Late Breaking News!

Message from Ms. Marchelle:

Over the next couple of weeks your child will have a chance to watch a presentation in the Starlab. The Starlab is a portable planetarium system. It is comprised of a lightproof dome, a projector, and teaching content. The Starlab is similar to full scale planetariums at museums, except it can be transported from one school to another. Ms. Marchelle has scripted and recorded a presentation for each grade level so that your child can enjoy a show that correlates to his/her science standards. There will be motion as the stars move across the dome during the presentation. If your child is prone to motion sickness please send your child to school prepared for this event (bracelet, patch, etc.) This is always a favorite activity amongst the students and we know they will enjoy their presentation.

April 27, 2015

With the Milestones over and done with for another year (the children had such awesome perseverance!), we are getting back to a new normal for the next 4 weeks!

Directions for the Trash to Treasure project went home today. The project is due on Friday, April 24th. Have fun with it! Here’s what else we’re working on this week:

Reading- Revisiting reading and AR goals. Finishing Matilda, and beginning poetry unit.

Writing- Strengthening short responses, poetry.

Math- Problem solving, multiplication checks.

Social Studies- LBJ, landforms

Science- Conservation, heat

We need your help! We need 2 boxes of graham crackers and 10 chocolate bars to make S’Mores in the science lab on MONDAY. Please email me if you can help out. Thanks so much.

Every year in the spring, children become testy with one another. We have begun to have daily class meetings to address problems and brainstorm solutions. The children chose to work on eliminating gossip, rumors, and “general talking” about other people. The children are modeling how to address a classmate directly and respectfully when a disagreement arises. As always, we want everyone in the classroom to be kind and respectful.

Thank you for all your support!

Mrs. Pennington



April 20, 2015

April showers bring May flowers!

Only two more days of testing, and then we are finished! The children have worked so hard. Can you imagine them sitting quietly for over two and a half hours? They DID it! 🙂

On Wednesday, we’ll get back to our normal schedule. Since it’s Earth Day, we’ll spend extra time on a conservation and recycling theme. The symbolic Monarchs that we sent to Mexico in the fall are said to be on their way back, and we’re checking the mail for them every day.

Thank you to the families of Izzy, Bradley, Harrison, Maggie, Joshua, Chloe, Giselle, Nate and Nick for supplying snacks and mints for us!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington




April 13, 2015

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a restful and recharging spring holiday!

We’re preparing for the Milestones test which will begin on Wednesday. The schedule is:

4/15 ~ Language Arts

4/16 ~ Language Arts

4/17 ~ Math

4/20 ~ Science

4/21 ~ Social Studies

Please make sure your child is well-rested and has a substantial breakfast. Thank you to all who are providing snacks during our testing! Encourage your child to take the test seriously and do his or her best.

We won’t have any paper homework this week. Your child may do MobyMax test practice at home.

Just a reminder that school supply pack and yearbook orders are due on Friday.

Thank you for all your generous donations to Relay for Life last week! And always thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Pennington