Equation Practice


S.6 Solving Two Step Equations

S. 7 Equation Word Problems

S.8 Solving Equations involving like terms

MUST SPEND A MINIMUM OF 1.5 HOURS OR GET ALL TO A SCORE OF 100% to receive a special treat on Tuesday 🙂 

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Please be sure to check out our amazing new math resource page! This is something that all students can use to get extra practice at home.




Make up work

Students were given a detailed progress report today. They were also given any assignments that they may need to make up. This work should be turned in at the beginning of next week. Students will also be given an opportunity to retake some assessments that we have already taken. They will also have a Unit 1 summative at some point in the next two weeks. This will cover all operations with rational numbers.

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4 1/2 Weeks

We are already (almost) at the 4 1/2 week mark. Time flies when you’re leaning math! Please remember that any assessment re-takes or make-up/late work must be turned in before the 9 week grading period ends. If you need any help or have any questions regarding grades please feel free to email me! At this point students have turned in two homework assignment records, one mini “pop” quiz and have taken two assessments.

What our week looks like….

This week in our math class we will continue talking about all operations with integers. We will also begin converting between fractions, decimals and percents. In order to do this successfully students will need to apply their knowledge of long division and should also make sure to brush up on their multiplication/division facts!

Patterns with negatives!

Here is a look at some work we have done in reference to multiplying and dividing integers. Students should be able to use the magical mystical triangle, as well as the patterns and tricks discovered here, to determine whether an answer will be positive or negative.

Khan Academy

Here is a great resource for review/independent study of the multiplication and division of integers.

Multiplication and Division of Integers


In case you are not familiar, Khan Academy is a wonderful website that is free to all! Students can practice math at their own pace and Khan can help to identify problem areas for individual students. A little practice/extra help never hurt anyone 🙂

Happy Eclipse!

The school day has been extended until 5pm today due to the solar eclipse. We will be learning about the eclipse in our 5th period classes and hopefully we will be outside to watch as well. No student will be allowed outside without a signed permission form. In math today we will take notes on the rules for multiplying and diving positive and negative whole numbers.