Lesson 8/9 Quiz

We have a quiz coming up!  First connections will have their quiz on Friday, October 19, and second connections will have their quiz on Thursday, October 18.  You will need to spell each word correctly and identify the vowel combinations/conversions, prefixes, and definitions.  Please see me with any questions.  Happy studying!

Lesson 9 Words (for 7th and 8th grade):

Contaminated:  If something becomes contaminated by dirt, chemicals, or radiation, it becomes impure or harmful.

Incentive:  An incentive is something that encourages you to do something.

Immortal:  Someone or something that is immortal is famous and likely to be remembered for a long time.

Expedition:  An expedition is an organized journey made for a particular purpose, such as exploration.


Lesson #8 Words (for 6th grade only):

Intention:  An intention is an idea or plan of what you are going to do.

Explain:  If you explain something, you give details about it or describe it so that it can be understood.

Possess:  If you possess something, you have it or own it.

External:  External means happening, coming from, or existing outside a place, person, or area.

Lesson #6 Vocabulary Quiz

We have a quiz coming up on Thursday, October 4.  You will need to spell each word correctly and identify the vowel combinations/conversions, prefixes, and definitions.  Please see me with any questions.  Happy studying!

Astonishes:  If someone or something astonishes you, they surprise you very much.  Vowels: a, o, i, e.  Prefix/Suffix: a-, -ish, -es

Energetic:  An energetic person has a lot of energy.  Energetic activities require a lot of energy.  Vowels: e, er, i.  Prefix/Suffix: en-, -ic.

Deliberate:  If something you do is deliberate, you decide ahead of time to do it.  Vowels: e, i, er, a-e.  Prefix/Suffix: de-, -er, -ate.

Desperate:  If you are desperate, you are in a difficult situation and have little hope.  Vowels: e, er, a-e.  Prefix/Suffix: de-, -er, -ate.

Lesson 3 Vocabulary

We have a quiz coming up on Thursday, September 20.  You will need to spell each word correctly and identify the vowel combinations/conversions, prefixes, and definitions.  Please see me with any questions.  Happy studying!

Betray:  If you betray someone who trusts you, you do something that hurts or disappoints that person.

Confine: To confine someone or something to a particular place means to keep that person or thing from leaving or spreading beyond the place.

Respond: When you respond to something that is done or said, you react to it by doing or saying something yourself.

Propose: If you propose a plan or an idea, you suggest it.

Lesson 1 Vocabulary Quiz: Retake Session

If you are not happy with the grade you earned on the Lesson 1 Vocabulary Quiz, you may retake it at 8:15am this Thursday, September 13.  STUDY for the quiz before coming to retake it!  If you are unable to come to school early that day, please see me and we will find a way for you to retake it if you’d like to do so.  Here is everything you need to know in order to be successful on the quiz:

Distract: If someone or something distracts you, they take your attention away from what you are doing.  Vowel combinations/conversions: i and a.  Prefix: dis-

Admit: If you admit that something bad or embarrassing is true, you agree, often unwillingly, that it is true.  Vowel combinations/conversions: a and i.  Prefix: ad-

Distraught: If you are distraught, you are so upset and worried that you cannot think clearly.  Vowel combinations/conversions: i and au.  Prefix: dis-

Abstract: Abstract ideas and abstract pieces of art are based on general ideas rather than specific people or things.  Vowel combinations/conversions: a.  Prefix: ab-

For each word, you must spell it correctly and identify the correct definition, vowel combinations/conversions, and prefix.  Please see me with any questions.  Happy studying! 🙂

For 6th Grade Only: Field Trip Info.

Dear 6th Grade Floyd Family,

We are excited to announce our 6th grade field trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee on Friday, March 22, 2019. The total cost for this trip will be $76.00 per student and $85.00 per adult chaperone.

This price includes the following:

  • round-trip transportation via luxury motor coaches
  • all admission costs, plus taxes and gratuities
  • lunch aboard the Riverboat
  • a Travel Store representative to accompany the group


Check in at Floyd at 6:00 am.

7:15 am Depart Floyd Middle School.

9:45am – 11:30am Arrive in Chattanooga. Visit the Tennessee Aquarium for a self-guided tour of the Ocean Journey Building and the River Journey Building.

11:45am – 1:30pm Board the Tennessee Riverboat for a narrated river cruise. A deli style buffet lunch will be served on board.

2:00pm – 3:45pm Arrive at Ruby Falls for a guided tour of the cave, underground waterfall, and rock formations.

4:15pm Depart Chattanooga

6:15pm Arrive back at Floyd Middle School


Field Trip FYI’s

  • The first 80 students are guaranteed a spot on the bus. After those seats are filled, students will be placed on a waiting list until a third bus is entirely filled.
  • Installments can be made, however, the first 80 students who are paid in full are the ones who are guaranteed a spot on the bus.
  • If you choose to pay in installments, all money is due by Friday, January 11th.
  • Students must wear a Floyd spirit shirt. Bottoms can be shorts of appropriate length, jeans, joggers, etc… They are welcome to bring a light jacket – it gets cool in the cave. They can also bring a small track bag; however, students will not be allowed to bring bags into the gift shops. The bus will be secured and locked if they choose to leave items on the bus.
  • Students may bring their phone; however, they are entirely responsible for their device. The school will not be responsible for loss, theft, or destruction of any student devices.
  • Students are only allowed to drink water on the motor coach.
  • Students may bring snacks; however, snacks are not to be passed around on the bus.
  • While giving your student spending money is not required, students are allowed to make gift shop purchases at the different venues. The amount they bring is your decision; however, the student is entirely responsible for keeping up with their money. The school will not investigate lost or stolen spending money.
  • A rated PG or G movie will be shown on the motor coach for our students’ entertainment.
  • Four or more parent chaperones are needed. Please email me and let me know if you can assist.

Missing and Absent Work

Progress reports will go home for all classes next Wednesday, August 29.  In preparation for that, I have given all students what they need to complete any missing work (due to absence, suspension, or just not doing the work).  If you need to complete ReadTheory quizzes, you received a pink slip that shows how many quizzes you need to complete.  Please turn that slip back in once you have completed the quizzes, so that I will know to look for and grade them.  You may work on ReadTheory at school or at home, and you can even do it from your phone or tablet.  Please see me if you are having trouble completing the assigned work.