Spring Break “Staycation” 2020

Easter Egg Hunts for Long Island Kids, 2019 | MommyPoppins ...Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three weeks since we’ve been together at Kincaid! This break may be a needed time to reflect and prepare for the time ahead.

🎈🎁🎈Happy birthday, Ben!🎈🎁🎈

When your child complains of boredom, the following are solid resources for activities gathered by 3rd grade teachers. Post pictures on Seesaw of your family’s activities and creations. We’d love to see them!

Mystery Science Rainbows   

Mystery Science Observation   

Kitchen Pantry Science 

Fairy Tale Science Experiments 

Science Bob 

Generation Genius Science Videos  

National Geographic Kids 

Captain Planet Foundation 

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems  

NGA Kids Art Zone App 

The Toy Maker   

Spruce Craft Origami 


Rube Goldberg Machines 

Scavenger Hunts 

DIY Backyard Games 

Paper Making 

We are so sad about not ending the schoolyear with our students! It’s so surreal. We’ll do our best to bridge the divide.

See the kiddos online after the break!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Home Learning April 3


  1. In Clever, click on Freckle.  Look for the backpack and you should see your assignment.  It’s called Measurement & Data: Picture and Bar Graphs. 
  2. Practice – First in Math or Prodigy.

Reading & Writing with Mrs. Letendre 

Watch Mrs. Letendre’s lesson on point of view at https://youtu.be/wtl3vig6dkg 

  1. Think of how Mrs. Letendre wrote a short story from her own point of view, her sister’s point of view, and the rat’s point of view.  
  2. Imagine you are a character in a favorite story and you meet up with a character in another story. (Harry Potter & Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Little Willie, etc).
  3. Describe the actions and feelings of each character. What would each character say? Include dialogue!

If you are looking for point of view mentor texts or read alouds for teaching point of view, definitely check out this post. This article shares several engaging read alouds with brief summaries and suggestions for how to use them. The post also shares ideas and guidelines for using the read alouds to teach point of view.

Virtual Enrichment Classes
Select One Class Per Day:

Art     Music     PE     STEM

Home Learning April 2

Take the word Lirpaloof and write it backwards! 🤣


  1. First in Math – play for 30 minutes.


Go to Newsela and read the article – Neighbors Create “Bear Hunts” for Kids Amid CoronavirusComplete the quiz in the activities tab.

Remember that you can move the Lexile level up if the article is too easy and down if the article is too hard. 


Add an entry to your journal. Imagine you wake up and your technology doesn’t work. Challenge yourself to come up with a technology-free plan for the day. Magically, your technology is working again at the end of the day. How will your day end? If you’re writing in Office365, add images to your writing. 

Virtual Enrichment Classes
Select One Class Per Day:

Art     Music     PE     STEM

Home Learning April 1

Reading and Writing 

  1. It’s Lirpaloof Bird season in Georgia! Today you get to be a naturalist and go outside to watch for the famous bird as it migrates north. Click on the link and follow the directions carefully. Message your teacher (email or Seesaw) if you spot one! The writing assignment is at the bottom of the Lirpaloof page. Turn in your writing assignment on Office365 or Seesaw. Good luck! 

Lirpaloof Assignment 

2. Read GetEpic.com, Newsela, MyOn, or the book in your hands!


  1. We will play Kahoot for our math review today. This is an interactive game you connect to with the link below.  You’ll be reviewing what you know about polygons and quadrilaterals, and competing with all students in the third grade, so do your best to answer quickly and accurately. The top scores in third grade will be posted on Thursday.  


  1. You must join with your first and last name.     
  2. Complete the challenge by 9:00 p.m. Wednesday!  
  3. Have fun!!

Kahoot Link:  https://kahoot.it/challenge/0939759?challenge-id=bb28748b-9e5e-45ad-bfdc-20bb8e0bc423_1585584210003 

Challenge Pin: 0939759 

2. Work on Prodigy and/or First in Math.

Virtual Enrichment Classes

Select One Class Per Day:

Art     Music     PE     STEM

Home Learning March 31


  1. Watch Mrs. Letendre’s lesson on Point of View linked below.

Lesson #2: https://youtu.be/oFENFqfWq5I 

After you watch her lesson, complete the following questions about a book you are reading at home.   

  • Through whose eyes are you seeing the story?  The narrator or a character?   
  • From which point of view is it written?  1st Person (uses pronouns like I, me, we, or us) or 3rd Person (uses pronouns like he, she, they, or them)?   
  • How are your experiences the same or different from that of the character or the narrator?

2. Free reading – MyOn, Newsela or your own book! 


  1. We will use Nearpod for our lesson today“What Are Quadrilaterals?”   

Sign in at https://nearpod.com/student/

Sign in with your first name and last name. Enter this code: RYHBM

2. First in Math and/or Prodigy practice


Add an entry to your journal. Write about whatever is on your mind. If you need an idea, think about how it’s Spring now! Have you noticed that dusty yellow stuff all over everything? Have any Carpenter Bees hovered around you? What else have you noticed? 

Home Learning March 30


Time to write in your journal about what you did over the weekend!   Challenge yourself to add your senses to your writing.  What did you see all around you?  What were some sounds you heard?  How did something feel when you touched it?  What did it smell like?   


  1. Login to Clever.  Click on Freckle.  You may need to select your teacher’s name.  Go to Math.  Click on the backpack at the bottom of your page labeled ‘Assignments’.  Complete the assignment under math that is titled #30 – Geometry – Shape Categories. 

