Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly? DBQ Activity

The following link contains the Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly? DBQ (Document Based Question) Activity.  Students will begin working on this activity during class on Thursday, September 5, with the final draft essays being due on Friday, September 13.  During the activity, students will be asked to answer the question (Why did Islam spread so quickly?) in an argumentative essay by analyzing various documents.  This project will assess student mastery of the Georgia Performance Standard SS7G7 (Element b.), SS7G8 (Elements b. – d.), and SS7H2 (Element c.),  and will address the Common Core Reading (ELACC6-8RH1, ELACC6-8RH2, ELACC6-8RH4, and ELACC6-8RH7) and Writing (ELACC6-8WHST1 and Elements a. – e.).

DBQ – Why Did Islam Spread So Quickly EV

Document Analysis Sheet – Information and Inferences

DBQ Writing Pages – Rough Draft

DBQ Writing Pages – Final Draft

Written Response Rubric


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  1. Thank you for putting this public. I am trying to use more DBQs in my classes and have been looking for a format that is interesting for the students but still addressing all of the required standards. I would appreciate an explanation of how the “buckets” were introduced.


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