What’s Happening Next!

First, I want to begin by saying thank you! Thank you so much for the generous donations you have sent into the classroom and the support you have shown your child and I. I am truly excited for what this year has in store as we are almost a full month into school- hard to believe!

Our room is blessed with three room moms – Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Strasburger, and Mrs. Alawiye. I am very excited to pull from their strengths in making this school year a success. Look for an email in the near future.

Congratulations to our first two Star Students- Caden and Lily! 

Below are a few important dates and what’s happening inside our classroom.

Wednesday, August 22nd – At 6:30pm there will be a scout meeting (girl and boy) to provide you with information and the option to sign up. Information was sent home last week in your child’s blue folder.

Thursday, August 23rd- Chick Fil A will be hosting a spirit night from 5:30-7:30pm. Enjoy dinner with the family!

Friday, August 24th- We will be going back to the Learning Commons. Please send your child’s books back with them so they can check new ones out! They will begin picking one book on their reading level and one book they would like to read based on interest.

Wednesday, August 29th- Cobb County will have Early Release. School will be let out at 12:30pm. Buses may be delayed. Thank you in advance for your patience in getting all the children home!

Thursday, August 30th- If your child is in the Target Program, they will have Open House from 6:00-7:00pm in the Learning Commons. Yogli Mogli will also be having a spirit night from 2:00-8:00pm. Enjoy dessert with the family!

Friday, August 31st- We will visit the Learning Commons. Please send your child’s books back with them so they can check new ones out! Ford will also host our first BINGO Night of the school year from 6:30-8:00pm. Enjoy some time with the family!

scholastic order will also be placed. Please send your orders in or use the class code to order online by August 31st. This is for anyone interested in purchasing new books for their child! Books will be delivered to the classroom and will be sent home with your child as soon as they are delivered.  They offer free shipping and each order earns books for our classroom!

If you have read this, please put a smiley face in your child’s agenda!

Reading/Language Arts: As a class, we have been reviewing the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when, and why) and will move into looking at the beginning, middle, and end of a story.  We have started Daily 5 rotations as well!

I encourage you to use the reading log in your child’s agenda (the bottom of each day) to record their minutes read each night. There is a strong correlation between reading at home and an increase in fluency and comprehension.

We reviewed nouns, but will take this a step further to discuss proper nouns, plural nouns, and irregular plural nouns!

Phonics: This past week was a review of initial and final consonant blends along with digraphs (ch, th, sh, wh, and ph). Last Friday we took our first pretest. You child has a list of words they are responsible for. They will have a spelling test on Friday over short vowels. Next week we will be look at words with long vowels. 

If your child misplaces their words, you can always find their list on Spelling City! 

Writing: Students have been working extremely hard on their narratives. We have discussed small moments that will guide different writing topics.

Social Studies: We have begun our study on the state of Georgia. Students have learned about the five regions and resources and important information pertaining to each region. This week we are looking at important rivers to our state and next week students will be completing a map project in class!

Math: Students have explored mental math strategies to help add and subtract (counting on, making ten, doubles, near doubles). Our class has also started number clubs to help encourage children to become more fluent in their addition and subtraction. Place Value will begin next week!

Please make sure your child is using flashcards to practice addition and subtraction throughout the week! 

Health: We have discussed healthy and unhealthy food options.





Hello everyone! I hope all have enjoyed their weekend. Our first three days of school were great and I am excited to see what this school year has in store. I must say, I have a super sweet crew this year! The children were thrilled to see friends, both old and new! We started off the school year getting to know everyone and learning classroom rules and routines. This will be continued in the week to come. I will updated my blog with important information, dates, and topics discussed in class regularly.

If I was missing any paperwork from you, I sent home a purple sheet with the missing paperwork listed. If you need an additional copy, please let me know and I am happy to send it home with your child.

Do not forget to subscribe to Remind, Class Dojo, and my blog. These are three different modes of communication I use throughout the school year. If you have not subscribed to Remind or Class Dojo, I will send a gentle reminder home with your student (including the access code) so you can do so. I know the beginning of the school year can be crazy!

On Thursday, August 9, Ford will host their annual Open House. There are two sessions, 6:00-7:00pm AND 7:00-745pm. We realize Ford is full of working parents so if you cannot make it to the first one, feel free to come to the second session. We will cover procedures, expectations, and curriculum.  I look forward to seeing everyone there! There will be a PTSA meeting afterwards.  Thanks so much for your support!


