Have a Terrific Summer!

Dear Families,

Thank you, thank you, thank you…thank you for the gift card! Thank you to our room mom, Ms. Cazzola, who held it altogether while taking on a new job at the same time! Thank you to the Wilsons for hosting a festive year end party! The children had an especially exciting last day. And thank you for entrusting me with your children!

Remember to have your child read A LOT over the summer to prevent that “summer slide” in reading achievement! Goodwill has a treasure trove of books right now at ridiculously low prices. And then there’s online reading at sites like pbskids and funbrain.

And these amazing sites that your child will love…

Roald Dahl official site

Jan Brett official site

The Toy Maker

Stop by and see me in August. I’ll be in the same room, but I’ll be team teaching with Mrs. Mann! Remind your child that everyone who finishes a math workbook, can stop by for a special surprise in August!:-)

There’s an option to print out your child’s portfolio on SeeSaw. You might want to copy it in print or digitally as a reminder of the highlights of your child’s 3rd grade year!

Hope your summer is filled with everything you want! We’ll be back in 9 weeks or so, and refreshed for a new school year. Be safe and have fun!

Love, Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ May 21

Dear Families,

The year has gone too fast! Only 3 days to go!

We had our last market day Friday. It was fun to see the entrepreneurial spirit in the children. We had a lively auction on some high dollar items. I hope you will notice your child making better money decisions.

Here’s our plan for the last 3 days:

  • Monday: 3rd grade yearbook and memory book signing, Kincaid kickball game
  • Tuesday: Early Release day –  Multiplication challenge, classroom awards,
  • Wed: Early Release day – (no backpacks today) – Year end celebration

Of course, I’ll be throwing in some final little assessments in preparation for report cards. 🙂

Please be sure to have your child empty out his/her bookbag each day. Lots of stuff is coming home! Be on the lookout for math workbooks, and a writing notebook. Please find a special place for the writing notebook because there are precious entries (most are rough drafts so don’t be alarmed by the imperfections). You’ll want to keep this forever. 🙂

I hope you were able to enjoy SeeSaw as much as the children and I have. It was quite exciting to share our classroom activities and artifacts in real time delivered straight to your device! You can print off everything your child has done this year and add it to a scrapbook, paper or digital.

Have a wonderful summer! Read a lot!  Use your imagination —run around, explore, build things, make a new friend, learn something new, start a new collection, create! The next school year will begin before we know it.

love, Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ May 14

Dear Families,

The week ahead will be filled with final assessments, the talent show, science lab, field day, Pentopia Market Day, and AR and writing celebrations. It’s a special time of the year where we reflect on the past year, and anticipate the next year. I’ll begin to send things home so the children aren’t overloaded next week.

Please have your child wear athletic shoes and sunscreen on field day.. You may send in a water bottle of you like. Your child may bring a change of clothes if you think “wetness” will make him or her uncomfortable.


Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ May 7

Dear Families,

I can’t believe how time has flown and how we are in the frenzy of the last 13 days of school! We still have so much to do, and each moment will be packed!

Here’s the learning plan:

  • Math ~ Hamster measurement and problem solving
  • Reading ~ Because of Winn Dixie, AR Reading Marathon
  • Writing ~ Mother’s Day project
  • Language Arts ~ Parts of speech, editing, cursive
  • Science ~ Heat
  • Social Studies ~ Branches of government

Homework ~ Keep up reading and practicing multiplication and division facts. Highly recommended practice apps/sites include Sushi Math, KenKen, Math Center, ABCya, MobyMax and IXL.

We’re starting a “Fill a Bucket” routine where the children will be encouraged to say and do kind deeds to keep fellow classmates happy.http://www.bucketfillers101.com/have-you-filled-a-bucket-today.php Children “test” each other this time of the year, and I want to keep our last days together in 3rd grade as happy as can be. 🙂

Pentopia and Peewee and Picture It

The children will have 2 more Fridays of the Pentopia Markey Day. The hit products this week were Rafael’s Brazilian cheese bread, Mason’s beaded bracelets, and Ryan’s Shrinky Dink pins. The country went broke so I had to collect taxes again, so there was some unhappiness!

