December 8 ~ Newsletter

We had a big week! It was great to see all the talent of our third graders in the holiday musical orchestrated by our wonderful music teacher, Mr. Bush, on Thursday night! Then we had to say farewell to Ms. Schmidt on Friday. She was so touched with all her letters, cards, gifts, cupcakes and well-wishes. We’ll miss her, but she promises to visit…and even sub if needed before she gets her first teaching job. Last, but not least, Timy turned 9 on Friday. Happy birthday, Timy!!!

Our learning plan is:

  • Math –  2D and 3D geometry attributes & exploration, 0-5 multiplication facts.
  • Reading – Reading nonfiction, inferring and main idea.
  • Language Arts – Cursive!
  • Writing – Informational writing – finishing up our expert reports with editing and publishing.
  • Social Studies – Paul Revere & economics.

Enrichment homework (optional, but good stuff): The children love making 3D creations from They may also want to make giant skeleton shapes with newspaper. Have them tightly roll 3 newspaper pages diagonally to make tubes securing them in the middle with masking tape, and then tape the tube ends together to make giant 2D and 3D shapes. We’ll do one together in class so your child will know how to do it. Send pictures of the creations if you like.

Congratulations to Maggie and Timy for earning Cougars for responsibility this month!

We’re looking forward to a chorus concert and spelling bee this week, in addition to the usual excitement of the December!

Cheers, Mrs. Pennington



December 1 – Newsletter

December greetings!

Our learning plan is:

  • Math –  2D and 3D geometry, 0-5 multiplication facts.
  • Reading – Reading nonfiction, ways text features support the meaning of text.
  • Language Arts – Vocabulary, spelling, complex sentences.
  • Writing – Informational writing – editing and publishing.
  • Social Studies – Susan B. Anthony & economics.

Vocabulary for the Week:

polygon – a closed plane figure formed by line segments that meet only at their endpoints.

parallel  lines – lines that are the same distance apart and do not meet.

attribute – a characteristic of a shape.

supply – the amount producers will make for a certain price.

demand – the amount of something consumers are willing to buy for a certain price.

producer – someone who makes and sells goods.

consumer – someone who buys goods.

scarcity – a lack of goods or services.

Thursday night is the 3rd grade performance, and we can’t wait to see the students perform! Friday is Ms. Schmidt’s last day. We’ll have a farewell mini-celebration in her honor. She’ll be missed terribly.