Last Month of School!

I cannot believe we only have one month before school is over! This school year has flown by and I have enjoyed every second of this school year. We have been super busy inside the classroom and cannot wait to see everyone at Evening in the Garden!

If you have not sent in an envelope with your address and two stamps, please do so! 

Below are important dates and things that will be covered over the next couple of weeks! The last few days of school will be themed! Stay tune for the fun!

May 1- Evening in the Garden! It was so great to see each and everyone of you tonight. It was difficult to mingle with everyone with the new set up, but I hope you enjoyed the evening! The link is available to watch the video the students made to share their knowledge about saving the Monarch Butterfly.

May 3- Yogli Mogli spirit night from 2:30-8:00. End a night of sports practice or a hot day with a sweet treat and support Ford Elementary.

May 4- Pay $1 towards Ford Foundation and wear a hat for the day! 

Placement letters are also due on this day! Placement letters should include the student’s name and grade they will be entering in August 2018.  The intent of the letters should be to convey the student’s strengths and/or weaknesses, personality and learning style.  Also be reminded, we cannot honor requests for specific teachers.   These letters should be no more than one page in length. Letters that request specific teachers or are longer than one page will not be considered.

May 8- Field Day. Thank you so much to the parent volunteers who have stepped up to help with this event. Please dress your child in clothing that is suitable to run and play in, as well as get wet! Please also send your student with a  full change of clothes (undergarments as well), socks, and shoes. It is also important to send them with a water bottle. We will have a cooler available to keep items cool.

May 11- Parent Appreciation Drop- In from 7:30-8:00a.m. Come in and enjoy a quick bite to eat with your favorite student. We are so very thankful for the support you have shown us as a classroom throughout the school year. It would not have been possible without you! Please RSVP and let me know you are coming!

May 17- Market Day at 9:30am. Please see the letter sent home with information concerning Market Day! This is a fun way students are able to incorporate Social Studies standards learned this nine weeks. Please know the item you choose must be homemade. Parents are welcome if you wish!

May 21- Ice Cream Social (End of Year Classroom Party) from 1:00-1:30. The children will enjoy ice cream with toppings and an afternoon of recess. Parents are more than welcome to join us for this event!

May 22 and 23- Early Release. Students will be release at 12:30p.m. and the 23 is our last day of school! 

Reading:  Studying context clues and taking them a step deeper was fun. You will begin to see your child’s vocabulary grow as they implement these skills in their reading. As a class we are diving deep into the main idea and supporting details, making sure we branch away from just stating the topic. To end the nine weeks we will be comparing non-fiction and fiction texts.

Phonics: This week will be out last phonics unit. Students have used learned spelling patterns throughout their writing. Please encourage them to start each sentence with a capital letter, end each sentence with the proper punctuation, and capitalize those proper nouns.

Math: Introducing the children to repeated addition and multiplication was fun! They have been looking forward to this ALL year long, with some even practicing at home. We have reviewed 2D and 3D shapes and will work on partitioning and creating/identifying equal parts!  To end the nine weeks, students will work on money word problems. Please do not forget to practice addition and subtraction facts at home. Fluency is so important!

Writing: This nine weeks, we will cover all three genres of writing- narrative, informational, and opinion. Students have written about the plant’s life cycle and Jimmy Carter. We will see if they can persuade me on not having homework for the rest of the school year 🙂

Science: We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the life cycle of animals, plants, and insects. The children have been able to explore this through planting their own “greenhouse,” tracking the chick’s life cycle over the last 21 days (they are here), and watching a caterpillars life cycle take place twice this year! The children did a fabulous job creating our garden to save the Monarch Butterfly (see link above).

Social Studies: We have loved learning about important people to Georgia all year long. To end the nine weeks we will have a Market Day. A letter will go home with more details. This will help students learn about scarcity, saving, and spending!

Math Homework

Below are the links for tonight’s math homework. Your child has also come home with a sheet as well. Please sign it, confirming they have spent 20 minutes playing an interactive clock game.


