy one for students and myself. We previewed the book fair on Friday afternoon.  I am sure the kids came home with a great wish list of books!

The end of the quarter is on Wednesday. Students are working hard to get all of their work turned in for the end of the quarter. Report cards will go home next week.  The reading goal for the 25 Book Challenge for this quarter is the equivalence to 6 books.  Please check with your child to see how many organizers they have turned in. If your child has not met the goal yet, there was a green sheet stapled in their agenda last Friday with their current progress.  Organizers for the 3rd quarter need to be turned in by this Friday, March 16th. It is hard to believe we are entering the fourth quarter!

We also have early release on Wednesday.  Students will also have a guidance lesson on Tuesday.

New Units of Study this week:

Math – We are now working with decimals and there will be a quick show what you know on Friday. Students will be completing a review sheet in class, for them to study with on Thursday. Homework will continue to be the spiral math homework.

Reading – We are about halfway done with our Novel study and will be continuing with it this week as well. We are going to be working on Unit 10 Vocabulary and there will be a SWYK on Friday.  We are also working on a Scholastic Magazine and its close reading questions which will be due on Friday as well.

Writing – We will begin to work on paired texts using Readworks. Students will have a paired text to complete online this week that will be due on Friday.

Science – We are beginning our light unit this week. Students will have a SWYK over light and sound on Friday. There will be a review sheet sent how with your child on Thursday. Please make sure to study with your child and remind them to take home their science INB to study nightly.

Next week I am hoping to have the kids do some investigations with light and sound. If you are able to donate any of the following supplies to help the kids with their SCIENCE INVESTIGATIONS, it would be most appreciated:

  • disposable plastic cups, styrofoam cups, disposable paper cups
  • string – fishing line, twine, ribbon, yarn
  • small paperclips
  • rubber bands

Social Studies – We are moving right along with our study of the American Revolution. Students will be receiving a study guide on THURSDAY for an upcoming quiz over the famous people of the American Revolution. The quiz will be next week on FRIDAY MARCH 23rd.