Peewee is acclimating himself well in the classroom. The children work hard to earn time to sit with him. I’m able to attach lots of academic learning to the little guy. It’s just more fun figuring out area and perimeter when we’re designing a dream hamster enclosure.

Our Picture It Project is in full swing. We are sending out our 23 pieces of art to classrooms all over the country (Canada, too) this week. We’re beginning to  receive pictures from our pen pals. We’ll plot their locations on a map of North America. When all the artwork arrives, we’ll put it all together to reveal the big design. I’ll SeeSaw the results to you.

Help Needed….

We need a box of graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars and a bag of marshmallows for our solar ovens. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!

Happy birthday,

Eduardo, Ayani and Angela!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms!


Kim Pennington


Weekly News ~ April 30

Dear Families,

We had a fun week working on division, imaginative writing, and reading like crazy, but the highlights had to be Pentopia Market Day and welcoming our new hamster. That furry little creature has ignited imaginations in writing and math. The children are working on multi-chapter, or episodes, of a hamster adventure, and are designing a dream hamster home where they’ll revisit area and perimeter, and the distributive property of multiplication.

This next week, solar ovens will be tested during science lab. We need a donation of hershey chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows for Tuesday. Post in the comment section if you can make a donation.

The STEM Lab chicks are due to hatch, so check this live streaming beginning Sunday afternoon if you want to watch the process!


Here’s the learning plan:

  • Math ~ Problem solving
  • Reading ~ Compare and contrast themes
  • Writing ~ Imaginative narratives
  • Social Studies ~ Three branches of government
  • Science ~ Heat

Spelling words will come home Monday.

The markey day best sellers this week were squishy balls, earth cookies, Dove chocolates, and beaded bracelets! We open the market each Friday. Last week, the children had to pay taxes…it hurt, so I told them to talk to their parents about it. 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ April 23

Dear Families,

We had a glorious week with the end of testing and getting back to normal, and normal feels really good! We read earth-themed literature, explored Google Earth, wrote about the themes of stories and cited text evidence, worked on division facts and strategies, and began our study of the 3 branches of government.

We set up A.R. teams who are in hot competition to read and take quizzes. Children all want to meet the individual goal so that they can attend the “gold level” 3rd grade event May 18. Of course, the whole point of this is to get the children charged up about reading—if they aren’t already—and get them to that million words a year that is proven to make for great readers!

Here’s our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Division facts, addition/subtraction within 1000
  • Reading ~ Compare and contrast key ideas
  • Writing ~ Fairy tale adaptations
  • Social Studies – Three branches of government, state and national
  • Language Arts – Parts of speech in sentences, spelling assessment

I won’t be sending home a spelling list this week as I feel the need for an assessment to see where your child stands in his/her spelling development…and I’ll share the results with you at the end of the week. 🙂 Use the spelling time to practice multiplication and division facts each night. Fluency is expected at the end of 3rd grade.

Career Day is Friday, so we’ll have lots of fun thinking about the future!

Have a great weekend!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington




Weekly News ~ April 16

Image result for earth dayDear Families,

The children have been terrific during testing ~ hard-working, focused and calm! We have 2 more days of math testing, and then we’re through!

A shortened homework packet will go home, but there will be no spelling. Use extra time to work on multiplication facts mastery, if needed.

Here’s the learning plan:

  • Math ~ Measurement, 2-step work problems
  • Writing ~ Finishing fairy tales, poetry
  • Reading ~ Readers’ theatre, poetry
  • Science ~ Heat
  • Social Studies ~ Conservation, recycling

This Friday is the foundation sports day, so children are invited to wear a hat and/or shirt supporting a favorite sports team. I’m wearing the UGA shirt all of you got me!

Our first Pentopia market day was a screaming success! We only had 3 vendors, but the children quickly learned that they could sell services, so we had numerous “therapists” giving shoulder rubs. Some products were not successful, so our entrepreneur students will be rethinking their products. We have market day every Friday, so it gets better and better. The children love it so much, they delay recess for it! I was having so much fun, I forgot to SeeSaw photos to you, but I’ll do it next week!

Have a great weekend!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ April 9


Dear Families,

I hope you’re enjoying your spring vacation! I am enjoying my time at home being an “on call” grandmother!

