Class News ~ December 2

Dear Families,

We hope you had a satisfying Thanksgiving break and are ready for the 3 weeks before our winter break. It’s always a whirlwind!

Thank you so much for the Thanksgiving treats and helping us enjoy our fort day and Camille’s birthday the Friday before break! Believe it or not, we got a lot of work done…even in our pajamas.

Here’s our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Perimeter and area
  • Reading ~ Theme, Structures of nonfiction
  • Social Studies ~ American Indians
  • Language Arts ~ Pronouns

Homework, as always, is 20 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of Prodigy. You can always throw in some mulitplication facts practice. It’s convenient to keep a set of flashcards in your car for practice on the go.

Happy December!

Mrs. P. & Mrs. M.


Class News ~ November 18

Dear Families,

Thanks to Ben’s family for the donation or Legos! And Taylor’s family for the extra snacks!

This week’s learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication and division in area models
  • Reading ~ Text structures in nonfiction
  • Writing ~Planning and researching a topic
  • Science ~ Fossils, mountains and rivers
  • Language Arts ~ Irregular verbs, cursive

Mrs. Mann and I are so thankful to have your children in our class. They are a joy to get up to every day! Thank you for everything you do!


Mrs. P. & Mrs. M.

Class News ~ November 11

Dear Families,

We welcomed our new classmate, Sailor, this week. She already has 19 new friends!

We are so excited to be finishing our expert stories and are now ready to publish them in the hallway! We’ll be sending the writing home via SeeSaw in the next few days.

Happy birthday, Taylor!

This week’s learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication and division problem solving
  • Reading ~ Main idea and text evidence in nonfiction
  • Writing ~ Ideas, planning for research project
  • Science ~ Fossils, mountains and rivers*
  • Language Arts ~ Homophones, cursive

Mountains and rivers include the Rockies and the Appalachian ranges. Rivers include the Mississippi, Rio Grande, Colorado, Hudson and Ohio. Talk about your experiences while locating them on a map.

Odds and Ends:

  • We have November Biblionasium challenge! Keep logging those books at home!
  • Warm coats are needed for cold days outside at recess. 
  • We need a donation of class snacks (Goldfish, graham crackers, pretzels suggested).
  • Please take the homework survey if you haven’t already. 🙂

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann


Class News ~ November 4

Dear Families,

Congratulations to our students in completing the Biblionasium Spooktacular Challenge! The children are reaping the rewards of all the time put into reading! As they’re moving up in their reading levels, they’re excited to be able to read more interesting and engaging stories.


  • Tuesday is election day and a day off for students.
  • Extra warm coats are needed now at recess.

Our learning plan this week:

  • Reading ~ Book of the Month compare/contrast, responses
  • Writing ~ Expert story revision and editing
  • Math ~ Distributive property, division/multiplication situations
  • Language Arts ~ Homophones to, too, two
  • Science ~ Fossils
  • Social Studies ~ Productive resources

We all enjoyed the cheese sticks, tangerines and Candy Corn sent in by our room mom, Mrs. Zogby!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Class News ~ October 28

Dear Families,

This week’s learning plan:

  • Math ~ Distributive property Khan video tutorial
  • Reading ~ Nonfiction main idea and key details
  • Writing ~ Elaboration and revision in nonfiction writing
  • Social Studies ~ Productive resources Social Studies Weekly video
  • Language Arts ~ homophones, they’re, there, their

Here are some highlights this week: Kincaid is expecting a special visit Wednesday from the author of The Bravest Worrier, Angelique Monet! That night is the Kincaid Unplugged night which means NO HOMEWORK for students! Saturday is the Kincaid Fun Run!

Warning! Sneaking into Halloween candy the morning of a school day causes extremely scary classroom behavior! 😁

Last but not least, congratulations to ALL of us for Kincaid’s rocking CCRPI score! It takes a village!

Have a terrific week!🎃

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Class News ~ October 21

Dear Families,

We so enjoyed meeting with our parents this week. Your input helps us so much in moving your child forward! Thank you again for everything you do!

Our learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication (zeroes, ones, fives, tens, twos facts)
  • Reading ~ Written responses to nonfiction
  • Writing ~ Personal “expert” stories
  • Language Arts ~ Action verbs, noun/verb agreement
  • Science ~ Weathering and erosion


  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 10 minutes of Prodigy
  • Multiplication facts practice (flashcards, apps, etc)




Oct 21st-Oct 25th

The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to emphasize the importance of a drug-free lifestyle and making safe, healthy choices. The theme for Red Ribbon Week this year is I BELIEVE IN ME…HAPPY, HEALTHY, and DRUG-FREE! To celebrate the week, we will have several theme days and activities:

Monday, October 21: WEAR RED DAY! (Wear RED to show your support of being drug free)

  • Trivia: Morning announcement to kick off Red Ribbon Week, daily trivia contest. Each day this week, the counselors will do morning announcements about Red Ribbon week and a daily trivia question.
  • K-5 “Color My World Drug Free” Coloring contest begins: K-5 students will have a chance to color a Red Ribbon Week Coloring sheet. There will be a winner chosen for each grade level that will receive some cool coloring supplies!