2. First in Math and/or Prodigy

Reading with Mrs. Letendre 

  1. Watch the lesson linked below with Mrs. Letendre 

Lesson #1: https://youtu.be/Yuf2kObM-2Q 

*Illustrate two pictures from different perspectives.  For example, the person on a boat going to the island vs. the person on the island looking at the boat.  Another example, a young girl having a birthday party with her friends vs. a dog or grandma having a birthday.  Be creative.    

OPTIONAL: Invitation to participate in Zoom with Mrs. Letendre: Mrs. Letendre is doing a Choose Your Own Adventure book and you will get to virtually choose the path she takes.  The one with the most votes wins!   

When: Monday at 11:00 a.m. 

Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/741061116

2. MyOn or Newsela free choice reading

*Remember you can adjust the reading level of Newsela articles. If it’s too hard, try a lower Lexile level. If it’s too easy, up the Lexile level. 


Sunday Afternoon News

Dear Families,

While we are all sheltered in place, we wish you and your loved ones health! We’re all in this together!

I hope you’ve all been able to take the survey. We’ll let you know the results. We feel like things have improved. We’re working to implement web platforms that are engaging to students, provide individualized  instruction/practice, and have high quality resources. As teachers, it’s so important that the sites give us powerful feedback on your student so we can continue to target instruction from our remote location in our homes! It’s work in progress. 🙂

We’re LOVING Zoom! Mrs. Mann and I have been using it in our personal lives. Our first meeting was a great learning experience. This week, we’ll be setting up a few meetings. We’ll let you know when your child is scheduled to meet a day ahead of time. If your child can’t attend, for whatever reason, no worries. We’re all doing our best.

We are also loving Seesaw! Right now, children are able to share with each other. Here are new Seesaw guidelines:

  1. Share classwork with teachers only, unless we instruct you to share with the class.
  2. Keep those comments coming! They are always approved by teachers before being posted.

We care about you so much, and think of you often!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

P.S. I hope it’s OK if I send out the home learning work in the morning by 8 a.m. Let me know if you need it the night before.


Home Learning March 27


  1. Go to Clever and click on Newsela. Read the article “Play it safe: What Kids Should Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak” . Answer the comprehension questions in the activities tab on the right side of the page.
  2. Free choice reading in MyOn or Newsela or a book in your hands.


  1. Draw or cut out 2 quadrilaterals and write down at least 3 attributes of each. Attributes include number of sides, congruent sides (equal side lengths), what kind of angles (right, acute, or obtuse), number of parallel lines, and number of vertices. Is the quadrilaterlal a  trapezoid, parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus, and/or a polygon?

Here are websites to help you.

Now draw or cut out one shape that is not a quadrilateral!  Explain why not. Share on Seesaw (video or picture) or in Office365.

2. Practice math facts in First in Math and/or complete Prodigy work.


In Office365 or on paper, add a Friday entry to your journal. Our reading today focuses on “social distancing”. Explain social distancing and what it means to you. How has it changed the ways you play and socialize with your friends? Think about how it has changed your normal daily life in your community. Write about this or something else that is on your mind.

Home Learning March 26

Our Zoom meeting was a great success, and we are planning great things! We had 16 students in attendence!  We’re thinking of two meetings next week, and even breaking the students up into little groups for discussions. Thank you for patience as we work through the little bugs!

I’ll send out a new link for the parent survey on Thursday. Your feedback is so important to us!


Login to Clever.  Read MyOn or Newsela for at least 30 minutes.   


Login to Clever. Click First in Math.  Click on Know and Show (blue circle with a book).  Practice your problem-solving skills for 30 minutes.  When complete, you can play around in any area to earn more stickers/points.   

Social Studies   

Click on this link and take a virtual field trip to the Museum of the American Revolution.  


Write 3 things you learned from the field trip.  Remember to write in a complete sentences.  Share in Office365 or Seesaw.    


Optional- You may always add a journal entry.  

Home Learning March 25

We have a friendly virtual meeting on Zoom tomorrow at 10 a.m. Have your parents check their emails for instructions. It’s our first time meeting in this way. It will be so much fun, and maybe a little wonky!🤣 We’re so excited to see you…and have you see your classmates!!

🎂❤Happy Birthday, Kennedy!❤🎈


We are all trying to make the best of our situation.  Read an amazing story of a young lady who did exactly that. 

  1. Read the story at https://sn4.scholastic.com/issues/2018-19/020419/nothing-can-stop-her.html#On%20Level    
  2. Watch the video “What’s Good, Jordan Reeves?”  When you are finished, imagine you will interview Jordan.  What would you ask her?  Write down at least 5 interview questions and share them on Office365 or Seesaw. You can even try recording your questions on Seesaw.

 Free choice reading on MyOn and/or Newsela.


  1. Login to Clever.  Click on Freckle by Renaissance (the cute little pig).  Then click on Math.  Then click on Adaptive Math.  Click on Base 10.  You will take a short pretest to show what you know about Base 10.  Try the best you can on your own.  If you don’t know an answer just type in any number.  Once you take the pretest, you will continue playing on your path.  Let me know what you think of the program.  

2. First in Math – Practice your math facts. 


In Office365 or on paper, add your Wednesday entry to your journal. Our reading today focuses on a young girl who has overcome big challenges in such a positive way. You have been coping with challenges since school was closed 2 weeks ago. Write about this, or something else that is on your mind. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid               Amelia’s Notebook