Homework Over Fall Break

After our test today all students were given a print out of their grade in Social Studies. I highlighted all missing assignments and circled all assignments that were failed. I have been encouraging student all week to check their grades and turn in missing work. This was an additional effort on my part to get students to be aware of where they stand as we wrap up 1st quarter. I will say, that I got quite a few assignments in the turn in box today, so I will enter those before I leave. The gradebook will be the most up-to-date tool you have to check your child’s grade.


Students are encouraged to explore the blog and print off and complete missing work over the break. Remember my motto: “As long as we are in the same quarter, it is never too late to turn in an assignment. It might be a late grade, but that is MUCH better than a zero.”

Please look over the signature sheet with your child. Encourage them to complete missing work and attach it to the print off. Students will turn their print off in as a grade when they return on Monday.

Students missing a test/quiz must schedule a time to make it up. If a student failed the Middle East Map Quiz, they may take this re-take for a maximum of a 70. This can be done at home and they may use their notes or the internet for help. Again, the highest grade they will receive is a 70.   Middle East Map Quiz Re-Take Take Home-1r2k6xi

I hope all of this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great fall break!

-Ms. Foley

Week of September 17th

This week we have been finishing up ITBS testing. In class we finished up talking about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and are preparing for our test which should happen on Friday. Here are the assignments that we turned in for a grade this week:

  1. Warm-Up Week of September 10th: September 10-14 2018 Warm-ups-x4h5zo
  2. Perspectives WS (Sunglasses WS): Israeli Palestinian perspective glasses-1ec1m9xIsrael Palestinan Viewpoints Story for the Glasses WS-1lmxdcc

*We are also working on completing our study guide for Unit 2:

Unit 2 Study Guide-rekiml

Unit 2 Review Questions- Part of Study Guide-1qnk2la

Here is a Quizlet to help you study: https://quizlet.com/229132454/creation-of-israel-flash-cards/

* Here are some notes that might help in your studying: Creation of Israel Notes-2511iwg


Week of September 10-14

This week we are largely focusing on testing in the morning. When I see my students for Social Studies we will be focused on the creation of the nation of Israel and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Here are some new resources that students received this week that will be graded.

Ottoman Empire Break-Up Story (They needed this to be able to fill out the storyboard): Ottoman Empire Break-up Story-1nz1aau

Illustrated Story Board: Illustrated Storyboard-Ottoman Empire Break-up-1h2lcdj

Warm-Up Week of September 10-14: September 10-14 2018 Warm-ups-x4h5zo


Also, students are needing to work on the following behaviors during instruction time:

  1. Bring a pen/pencil to class every day
  2. No talking during instruction
  3. No standing up during instruction, unless asked to do so.

Please talk to you students about the importance of being prepared and on task during class. I will be starting to increase phone calls home for students who continue to struggle with these items. Thank you so much for your support.


Ms. Foley


Week of September 3rd

Grades have been updated and here are some of the assignments that were added:

Warm-up Week of August 27th:  August 27-31 2018 Warm Ups-qixszx

Unit 1 Study Guide:   Unit 1 Study Guide 2017-1pngcqi

Southwest Asia Ethnic Groups (Used for the worksheet below):   Southwest Asia Ethnic Groups Presentation to Post-zbz272

Religious Groups v. Ethnic Groups Worksheet (WHO AM I):   Religion Ethnicity 4 page handout 2018-1rbrwgs

Warm-up Week of September 3rd: September 4-8 Warm-ups-po9br3

*The Venn Diagram assignment that was added is attached to another blog post. It has three circles on it: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

Remember, in my class, as long as we are in the same quarter it is NEVER too late to turn in an assignment. It might be a late grade, but I will still take it. Print off and complete what you are missing. Schedule a time to take any missing tests/quizzes. Have a great rest of your week.

-Ms. Foley


Good afternoon! Here are a few updates:

  1. Some students are missing their Warm-Up sheets in the gradebook. Here are those documents in case they have misplaced them:

August 13-17 Warm-ups-224t6v5

August 20-24 Warm-ups (2)-2b1nysy

*Also, I told students today that in my class there is no such thing as an assignment being “too late” to turn in (as long as it is in the same quarter). Students are encouraged to regularly check their grades and turn in what they are missing. On that note, if your child is missing a quiz, please encourage them to take it. Thank you!

2. I have decided to move the test to Wednesday, August 29th. This will give us an extra day to review. I gave students a hard copy of their study guide today in class in case they want to start preparing now. Here is a digital copy:

Unit 1 Study Guide 2017-1pmsblm

This will be due as a HW grade on Tuesday, August 28th.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Ms. Foley

Week of August 20th

This week we are learning about the three major religions of the Middle East: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. We will be working on some Cornell note-taking skills and then doing some fun reinforcement activities. We are gearing up for our first test which is slated for next Tuesday (3/28) if all goes well.

I have started entering grades into the computer this week. Please be patient with me as we have had quite a few assignments and the entry of the data takes time. As of right now I am done with 1st and 2nd period. I have a professional development workshop tomorrow (Wednesday) and I will return to Tapp on Thursday. I will continue entering grades at that time.

In the meantime, if you notice any work is missing, please send it in. I always encourage students to turn work in, no matter how late it might be. A late grade is ALWAYS better than a zero. Plus, for the first two assignments (About Me and Help Me, Help You) I will not be doing late grades. It will still count as full credit! So be sure to turn it in. I will attach a digital copy of those to this post in case you misplaced them.

Let’s have a great week!

About Me 2018-1xoq687

Help Me Help You 2018 Posting-1etnm4y

Week of August 13th

See the source image

This week we are working on delving deeper into our study of the geography of the Middle East. We are going to analyze a variety of maps (rainfall, population density, major exports, etc…) whilst paying attention to a particular city. Students will then be creating a PPT to show what they learned. Here are the materials we will be using:

Geography of Middle East Presentation Template-12q66bw

Map Analysis Worksheet-2hr2w4c

Maps for Middle East Geography Analysis-xottdb

Where You Would Live Mapping Analysis Rubric-2mbcdd1

This project will be due Friday, August 17th. You will submit the project to me via e-mail: [email protected]


Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies with Ms. Foley. I can not tell you how excited I am to be working with you this year. We will be learning about the Eastern Hemisphere with a focus on a regional study of Africa and Asia. As we begin, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get started on the right foot. If you have any questions about the class, let me know and I will be happy to clarify for you. I look forward to getting to know you and working with all of you (students and parents). Let’s have a great year!

See the source image