Newsletter – March 2

What a week! We all had some fun and relaxation on our unexpected holiday, but now it’s back to work! We’re still in the midst of rescheduling activities we missed. Monday is beads day and Friday is STEM night.

Here’s the learning plan for our first week in March:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion/informational
  • Reading:  Point of view (first and third person)
  • Science:  Biographies~ Mary McLeod Bethune, Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Language Arts: Commas in an address

I had a parent ask for Milestones test practice and information. This link has everything you need.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs. Pennington



February 23 ~ Newsletter

It’s been a COLD week, and it looks like more is coming, but I hope we won’t miss anymore school because we have a lot to do! This next week, we have a puppet show, a media lesson, science lab and Stem day on Friday! We’ll also start working on our mural for Stem night, which is scheduled for March 5th.

Here’s the learning plan for this week:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion responses to literature
  • Reading:  Point of view
  • Science:  Biographies

We’re observing little E5 on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam and the 2 newborn eaglets at the Berry College Eagle Cam. The children are fascinated! Take a look, if you haven’t already!

Stay warm!

Mrs. Pennington

February 18 ~ Newsletter

Oh, the snow that didn’t happen! That’s the way children see it! We had some blowing snow this afternoon, and the class jumped with joy. We had a great Valentine’s last Friday. Special thanks go to Bradley and Adi’s moms for yummy snacks.

A special shout-out goes to our science fair participants — Nate, Gowri, Kahliya, Chloe and Ayshan! Congratulations to Nate for coming in third place for all of 3rd grade! BTW…

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Third grade will not be sending any HRJ homework until after the Georgia Milestones testing. We want the children to spend extra time with test preparation. You can expect math and reading/lang.arts homework each night. Please return each the next day in case we go over the work in class. The children should also be reading each night (about 20 minutes) and practicing multiplication facts not yet mastered.

Here’s our plan for this week:

  • Math: Division, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion paragraphs
  • Reading:  Point of view
  • Science:  Georgia habitats & plant/animal adaptations completion

Thank you Gowri and Ben for bringing in extra snacks!

🙂 Mrs. Pennington

February 9 ~ Newsletter

We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day all week long. The children have secret pals they’ve been surprising all week with nice notes and sharpened pencils, and pals will be revealed Friday. We’ll exchange Valentines that day. I’ll send home a hard copy of our class list on Monday.

Keep practicing those multiplication facts. The children have graphed results on timed tests, and are making good progress mastering the more difficult facts.

Here’s our plan for this week:

  • Math: Distributive property, problem solving
  • Writing:  Opinion essay – closure, revision and editing
  • Reading:  Compare/contrast 2 nonfiction texts on same topic
  • Science:  Georgia habitats & plant/animal adaptations
  • Spelling: List goes home Monday (really!)

Happy birthday, Ayshan!

The STEM lab needs 2 parent volunteers to help with the animal projects. Volunteers are needed every Wednesday the month of February from 1:20 to 2:05. Let me know your availability. Thank you.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Pennington