Poetry Books: Due Wednesday

Completed poetry books with six original poems are due at the end of class on Wednesday.  Remember that Tuesday is the Main Event field trip, so you won’t have that class time to work on your project.  Work on it at home as needed.

Floyd’s First Ever Poetry Night

Floyd’s first ever Poetry Night will take place on Wednesday, May 2 at 6:30pm in our Media Center.  We will also host a STEAM exhibition the same evening, so come for both events!  Students are invited to share their own original poems or recite the work of a favorite poet.  See your Language Arts teacher (me!) or Dr. Jones for more information.  Students will earn extra credit for attending and even more for presenting!  Bring your friends!

Do you need a little inspiration?  Visit this list of poetry for teens or peruse the collection of poetry books I have in the classroom.

Milestones Review Packet

Reminder:  The Milestones review packet that was passed out today is homework and is due on Tuesday, March 27 at the beginning of class.  Use the last sheet to write down any questions you have as you work on it.

Unit 3, Embedded Assessment #1

All classes:  Your homework over the weekend is to read your assigned text a second time.  When you come in on Monday, be prepared to discuss the text with your group, focusing on how the theme of “finding light in the darkness” is developed throughout the text.  You will plan your panel discussion on Monday and Tuesday, with presentations beginning on Wednesday.  Happy reading!