The week before spring break was filled with highlights. First of all, thank you all again for making teacher appreciation week so special for me! Celebration of the Arts on Friday was so much fun. There is nothing like spending a day in school doing and making things, and it results in very content children. Ms. Rausch and her arts crew put together a truly epic day at Kincaid!

Get ready for Milestone testing week. Testing begins on Tuesday. Students will take the English/language arts sections of the test on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (April 10-12). The math sections will be taken on Monday and Tuesday (April 16 and 17). Please help your child by making sure he/she gets plenty of solid sleep and eats a big breakfast. We will begin testing at 8:00 a.m. so it is vital your child to be here on time and ready to begin. It’s important for children avoid testing stress, but at the same time, take the test seriously and give his or her best effort. Thank you for your help!

Our first Pentopia market day will be Friday. The children have been working and earning bucks, and now they’re ready to spend them! The children can sell products and/or services Friday. They will have to tap into their own entrepreneurial skills to figure out what to sell, and at what price. Your child will benefit from a bit of your own expert advise, but remember, the most powerful learning comes from their own discoveries, and trial and error. Examples of popular products/services in the past include toilet paper roll minions, origami ninja stars, cubby/desk cleaning service, guitar performance, artwork and homemade treats.

Friday is Foundation sports day. The children can wear a shirt and/or hat supporting a favorite team!

This is the learning plan:

  • Math~ Volume and capacity
  • Reading~ Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples’ Ears readers theatre
  • Writing~ Fairy Tale adaptations
  • Science~ Heat

We won’t have any spelling homework this week – only math. 🙂


Mrs. Pennington


Weekly News ~ March 26

Dear Families,

It was fun to come to work today and have our door decorated by Mr. Wilson and lunch delivered by Mr. Kuwamoto! And then I had some lovely cards and gifts. The children are being so sweet. I am lucky to share my days with your children. They are so full of energy and enthusiasm, and keep me young at heart!

Highlights this week include picture day on Tuesday, and Celebration of the Arts on Friday.

Happy birthday, Dax!

The end of grade Milestone will begin the Tuesday we get back from break, so we’ll work on test practice this week. Reviewing math concepts and answering written comprehension questions after reading will be given special attention. In math, we’re classifying shapes and learning that many shapes go into different categories (quadrilateral, rhombus, rectangle, square, polygon, parallelogram). In writing, we are adapting a fairy tale. There is no spelling this week. Instead we will continue working on mentor sentences, and will work on understanding Latin affixes in vocabulary.

If you’d like extra test practice for your child, the following site was shared by Mrs. Hintz.


It will be nice to have a Spring break before we begin testing. Our grandson is due to be born anyday now, so needless to say, there is plenty of excitement, nervous energy and anticipation at my house!

Weekly News ~ March 19

Image result for four leaf clover

Dear Families,

We are so excited about going on our 3rd grade field trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds in Cartersville! We’ll see a movie, watch a tools and weapons demonstration, and walk the historial site. Our buses are scheduled to leave at 9:15 and we’ll be back at about 1:15. The weather will be watched closely to see that we’re dressed properly for possible rain and probable mud. Finn and Sydney’s mothers will chaperone. We need just one more chaperone. First one to email me can come! I’ll SeeSaw photos home!

We have some fabulous leprechaun traps! There were signs of leprechaun activity throughout the school, and we’re hoping to catch one on Saturday when they do most of their mischief. We’ll wait patiently until Monday to see if we’re successful!

Congratulations Grayson, Tara, Angela and Emma for being our “Compassion Cougars”! They are always demonstrating caring and understanding towards others.

Be on the lookout for report cards this Wednesday.

Here’s our learning plan:

  • Math~ 2D shapes
  • Reading~ Point of view
  • Writing~ Adapting a fairy tale
  • Lang. Arts~ Contractions, prepositions
  • Science~ Heat
  • Testing Practice~ Here and there

Spelling Sort 14 ~ Contractions is, have
is have
who’s they’ve
where’s might’ve
she’s could’ve
here’s should’ve
what’s you’ve
he’s would’ve
there’s I’ve
Bonus words: although, because, therefore

We also have a Wellstar “Get Fit” presentation on the value of exercise this Wednesday. And of course, The Lion King performances will be the following weekend. So much excitement!

Happy birthday, Dax!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pennington