Weekly News ~ August 31

Dear Families,

We had such fun Friday at the 3rd Grade Olympic Games! The children gave their best and showed admirable sportsmanship. Thanks go to the moms of Robby, Patience, Anya and Emily for assistance with the games, snacks and medals. Here are our class’s Olympic medal winners ~ Rowen, Noah, Dahlia, Aaron, Jesse, Duke, William, Emily and Patience!



Here’s what we’re working on this week:

  • Math ~ Subtraction & addition: properties, strategies
  • Reading ~ Main idea: What a story is mostly about, its content and plot details
  • Writing ~ Opinion (argument) writing
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling, cursive, singular/plural nouns
  • Social Studies ~ The 3 branches of the government
  • Science ~ Rocks and minerals

Spelling Sort 24 words with final –y  adding inflecting ending s, ed, ing

+ ing change y to I and + es change y to I and +ed
replying replies replied
copying copies copied
hurrying hurries hurried
studying studies studied
carrying carries carried

Challenge words: branches, government, America

Our Cougar respect awards go to Aaron, Zaid and Robby! Congratulations, boys!

cougar respect


Have a great September week!

Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ August 24, 2015

Dear Families,

We had our own little version of a representative democracy on Friday when the children voted for representatives to work on refining the class rules. Wish you could’ve seen how proud children were to be elected! The children decided on classroom jobs, too, so most of them are happily employed. Care of the class hamster, Joey, is the most popular job, but everyone knows we just have to wait our turn. We’re busy setting reading goals, and one goal is AR —everyone is expected to earn 7 to 10 points every 9 weeks. We’re working on launching reading, writing and math workshops, and making good progress.

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

  • Math ~ Addition: properties, strategies
  • Reading ~ Asking & answering questions
  • Writing ~ Revising & editing personal narratives, opinion (argument) writing
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling, regular and irregular plural nouns
  • Social Studies ~ Contributions of ancient Greece, democracy and Olympics
  • Science ~ Rocks and minerals

Spelling ~ Plural endings: Final –y

Add s Add s Change y to i and add es change y to iand add es
monkeys donkeys ponies berries
alleys boys babies families
valleys trays ladies candies
toys journeys fireflies stories
duties parties

Challenge words:  Olympics, democracy, representative, direct

Learning Websites:


Be sure to get your contact information back to me to pass on to our room mother. We’re looking forward to the 3rd Grade Olympics this coming Friday and she may need your help. And remember to send in a snack each day with your child. We’re just about out of any back up snack.

shel silverstein







by Shel Silverstein


Have a great week!

Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ August 16

Dear Families,

We had a great second week as we slowly roll out third grade. So much time is spent on routines, procedures and expectations at the beginning of the year, but it all pays off. Third graders are responsible students, who learn quickly. They’re learning to manage time, and do their work with thought and care. This group is remarkably social and friendly! They loved taking a “journey” from Marietta, Georgia to Athens, Greece on Google Earth! And the fruit kabobs were a hit! Thank you for sending in the fruit and sticks. We have leftover grapes to munch on this next week.

Happy Birthday, Rowen!

Here are some of the highlights of our upcoming week: The children will begin the study of rocks and minerals in the science lab this week, and attend the media center orientation. The SLO test will take place this Friday. In a nutshell, the SLO is a short test,  given in the fall and spring, designed to measure your child’s growth based on my teaching. We’ll also set our AR goals and get going!

  • Math ~ Place value to thousands, rounding to tens and hundreds, problem solving
  • Reading ~ Comprehension strategies for nonfiction, asking & answering questions
  • Writing ~ Strategies for personal narratives
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling, regular and irregular plural nouns
  • Social Studies ~ Contributions of ancient Greece, democracy
  • Science ~ Rocks and minerals

Learning Websites:

Spelling Words for the Week ~ Irregular Plural Nouns

singular- f or fe plural – ves singular plural no change
leaf leaves woman women deer
loaf loaves mice mouse sheep
life lives tooth teeth  
wolf wolves goose geese  
knife knives      

And remember reading everyday!

“The more that you read,

the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.”    

~Dr. Seuss


Mrs. Pennington


Weekly News – August 7, 2015

Dear Families,

We’re off to a strong start! The children have been hardworking, cooperative and enthusiastic. They’ve been busy learning the new routines of third grade, and just being terrific! Ask your child to show you a number using pop, swish and thunk! Ask about a favorite new character!

Each week, I will communicate with you via the blog. Homework, reminders, classroom needs, and class highlights will be shared. The children will bring the green folder back and forth to school, so that we can keep track of homework, paperwork and behavior.

As a reminder, please have your child bring a snack each day. We had some backup snacks, but they are about gone. Also, most of the children have brought in water bottles, and that is GREAT! They appreciate being able to drink whenever needed.

Here is our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Place value to thousands, rounding to tens and hundreds
  • Reading ~ Character traits in fiction, comprehension strategies for nonfiction
  • Writing ~ Strategies for personal narratives
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling, nouns
  • Social Studies ~ Map skills

Here are the spelling words for the week:

plural endings: adding es

add-es ch add –essh add-esx add-ess odd-s
speeches brushes foxes kisses voices
peaches eyelashes mixes guess horses
branches splashes places
scratches crashes changes
sketches ashes
watches leashes

Challenge words: longitude, latitude, prime meridian, equator


Mrs. Pennington

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