Week of January 14th

This week we are starting our unit on the history of Africa. Our main theme is determining what impact European colonization had on Africa.

Monday/Tuesday: we are completing a webquest that will use this website


Webquest: Scramble for Africa Webquest-1baz9gn

Wednesday: Reviewing webquest, remediating quiz from Friday, completing cloze notes assignment for Scramble for Africa (paying attention to social, political, and economic causes)

Thursday: Finish and review cloze notes, extension activity- Breaking News!

Remediation Tool for Ethnicity Quiz: religious diversity essay starter- Remediation Tool-2ilp3rh


Week of January 7th

Welcome back! I hope you all had a fabulous break. Here is where I will be keeping you updated of all the work we do this week. Let’s have a great one!

Warm-Up Week of January 7th: Warm-Up Week of January 7 2019-12wsww0

Ethnic Groups of Africa PPT: Ethnic Groups of Africa- Student-1mjzb7p

Ethnic Groups Chart Answer Key (Use this to study for your quiz on Friday): Africa Ethnic Groups Chart Answer Key-20eovno

Week of December 10th

This week we are continuing our study of the geography of Africa. We will begin the week reviewing our maps. We will then be moving on to a discussion of deforestation, desertification, and water pollution in Africa.

Here are the assignments we are working on this week:

Warm-Up Week of December 10th: Dec. 10-14, 2018 Warm-ups-2fiyd1a

Environmental Vocabulary (HW grade in computer): environmental issues vocab-14lyqpf

These next here assignments are going into the gradebook as ONE CW grade.

  1. Desertification Assignment: desertification story-1abeyqs
  2. Deforestation: Deforestation Article-y7rnys
  3. Water Pollution: Water Diseases in Africa 2018-10u2z13

Next week we will be taking a test on Unit 5. Here is your study guide: Unit 5 Study Guide 2018-2e38u8y

Week of November 26th

This week we are starting Unit 5. This will be our last unit about the Middle East and it focuses on U.S. relations with the Middle East. The four major events we will discuss are:

  1. The Persian Gulf War
  2. 9/11
  3. Operation Iraqi Freedom
  4. Invasion of Afghanistan


Here is a digital copy of our warm-up for this week: Warm-Up November 26-30 2018-28r5ihz

Other assignments that were posted to the gradebook this week
1) U.S. Involvement in SW Asia Notes:  US Involvement Notes 2018-2n0cmoj

*PPT needed to fill in the notes:   U.S. involvment in the Middle East timeline-xtbib1

2) Google It:  Google It-qey0pq

*The three events you are researching are: Persian Gulf War, Invasion of Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Please be sure to come to class every day with a writing utensil.

Let’s have a great week!

Week of November 12th

This week we focused on preparing for our Unit 4 Test. Everything that was entered in the computer this week was posted last week with the exception of our warm-up for the week. Here is our November 12th warm-up: Warm-Up November 12-16 2018-29x6z13.

As you review your progress reports, remember:

  1. As long as we are in the same quarter, you can turn the assignment in. It will be a late grade, but that is MUCH better than a zero.
  2. Test/quiz corrections are an option. You just have to come talk to me.
  3. If you are confused and need tutoring, schedule a time to come in for help.

I hope you all have a safe and restful holiday break and I look forward to seeing you when we return!

Items Needed for the Classroom: (Pawsitives will be awarded for any student who donates. Thank you!)


Hand Sanitizer





Loose leaf paper

Week of November 5th

This week we will continue to learn about the governments in the Middle East. Reminder that students will not have school on Tuesday in observance of voting day. I will be putting any assignments we complete for a grade in this post throughout the week. I hope that helps.

Let’s have a great week!

Homework on Wednesday, November 7: Today in class we discussed the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Students are to choose one and write a Yelp review for the government of their choice. Here is an example of a Yelp review:

See the source image

Please include a star rating, and why you are giving it that rating. Include information about that government.

SW Asia Governments PPT- You need this for your homework on 11/07: SW Asia Governments student version 2018 PPT-x998dt

Warm-Up Week of 11/05: Warm Up Week of November 5-9 2018-twg91a

*Parents, we have noticed that students are struggling to come to class prepared. Please ensure that your child has pencils/pens and paper when they come to class each day. I have been trying to provide pencils when a child is unprepared. I have officially gone through over 500 pencils already. Please speak with your children about the importance of being prepared, not only for class, but for anything they participate in. Thank you for your help and support.

Unit 4 Study Guide: Unit 4 Study Guide-2htdf4e

*The study guide is due as a grade on Wednesday. November 14th

Items Needed for the Classroom: (Pawsitives will be awarded for any student who donates. Thank you!)


Hand Sanitizer





Loose leaf paper

Unit 3 Study Guide Review/Week of 10/29 Update

Here is the PPT we used in class to help us review:

Unit 3 Study Guide Review-2074qbk

Good luck!


Here are the assignments that went into the gradebook from this week:

What’s Your GDP: What Your GDP investment simulation-w3c5pn

Warm-Up 10/22: October 22-26 2018 Warm Up-wv74ve

SW Asia Governments: Anticipation Guide: Anticipation Guide Middle East Governments-y0e1iv

Remember… As long as we are in the same quarter, it is never too late to turn in an assignment.

Week of October 15th

I can not tell you what an honor it was to meet with so many of you this week during parent/teacher conferences. Thank you for all that you do to raise these students. You are amazing parents. It is a privilege to work with you as a team this year.

This week we worked on the difference between a command, market, and traditional economy. On Tuesday we turned in our “I Wanna Be a Genius” worksheets that we did in class and finished up for HW. Here is a digital copy in case the assignment is missing: wanna be a genius econ sheet differentiatied-r90b0p

Next Thursday, October 25th, our Unit 3 study guide will be due and we will begin reviewing for our Unit 3 test which will take place on Monday, October 29th. I will be giving out hard copies of the study guide on Monday 10/22, but here is a digital copy in case you are trying to get a jump start: UNIT III STUDY GUIDE 2018-1bk73ni

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

-Ms. Foley

October 8-12 Resources

Good morning! I wanted to go ahead and provide you the resources that we used last week. If you are missing anything in the gradebook, please print it off and turn it in. Thank you!

Warm-Up Week of October 8th (turned in for a grade): October 8-12 2018 Water Warm-Up-1ah1pyk

Economics Vocab Sheet: Economic Terms-2d3t7do

Economics Quick Guide: EconomicsQuickGuide-2ekbrh2

Wanna Be a Genius (turned in for a grade. Use the vocab sheet and quick guide to help you): wanna be a genius econ sheet differentiatied-r90b0p

Have a great week!