February 2 Newsletter

Happy Groundhog Day! Would you rather have 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring? We’ll see check out the predictions for Georgia this year.

Here’s our plan for this week:

  • Math: Multiplication strategies
  • Language Arts: Sentence structure – complex and compound
  • Writing:  Opinion essay – closure, revision and editing
  • Reading:  Compare/contrast nonfiction
  • Science:  Georgia habitats – coastal plains & piedmont
  • Spelling: List goes home Monday

Other notes & reminders:

  • The children will finish up an essay writing assessment in the computer lab.
  • Please consider donating a class snack. We’re almost out.
  • If your child brings a product to sell to classmates using our classroom bucks, they should have asked for your permission.

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Pennington


Jan. 26 ~ Newsletter

The animal posters and presentations have been so much fun. Third grade has posters displayed in the halls for us all to continue to enjoy. Thank you, parents, for helping your students stay on track with this big project!

Third graders will undertake online writing this next two weeks. The results will give us lots of good information, and better prepare the children for the Georgia Milestones in March.

Here’s our plan for this week:

Math: Comparing equivalent fractions, multiplication

Language Arts: Subject/verb agreement, spelling

Writing:  Opinion essay, using evidence to backup statements

Reading:  Compare/contrast nonfiction

Science:  Georgia coast




Newsletter ~ Jan. 21

Whoops~the 3 day weekend got me off schedule, so please forgive the delayed newsletter. I hope the children have kept you informed!

The animal research posters are fabulous! It’s obvious the children put in much thought and effort. All the children enjoy learning about the wildlife of Georgia. The children are gaining presentation skills, and are showing what a respectful and attentive audience looks like and sounds like. We’ll display all the third grade posters so that the children can learn from one another. In February, the posters will come home with feedback. The next time we do a poster project, the children have shown interest in being able to choose between a PowerPoint and a poster!

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

Math: Equivalent fractions, multiplication

Reading: Compare/contrast Patricia Polacco storybooks, short nonfiction passages

Writing: Bold beginning paragraph in an opinion essay

Science: Habitats of Georgia, animal adaptations

Social Studies: Ongoing economics~Ask about Pentopia.


Please make sure your child is working on multiplication facts daily if possible. We have 3 students who have mastered all the facts, and 17 more are getting closer.

We’re enjoying the spring-like weather at recess and giving our brains ands bodies a well-deserved break! Thanks again for all you do!

Mrs. Pennington


Newsletter~January 11

Well, we got through our first frigid week of school in 2015 and did pretty well despite the lack of recess! The children were bundled up properly, but the temperature was below 40 degrees so we could not go out. Forecasts look favorable for recess this week!

  • Math –  Multiplication, comparing fractions, equivalency.
  • Reading – Setting AR goals, comprehension strategies.
  • Language Arts – Cursive, individualized spelling lists.
  • Writing – Opinion/argument essay writing.
  • Social Studies/Science – Mountain habitats of Georgia.

Our economic standards are being addressed through our establishment of the fictional land of Pentopia (named by Nate). Ask your student about it!

Have a good week!

Mrs. Pennington

Happy New Year!

Welcome back! First of all, I want to thank this wonderful class of third graders and their families for their generosity on my birthday! Your goodies are so appreciated, and I can hardly wait to partake in one especially “soothing” activity. Thank you so much for the Christmas cards, gift cards, and treats. I’ll be enjoying them in the weeks to come!

The party was so fun for the children. The children and I want you to know how much we appreciate the planning, gathering, and supervision of the activities.

Now it’s back to work… and our learning plan this week is:

  • Math –  Fractions, partitioning, equivalency.
  • Reading – Reading goals, comprehension strategies.
  • Language Arts – Cursive.
  • Writing – Opinion/argument writing genre introduction.
  • Social Studies/Science – Economic resources, habitats.

Happy birthday, Adi!

Report cards come home this Friday. We’ll try to stay warm, and do plan to have indoor recess if the temp is below 40 degrees.

Here’s to a great 2015!

Mrs. Pennington