Week of February 11th!

Happy almost Winter Break!!!

Here’s what we are learning this week…

Math: We are moving into multiplying fractions! We will be learning how to multiply across fractions, multiply a fraction and a whole number, and multiply mixed numbers. 

Reading: This week we will be practicing responding to different texts.

Writing: The kids have been working so hard on their Sways and are now ready to present! 

Science: We are continuing to learn about the water cycle and weather!




EOG Schedule

Please mark your calendar as you are making appointments/plans 🙂

This year the EOG Milestone Test given to grades 3-5 will be taken entirely on laptops over a period of weeks.  

4th  grade will take the EOG Milestone Test on the following days:

Monday, April 29th  

Tuesday, April 30th

Wednesday, May 1st

Monday, May 6th

Tuesday, May 7th

Testing will begin promptly at 8:00am each day.


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Next Friday, February 15th we are having a school wide STEM Expo Day! The kids will be actively participating in different STEM activities throughout the day! The 4th grade students will be offering a STEM demonstration to parents from 9:30-10:15. I welcome you all to come and see what your students are learning in the STEM lab. I would like to thank the Kincaid Foundation for supporting and sponsoring this event!!

Week of February 4th!

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Happy Monday!!

Here’s what we will be learning this week…

Math: We will continue to work with fractions. This week we will be learning how to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers, and mixed numbers into improper fractions. We will also learn how to add & subtract with mixed numbers!

Reading: We are continuing our unit with Theme. We will be reading different texts and practice finding the theme using different strategies!

Writing: We are finishing up our first informational writing. The kids will be creating Sways to teach us about their historical figure!

Social Studies/Science: We will be having our Westward Expansion test today, then we will be moving back to science! In science, we will be learning all about water!

Week of January 28th!

Happy Monday!!

Here’s what we will be learning this week!

Math: We finished up Unit 3: Equivalent & Comparing Fractions last week. This week, we will be starting Unit 4: Operations with Fractions! The kids will be learning how to compose and decompose fractions! If you would like some more information about how this unit will go, click on this link for a Parent Video 🙂

Reading: The kids did an excellent job with point of view last week, so we are ready to start Theme! This week we will be reading various texts to find common themes!

Writing: The kids will be finishing up their informational rough drafts! Instead of writing a final paper, the kids will be creating a Sway to present the information about their historical figure!

Social Studies: This is going to be an exciting week in Westward Expansion!! We will be learning about the Oregon Trail by having an Oregon Trail simulation day tomorrow! This is such a fun, engaging way for the kids to get firsthand experience of what it was like to travel west during the 1800s! Then we will go on to learn about the Battle of Little Bighorn & the California Gold Rush! I plan on sending home a study guide today, Monday, for the kids to start working on for our Test next Monday 2/4.  The study guide will be due on Friday, so we can go over it as a class and make sure everyone has the correct information.



Westward Expansion Test

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

I plan on giving the Westward Expansion test on Monday Feb. 4. This test covers a lot of material and it’s very important your child rereads their notes in their social studies notebook everyday. I have also assigned a Westward Expansion assignment on Education Galaxy for extra practice. The kids will also receive a study guide towards the end of the unit!



Kindness Week

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As part of our “No Place for Hate” program, we are looking forward to participating in the Kindness Challenge from January 28th-February 1st.

The students will work together as a class to complete activities to show kindness such as, asking a new friend to play, helping someone, writing a thank you note, or performing a kind act of their own design. Teachers will have daily discussions, read stories, and watch short video clips about showing kindness, inclusion, and respect.

Additionally, we will show kindness in our community by hosting a toiletries drive to benefit The Center for Children and Young Adults AND SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center. With the help of our Student Council, we will be collecting items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. These items will go to children in our community.  A flyer with more information will come home about this. 

We will also have some fun by dressing up to the following themes each day.

Monday (1/28)-Hats off to kindness (wear hats)

Tuesday (1/29)-Being kind is groovy (wear 70s clothes)

Wednesday (1/30)-Kindness Rocks (wear rock star clothes)

Thursday (1/31)-Cougars are Kind (wear Cougar Pride or school colors)

Friday (2/1)-Cheer for Kindness (wear sports clothes)

Week of January 22!

Here’s what we will be learning this week! 

Math: We will continue with fractions. This week we will be practicing finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions with different denominator. I plan to give the Unit 3 Test on equivalent and comparing fractions on Thursday. Please have your child go on conceptuamath.com and/or educationgalaxy.com and complete the fraction assignments to help him/her prepare for the test. 

Reading: We will continue determining the point of view of a text. This week we will also practice writing from different points of view.

Writing: We are still working on our informational writing! This week the kids will be finishing their introduction paragraphs and moving into their body paragraphs.

Social Studies: This week we will be learning all about the Indian Removal Act, the Battle of the Alamo, and the Trail of Tears!


Some Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child is reading at least 20 minutes every night and you are signing their agenda nightly based on their reading.
  • Fractions are a tough unit for the kids. The assignments on Conceptua and Ed Galaxy are great for everyone……..even if your child does not have me for math!
  • Any donation of books to our classroom library is greatly appreciated! I do my best to add new books every quarter, but it gets very expensive.
  • We are starting to run low on our classroom snack supply again. Any donation is very helpful! These kids are hungry 🙂

Week of January 14

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Here’s what we’re learning!

Math: We will continue to practice finding Equivalent Fractions. If you would like your child to have extra practice with fractions at home, have them go to either Conceptuamath.com or Educationgalaxy.com. I have assigned different fraction activities.

Reading: We are going to start diving into Point of View. We will be reading different passages and looking at points of view from the different characters.

Writing: We will continue our research on Historical Figures! We will be working through the informational writing process as well.

Social Studies: We are making our way through the Westward Expansion timeline! This week, we will be learning all about the War of 1812. 

**Important Information!!

~Report cards were sent home today, Friday 1/11. Please make sure you sign the envelope and return to school with your child on Monday

~Please make sure that when you sign your child’s agenda each night, they are reading 20 minutes. Your signature tells me that you have looked over the agenda/assignments AND your child has read 20 minutes. Reading 20 minutes a night is their homework (5 nights a week), and is extremely important for their success in school.



Happy New Year & Next Week!

See the source imageHappy New Year!!! Wow! I can’t believe it is already 2019! 

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the amazing gifts I received before the holidays. The gift cards, desk décor, necklace, candies, and signs were all so appreciated!! Thank you!

Here’s what we will begin to learn to start off the new year…

Math: We will begin our new unit…FRACTIONS!! This week we will look at equivalent fractions. This 4th Grade Equivalent Fractions Parent Video is a great resource that Cobb County School District has created to help parents understand how we teach equivalent fractions.

Reading: We will be reading Dandelions by Eve Bunting. As we read this book throughout the week, we will be reviewing many skills we have learned throughout the year so far.

Writing: We will begin informational writing. This week the kids will become “experts” on a historical figure that they will later write an informational piece on. 

ELA: We will start back where we left in Wordly Wise Lesson 6. I will be giving the Lesson 6 Test on Friday.

Social Studies: We are back to social studies! This unit is all about Westward Expansion!! This week we will be learning about the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, & Sacagawea.