Happy New Year

Welcome back! I want to extend a warm welcome to three of our new students – Klodiana, Diola, and Caroline! We are so happy to have them in our room and have grown to 24 students. I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break and enjoyed time with their family. It was so great to hear about your child’s favorite part of their break and I am thankful to have them back. With a new year, comes a new nine weeks! Below are a few important dates and information on what we will be learning in class!

Thank you so much for looking at your child’s report card and sending back the signed envelope. I have to say…hats off to you as a parent. This class has been amazing with returning important information!

Thursday, January 11 is Math Night at Publix on Mars Hill (Brookstone). Enjoy some time with the family and have fun experience a hands on opportunity with math standards all throughout the grocery store! I look forward to seeing everyone there.

We will have No School  on Monday, January 15 in honor or Martin Luther King Jr.

January 23 is the 100th day of school! Stay tuned for some fun activities.

Scholastic book orders are due at the end of the month. I have received a few orders online already! I truly encourage you to explore new books as your child is growing as a reader. You can even go online and find books appropriate for your child’s reading level. It does not have to be just the books from the catalog sent home!

February 7 is our field trip to the Cobb Energy Center to watch Beauty and the Beast. Chaperones are not needed, but please remember to pack a disposable sack lunch for your child or they will have to purchase one from the cafeteria.

February 9 is Jump Rope for Heart and our school dance. Jump Rope for Heart will be held throughout the school day. The dance is from 6:30-8:30. Stay tuned for more information about the theme!

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. Information will be sent home regarding activities on this day.

Winter Break is the week of February 19! Enjoy some time off!

Phonics: Students have learned the spelling pattern of oo, ue, ew, and ou. The sound that you hear in words like blue, stew, and moo. Next we will look at oo in a different light. We will look for spelling patterns that follow the vowel sound you hear in words like look, book, and cook. Current and past spelling patterns should be implemented throughout writing. Encourage this at home.

Reading: In reading we will continue to look at non-fiction texts. As a reader, your child will identify the main idea along with supporting details within a text. Social Studies standards will be integrated throughout the nine weeks in this area as well – taking a look at important people to Georgia (Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson).

Math: To begin the nine weeks, we are reviewing place value using numbers up to 1,000. We will use place value in effort to compare numbers. Next, students will use the addition strategies learned last nine weeks to add a group of four numbers together. Please remember to practice math facts. It makes a world of difference!

Writing/Grammar: The students have thoroughly enjoyed our study of friendly letters. We have learned fun songs to help us remember the parts of a letter. Students have written their friends in class and we will expand this to writing another second grade class in the county! Through writing letters, students are learning how to use commas. We will also study opinion writing this nine weeks and compound sentences.

Social Studies: We continue to learn about people important to Georgia. This week we have focused on Martin Luther King Jr. and his contribution to equality and the civil rights movement. We will soon talk about Jackie Robinson as well.



Good Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and is ready for some time with the family. I want to start off by saying how thankful I am for each one of the students in my classroom and your continued support. I am blessed with a wonderful class and each of them have an amazing support system in and outside of the school.

Tomorrow is our Thanksgiving feast and the end of the canned food drive! If you did not return a slip to attend the feast…NO WORRIES! Kristie will not turn anyone away. Come enjoy time with your student. If you cannot make it, send a grandparent- they are the best!

So far our class has brought in a little over 200 cans and that warms my heart! A family who is in need of food will be touched by your donation. Tomorrow is the last day to bring in cans! 

We will be eating in our room today and Thursday. If your child is not a fan of sack lunches, please send in a lunch made from home 🙂 

The Giving Tree is happening now. 

November 20-24 school will be closed for Thanksgiving break. The kids have shared where they are going for Thanksgiving and I wish you guys safe travels and hope you have a blast with your family.

When we return, November 28 will be the end of our Square Art sales. Purchasing items through this fundraiser is a great way to knock people off of your Christmas list!

November 30- Scholastic book orders are due. This is a great opportunity to buy new books for your children at a reasonable price. There are some great deals!!

December 2 is our Jingle Jog! Come out and run a 1K or 5K and enjoy a delicious breakfast and pictures with mustang afterwards! A form was sent home you can use to register- if you have lost it follow this link. You can also register online at this website! I will be there with Kilometer Club and serving pancakes after! I cannot wait to see everyone there.

Holiday Shop will open the first full week in December. Your child will have the opportunity to buy items for family members if you wish.

