Weekly Newsletter ~ November 16

Dear Families,

The last week before Thanksgiving is upon us already! It’s such an exciting time of the year in third grade! The children had so much fun with the Science Guy and Ninja Quest last week, and we’ll work on special Thanksgiving fun this week. We’re on “egg watch” at the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, so you may want to check in periodically over the break. Also, thetoymaker.com has lots of free, fun projects to do if your child gets antsy.

Here’s what we’re working on this week:

  • Writing – Informational writing
  • Reading – Read aloud The Tale of Despereaux, comprehension
  • Language Arts – Review, NO spelling
  • Math – Multiplication math facts
  • Science – Soil
  • Social Studies – Frederick Douglass team posters

Homework : Thanksgiving HW

Important dates to remember…

  • Relay for Life Penny Wars – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • Tuesday – Kincaid Night at Zaxby’s
  • Thursday – 5th grade Heritage Day and Celebration
  • Friday – Cougar Pride Day, Foundation Jersey Day

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I hope you have lots of rest, fun and special family times!

fondly, Mrs. Pennington


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