Tuesday, October 22: TEAM UP AGAINST DRUGS DAY!  (Wear sports jerseys or Kincaid shirts)

Wednesday, October 23: MY DREAMS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME, THAT’S WHY I’M DRUG FREE! (Wear school-appropriate pajamas to school)

Thursday, October 24: TOO BRIGHT TO DO DRUGS!  (Wear bright or neon colors to school)

Friday, October 25: SAY BOO TO DRUGS DAY! (Celebrate Foundation Friday Costume Day)

In addition, the counselors will be teaching classroom lessons on healthy choices, peer pressure, and refusal skills.  See below links for more information on talking to your children about drug/alcohol use at this age and as they grow older:

Fact sheet on e-cigarettes for parents:

Have a great weekend.


Mrs. P & Mrs. M


Class News ~ October 14

Dear Families,

We look forward to seeing you this week for conferences.

Congratulations go to our 2019-20 class representative, Guillermo! The alternate is Maxene! We are proud of them, and all our nominees.👏

Our learning focus:

  • Math ~ Multiplying by multiples of ten
  • Reading ~ Nonfiction, asking and answering questions
  • Writing ~ Expert stories

Your can help this week by talking with your child about what they’re an expert at. Kicking a soccer ball? Listening to a storybook? Building a fort? Doing a cartwheel? Drawing a puppy? The children will select a topic to begin writing this week. Thank you!

The children visited the book fair and made wish lists. This year, there are no toys—just books. There’s a nice selection of old and new favorites.

Keep up with the Spooktacular Reading Challenge on Biblionasium. The Link is right here And on the Link Menu to the right.👌


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann


Class News ~ October 7

Dear Families,

Happy fall! It finally feels like it! Hope you were able to enjoy the Fall Festival Friday! Our parents worked hard to make it so special and fun!

Our class representative speeches will be given Monday and our election will be held Tuesday the 8th. Good luck to our nominees!

Our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Problem solving
  • Reading ~ Text evidence, comprehension strategies
  • Writing ~ Powerful endings, revision, editing
  • Science ~ Rocks and soil
  • Read Alouds ~ Harry Potter, Thank You Mr. Falker

👻🎃🦇Spooktacular 500 Minute Reading Challenge👻🎃🦇

We challenged the children to log 500 minutes of reading on Biblionasium by October 31st! When the challenge is met, we will have a special class reward (to be announced this week). Children can log minutes at home and in the classroom.

We’re so happy to announce that we are close to 1:1 technology access with our abundance of laptops and iPads!  I am so grateful for Ms. Mann’s grant writing expertise and Ms. Blake’s commitment to our Kincaid children!

For conference week this year, which will take place next week, the Kincaid Library Learning Commons is hosting a Bedford Falls Book Fair. The focus will be on building literacy and providing our students with a greater choice of high quality books to read. Students will preview the fair Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th and Monday the 14th. Sale days and hours are:

• Monday, Oct. 14 7:15-4:00
• Tuesday, Oct. 15 7:15-4:00
• Wednesday, Oct. 16 7:15-4:00 / Family Late Night 4:00-6:00
• Thursday, Oct. 17 7:15-4:00
• Friday, Oct 18 7:15-11:00

See you next week for conferences.


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

Class News ~ September 30

Dear Families,

We hope your break is a good one! It finally feels like autumn might be coming!

Happy birthday, Asher!

Come Join the Fun AND Support the Kincaid Foundation and PTA at This Year’s FALL FESTIVAL on Friday, October 4 from 6:00pm-8:00pm!

Entry to the festival is FREE!
🎟$10 unlimited activity wristbands ($12 at the door), if purchased by September 30. Wristband includes bounce houses, carnival games and hayride.
$20 per family max, pre-order only.

🍕Pre-order dinner by September 30–Save time and money!
Whole Pepperoni and Cheese Pizzas $12
Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches $4

🍗Dinner and Concessions Onsite
*Limited Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches ($4.50) and pizza by the slice ($2) available.
*2 Cotton Candy Stations this year!
*Baked goods, candy, drinks and other concessions available onsite.

🎃New this year >> Carve Your Own Jack-O-Lantern! Carve your pumpkin at home, name it and bring it to the festival, no later than 6:15pm. Awards for Cutest, Scariest, Funniest and Most Creative!

For more info and to download pre-order form go to

Sign up to Volunteer >>

Here’s our learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication/division problem solving strategies
  • Reading ~ Close reading, text evidence, character study
  • Writing ~ Narrative writing strategies (actions, dialogue, sensory details, imagery)
  • Language Arts ~ Abstract nouns
  • Science ~ Rocks
  • Social Studies ~ Class representative campaign and speeches

We’re happy to announce that our 2019 class representative nominees are Zaid, Guillermo, Maxene, Gus, Asher, and Taylor! Voting will take place October 8.

See you in 9 days!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann