Weekly Newsletter 9~8

We have a busy week of learning planned before our Fall break!

  • Math – Subtraction strategies, two-step problem solving, and oral and written explanations using mathematical language. Introduction to multiplication.
  • Reading – Asking and answering questions. Continuing to set reading goals (comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and word accuracy).
  • Language Arts – Pronouns.
  • Spelling
    amber – the hardened sap of a tree.fossil – the hardened remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago.mold – a type of fossil that takes on the outer shape of a plant or animal.extinct – describes a kind of living thing that is no longer found on Earth.

    cast – a type of fossil that takes on the actual shape of an animal or a plant.

    trace – the imprint of an animal or plant left behind.

    organism – a living thing such as a plant or animal.

    petrified – wood that has been turned into a kind of rock fossil.

  • Writing – How writers revise endings and edit for publication.
  • Science – Fossils
  • Social Studies – Greek influences on American government and architecture.


We have some fabulous authors and artists in class, and I’d like to encourage participation in Reflections this year. This year’s theme is “The world would be a better place if…”. Reflections entries are due Friday, September 26. Reflections is a national art contest sponsored by the PTA. Please visit the Kincaid PTA website for more details.

We’re setting goals and motivating ourselves to meet AR goals. The children will have opportunities each day to take AR quizzes.

I’ll send home a list of extra credit opportunities. These are purely optional.

Our room mothers, Mrs. Sternagle & Mrs. McGhee, are busy helping with the business of our classroom. Their support means so much to the students and myself!

I hope you have a wonderful break. I’m off to Mexico with my daughter, and greatly look forward to climbing an ancient Mayan pyramid! Ms. Schmidt will spend the break with her family in a cabin in lovely Pennsylvania!

Mrs. Pennington