Have a Wonderful Summer!

Dear Class,

I’m sitting in our classroom this quiet Friday morning. Everything is boxed up and pushed to one side of the room, so the custodians can get in here and clean. The walls are all bare now. There’s no evidence of the memorable year we had together. It’s sad, but then I start remembering our special times and it puts a smile on my face!

I remember Pentopia, market day, butterflies to and from Mexico, an incredible eagle family (Ozzie, Harriet, E5 and E6), Ms. Schmidt, owl pellets, poster projects, your stories, your first big week of tests, Buddy, origami, field trips, your maps, celebrations, our king and queen, solar ovens and s’mores, 3rd grade Olympics, class meetings…and the list could go on and on. Thank YOU for all the memories, your hard work and excellent spirit!

A picture to remember you by is displayed on my shelf. Thank you for that, and the Target gift certificate where I’ll happily purchase things every grandparent should have.

When you look over your report card remember that a 2 means work harder-you’re almost there, and a 3 means keep doing what you’re doing. Keep up with reading and MobyMax this summer. Limit your screen time. Fill your summer with play, explorations, play, making things, play, running and jumping, play, magic tricks, play, experiments, play, doing nice things for others, play —you’re only a child once! Oh, and be good to your parents, they only want the best for you!

Onward and upward, fourth grade awaits you!

love to all, Mrs. Pennington

Last Week of 3rd Grade May 2015

Our favorite eagle family ~ Ozzie, Harriet and E6

I can’t believe we’re down to our final 4 days of school this year. This week we’ll have our end of year celebration, 3rd grade autograph exchange, science lab, 5th grade parade of states, a math lesson with Mr. Bridges, a tug of war, and a showing of our current favorite story, Matilda. We have a lot of materials to go through and send home bit by bit.

If your child has a summer birthday and you want to send in a treat, let me know which day to expect it and we’ll give your child some proper school birthday cheer!

Our room mothers, Mrs. McGhee and Mrs. Sternagle, have been fantastic at organizing, communicating, copying, distributing and any number of tasks that benefit the children in so many ways. I can’t find enough ways to thank them for all their help this year!

And thank you to all our parents! I remember those crazy days of getting a child to bed on time, up for breakfast and getting dressed; homework, library books, notes tucked away in a book bag. All the encouraging, disciplining, explaining, reading, supervising, running around to activities —makes me tired just thinking of it all! I appreciate all you do for your child. It’s made my job easier, but it’s all about the children after all!

I’ve probably overlooked something important, and will continue to update the blog.

🙂 Mrs. Pennington

May 12, 2015

The countdown has begun! We have a activity-filled fun week planned. Here’s the daily highlights:

Tuesday~Media center lesson, Science lab

Wednesday~Field day

Thursday~Target/small group day

Friday~2nd grade visit, 4th puppet show, 4th grade visit

Projects we’re working on are a zoo design, memory book, and continent making. Of course, I am sneaking in final 4th quarter assessments.

Field Day Notes:

Time 9:20-12:00

Notes from Mr. Furr: • Remind your students not to wear sandals, flip flops, Crocs, Tevas or ANYTHING other than TENNIS SHOES that lace up or have velcro. They will NOT be allowed to participate if they do not have tennis shoes.
• Students may wear a hat, and water bottles are up to the individual teacher. (OK with me) If they do bring a water bottle, have them write their name on it. Sunglasses are not allowed for safety reasons.
• Parents are more than welcome to send in dry clothes for their student to change in to after Field Day if it’s okay with you. (OK with me)


May 4, 2015


Thank you all so much for the wonderful week of love notes, lunches, gifts and tokens of appreciation! Every day brought pleasant surprises. I am so fortunate to have such a bright and energetic bunch of learners…and such dedicated parents!

Besides the usual learning activities this week, we look forward to a Wellstar health visit, kickball game, Target field trip, and Star Lab.

Reading- Achieving our AR goals, reciting and recording poetry and fables.

Writing- Poetry.

Math- Problem solving, identifying and revisiting any areas of weakness.

Social Studies- LBJ, landforms

Science- Heat

Our paper Monarch butterflies came back, but they’re not the ones we sent to Mexico. We now have little butterflies from all over America, Canada and Mexico. A large class butterfly arrived from a school in San Diego, CA, so we have new pen pals in the last few weeks of school!

Student water bottles are a plus now that the temps have climbed. No colored water, please.

Trash to Treasure project presentations have been terrific. The children put a lot of thought into the designs, and we had fun seeing the inventions!

Thanks again for all you do!

Mrs. Pennington