Social Studies: Our class is taking a dive into the Creek and Cherokee Indians. We have taken a close look at James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi. When we return, we will focus on Mary Musgrove and Sequoyah the next couple of weeks. It is fascinating to learn about how Georgia’s story began!

Math: The children have really adapted to the addition and subtraction strategies. From the very beginning, there mind was already in mode, they just had no idea. It truly has made a huge difference. With these strategies we have moved into one and two-step word problems. When we return, we will take place value a step further and look at number up to 1,000 and maybe even further 🙂 We will also have a unit on measurement- full of fun hands on activities!

Writing: Informational writing is key this nine weeks. Our first piece of writing will be on James Oglethorpe and if time allows, students will research their own topic and produce and informational writing piece while following the writing process.

Language Arts: Studying all the different types of nouns has been fun! We have moved on to the meaning of prefixes and suffixes and identifying the root word. We will continue reading non-fiction passages and using the RACE strategy to respond to comprehension questions!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will see you after break.


Happy Fall Ya’ll!

It is finally beginning to cool down, as Fall is approaching! We have a lot of fun things going on inside the classroom, so please read below.

Performing Arts slips were sent home two weeks ago. Please return those by this Friday. I will be emailing you if I have not received one from your student as a gentle reminder. This allows your child to participate in various field trips we have throughout the year (on and off campus).

As you all should be aware, we have early release tomorrow at 2:00. I have communicated through Class Dojo, my blog, your student’s agenda, and emails were sent home from school. Our school is thrilled to be hosting this very special tour and is thankful for your flexibility as a parent.

September 19 is Moe’s Spirit Night from 2:00-9:00 Enjoy a delicious meal (at the Cobb Parkway location) with the family while raising money for Ford. This would be a great way to spend the early release!

Get Your Game On- Show your spirit and wear your favorite sports jersey/shirt to school on September 22nd! Help our foundation do amazing things for our students throughout the school year by donating $1.

Scholastic Order Forms will be sent home tomorrow. They are due back by Friday, September 22nd so the books will be here on the Monday we return from Fall Break! My goal this year is for your child to love reading and Scholastic is a great way to purchase AFFORDABLE books for your student. Many of you ordered last month. There are some great deals.

Over the break, please collect recycled items (Coke cans, orange juice containers, milk cartons, cardboard cereal box, etc.) and send them in when we return- that would be awesome! Our class will be conducting a STEM experiment on how matter changes- using materials to slow the process of ice melting!

Conference Sheets will be sent home on October 2nd. Please look out for these and send them in ASAP as we plan for conference week.

Reflection entries will be collected from October 3rd-October 5th. Kristina has painted a beautiful picture to submit for the contest. I encourage each student within the class to submit an entry. It truly inspires their creativity.

It’s that time of year again! Our Fall Pine Straw Fundraiser is here! A order form is going home in your child’s red folder tomorrow as well. Please return it by Friday, October 6 in order to get your yard looking in great shape for the Fall! It will be delivered to your house by November 4. This fundraiser is in support to help our outdoor classrooms!

October 6 will start our canned food drive! Please send in any extra canned food items you have in your pantry to donate to those in our local community who are less fortunate.

October 12 will be early release. Your child will be dismissed at 12:15. Please keep this date in mind and make plans accordingly.

Our Fall Festival will be on Friday, October 13. Please come out an join the Ford Community and enjoy an evening with the family. There will be a photo booth, silent auctions, various booths, jump houses, and so much more to partake in. I look forward to seeing everyone there! Our class has chosen to do a photography basket to put towards the silent auction. Our wonderful room moms will be putting this together for us!

After break, the students will be learning a lot!

Science: Your student has loved discussing states and properties of matter. When we come back, we will be talking about how matter changes. There are a lot of fun STEM projects we will be doing throughout the unit. Some include: root beer floats (states of matter), Hershey kiss experiment (how matter changes), and saving the penguin (how matter changes).

Social Studies: Learning about our state’s rivers and regions has been fun. We are currently rapping up government and learning about the roles of the president, governor, and mayor. 

Math: We have spent some time looking at place value. Later this week, we will explore skip counting which will take us into money when we return. Your students will be working with word problems and the many steps in solving them!

Language Arts: Comprehension has been key in reading. With looking at the beginning, middle, and end, the students are analyzing the character traits and how they may change or stay the same throughout the story. Context clues will also be discussed in reading in efforts to tune into interesting words.

