Week of April 8th

Welcome back!

We are so close to ending our 7th grade year. Hang in there! I know this week will be a hard adjustment, but you can do it.

Here’s what our week is looking like:

Monday: Review physical geography and environmental issues.

*Last day to turn in DBQ assignment (It can be turned in digitally until 11:59 pm.)

*HW: Study for quiz tomorrow, finish your graphic organizers if needed.

Tuesday: Quiz on physical geography and environmental issues. Begin religions of Southeast Asia.

*Stay tuned for updates throughout the week.


Week of March 25th

This week we are starting our final regional study! We will be learning about the geography and environmental issues in Asia. Here are some helpful resources for you that we will be working on in class:

Monday: Map labeling

asia map with words to label-14vjg8a

Helpful mapping video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLAyrZ0WxWA&feature=youtu.be

Tuesday and Wednesday: In depth study of the physical features of Asia

Physical Features Graphic Organizer-23zboa8

Key: Physical Features Graphic Organizer- Key-2glsw7c

Thursday and Friday: Environmental issues

Asia- Environmental Issues Exit Ticket-14nkn2y

      Asia- Environmental Issues Graphic Organizer-12xnu27

      Environmental Issues of Asia student version -1urdwos

We will be taking a quiz when we return from break over the geography and environmental issues in Asia. Nightly review of the maps is recommended.

Vocab Words:

Monday- Subcontinental

Tuesday- Archipelago

Wednesday- Peninsula

Thursday- Reincarnation

Friday- Quiz on these four words only

HW this week:

None. Nightly review of map is encouraged.

March 11-22, 2019

This week we are starting a new unit on economics in Africa. We will be meeting this standard by completing a DBQ (Document Based Question). Our DBQ is:

Who is the economic giant in Africa? South Africa vs. Nigeria

Here are the resources for this assignment:

Documents:Who is the Economic giant of Africa DBQ-Documents-2h394mb

Analysis Sheets (Students will need 3-5 of these): DBQ Doc Analysis Sheet-2kzdhi8

Rough Draft Outline: Essay Outline-ri86pm

*Quiz Grade

Essay Rubric : Essay Grading Rubric-149453k

*Use this when you complete your rough draft. It will tell you what to write in each box.

Glossary of Document Terms: Glossary for Documents -1tghfbs

How to cite a source: Ways to Cite Evidence-2ccqmf7

Your final draft is due Monday, March 25th and will be a summative grade (45%)

Week of March 4th

This week we are studying how politics in Africa impact the standard of living. In particular we will study how government stability impacts the distribution of resources to combat AIDS and famine.

On Wednesday we will be conducting a medical conference to try to troubleshoot these issues. In order to prepare for this, students will be completing WS 46-48 to get some background knowledge. They were given the WS in class, but here is a digital copy for you. It is due Wednesday 3/6 at the beginning of class.

Homework on Tuesday:  3/5/19

Instability HW:

Homework 35-26zdmb3

Week of February 25th

Welcome back from Winter Break! I hope you all had a fun, safe, revitalizing week!

This week we are learning about the governments in Africa. We will focus on Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa in particular. Here are the resources we will be using:

  1. African Governments Cloze notes: African Government Cloze Notes-2iynxjs
  2. African Governments Comparison chart: African Government Comparison-1da9ydg
  3. African Governments PPT: African Governments- Kenya Nigeria South Africa-1i3p3cj

Apratheid Project Checklist

Apartheid projects are due Tuesday, February 12th.

  1. Photobook

____ Pick a leader

____ Fill out the bio sheet (attached to the post from last week)

____ Print off 10 pictures of your person from various parts of their life

____ Write captions for each picture

____ Put book or PPT together

____ Cite your sources (citation machine)


2) Award Ceremony

____ Pick a leader

____ Fill out the bio sheet (attached to the post from last week)

____ Write a 1 page speech

____ Create a 10 person guest list

____ Create invitation

____ Film/Give speech

____ Cite sources (citation machine)


3) Fat Head

____ Pick a leader

____ Fill out the bio sheet (attached to the post from last week)

____ Fill out character development sketch (CDS)

____ Draw your fathead on a piece of the butcher paper

____ Put your CDS information on your fathead

____ Tape your bio sheet to your fathead

____ Cite your sources (citation machine)


Apartheid Project- Week of February 4th

This week we are taking our unit 6 test and then doing an extension activity to get a little deeper into apartheid. Here are the details for our apartheid project we will be working on February 6-9, 2019:

Apartheid and South Africa
Extension Menus
1. Photo Documentary Book

Your job is to document the fight against apartheid. Research events that show how the people of South Africa fought apartheid and find pictures to create a photo documentary book. Requirements:
__ 10 pictures with captions describing the event
__ citation of sources
__ completed on paper in book format or printed powerpoint in book format
__pictures in color or black and white

2. Awards Ceremony Presentation

Your job is to plan an awards ceremony for an Anti Apartheid activist. Write a speech about the person’s accomplishments and create a guest list (Who would you need to make sure attended. Can include people living or deceased.) Make sure to turn in a sample invitation and a copy of speech.
__ speech minimum 1 page
__ guest list (minimum 10 invites
__ sample invitation
__ citation of sources
__ filmed or live presentation

3. Apartheid Activist  Fat Head
Create a fathead of a famous anti apartheid activist in South Africa.
___ Create a fat head of your leader using butcher paper
__complete the “character profile” sheet for the leader on the fathead
__ include a one page bio of your person
__ citation of sources


  1. Advanced- Apartheid and South Africa Menu Project 2019-17mttww
  2. On-level- Apartheid and South Africa Menu Project 2019- Differentiated-19tekoy
  3. Alternative- Apartheid Vocabulary Extension for AU-2bg28c1

CITATION GENERATOR: http://www.citationmachine.net/mla/cite-a-website


  1. Photo Documentary 

Britannica Imagequest

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of the photo:



2. Awards ceremony presentation

Biography In Context  – use this link to look up one of the  activists under “Suggested activists”

invitation template maker -use this link to make an online invitation (see me before exiting out)

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of website:

Date of information/article:

3. Anti Apartheid Activist Fat Head

Character Profile Sheet -use this template to label your fat head

Biography Outline Sheet -use this to help write your biography

Citations should be on a separate sheet of paper in the following format: (You may copy and paste onto a word doc)

Name of website:

Date of information/article:


Suggested  Anti Apartheid Activists 

See the source image Winnie Mandela

See the source imageAlbertina Sisulu

See the source image Desmond Tutu

See the source image Oliver Tambo

Donald Woods

See the source imageSteve Biko