Weekly Newsletter ~ November 30

tumblr_lw9vjaObwi1r7zaoqo1_500Dear Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and are ready to begin the most festive season of the school year! Thank you so much for your Thanksgiving gift! The flowers were beautiful, and the shakers will decorate my table for years to come!

We’re getting excited for the third grade PTA concert performance this Thursday! Please drop your students off in the classroom at 5:55. The PTA meeting will begin at 6:00.

  • Writing – Informational writing
  • Reading – Read aloud The Tale of Despereaux, summarizing & point of view
  • Language Arts – Pronoun/antecedent agreement
  • Math – Multiplication math facts, 2- step problem solving
  • Science – The properties of soil
  • Social Studies – Frederick Douglass team posters presentations

Homework –   HRJ November 30, 2015

Have a good week!

Mrs. Pennington

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