Phonics: Our next units will focus on long o and long e digraphs. Please do not be alarmed in your child does not do as well on the pretest as expected. These are blends they have not been introduced to.

Writing: We will continue looking at narrative writing for the rest of the nine weeks. Your child is writing about small moments (summer vacation, Labor Day, etc.)

A Message From the Principal

Dear Ford Families,

We are excited to announce that Ford Elementary has been selected as a stop on the U.S. Education Department’s Green Strides Tour. This is the first time the Green Strides Tour has visited Georgia, and we are thrilled to be one of eight stops on the tour.

In order to minimize disruptions for our students and families, Ford ES will begin dismissal 15 minutes early Tuesday, September 19th. Bus riders will dismiss at 2:00 and car riders will begin as soon as the buses leave campus, around 2:10. Please expect your students home about 15 minutes earlier this day and ensure that someone is at the bus stop to meet them with the early arrival.

Please see the attached press release for more information about the tour. I am also including a link to the CCSD blog with additional details. http://cobbcast.cobbk12.org/?p=21063

Thank you so much for your continued support of Ford Elementary. We are excited to share our school and the successes of our students and community on the national stage.

Jami Frost

I will remind you the Friday and Monday before just in case!

I hope the first three weeks of school have been just as good for you as they have for me. I think by now my body has come to realize we are no longer on summer schedule! We have had a lot of learning take place in our classroom!

Your child’s Raz Kids log-in came home in their folder. Encourage them to log on and complete their read for 20 minutes on the computer! This is an engaging way to get them to motivated and back into the swing of things.

Writing: As mentioned before, narrative writing will be our focus. Your student will truly be able to right from their heart and create small moment that are special to them.

Language Arts: We have finished discussing who, what, where, when, why, and how (but please do not stop asking these questions at home). Next we will take a look at story elements– starting with what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 

Phonics: Vowel sounds have been our focus after discussing digraphs. I am not sure if you noticed, but if you are on List B for this week (unit 2), your word should be reptile not retile. Spelling City is a great tool your child can use at home to study their words throughout the week – under useful web links.

Math: Today some of your children brought home and optional subtraction with doubles game home. It is a fun and easy game to reinforce what we are learning in the classroom. You can keep this at home for your use- please do not send it back. They can teach you how to play!

After wrapping up strategies this week, our class will move into place value. There is so much to learn and I encourage you to please practice addition and subtraction facts to 20. Each student should be able to recall their facts very quickly.

Science: Every week, your child works on a response to a writing prompt I place on the board. Most of the time it is related to what we are discussing in Science, but other times it can be a fun writing topic related to Science in general.

For those of you who were away for the Eclipse, I hope you were able to enjoy it as a family! The next eclipse will occur during April of 2024 (during spring break).

Social Studies: Our class will continue to dive deep into learning about Georgia’s regions and rivers. Students are also learning specific information pertaining to each region. We will end this unit with a fun and engaging Map Project.

Important Dates:

The opportunity to purchase a Highlights subscription is coming home tomorrow. Highlights helps your child read regularly at home, makes reading and thinking fun, helps develop important learning skills and so much more! There are instructions on how to place and order, but even if you are not interested…check the box, sign your name, and send it back to school. Fun rewards are available for our classroom either way.

We went to the library today! Your child should have come home with books to read. Our next library date is schedule for next Wednesday (August 30). Please make sure to send your child’s books back with them so they can renew or check out new ones.

August 25- Scholastic Orders are due! A few of you have submitted online orders. This is a great way to get your child new books for the school year that interest them. There will be other orders placed in the future. If you have submitted an order online, it will be placed this Friday and should be in within 10 business days!

August 30 is early release.  Our school day will end at 12:15p.m.

September 4 is Labor Day! Your child will have no school!

September 5 is OUR FIRST FIELD TRIP to the fire safety village. We will not need chaperones for this, but please make sure to pack your child a sack lunch (everything must be disposable). If your child does not pack a sack lunch, the cafeteria will of course have one to purchase.

September 16 is Ford’s Green Apple Day of Service. Please come out and show our school some love by helping clean-up outside our campus. Volunteers and much appreciated and more information will be sent home.

The week of September 25 is our Fall Break! Enjoy a week off of school and time with the family!