Weekly News ~ April 18


Dear Families,

Our last day of testing is Tuesday! The children have shown remarkable stamina and I’m proud of them. Thank you to all our donations of snacks. We haven’t had one complaint of hunger, and that’s unusual. If you’d like to review for social studies, go to page 81 on the following PDF: Social Studies Review

We’ll have a market day on Friday, so children are preparing performances, items to sell, services to offer. The children are learning economics very enthusiastically!

We’re going to make Earth Day–Earth week, and we need donations of shoe boxes, paper egg cartons, and magazines. Thank you from all of us!


Mrs. Pennington


Newsletter ~ April 11, 2016

Dear Families,

Hope you all had a lovely spring break!

We will begin Milestones testing on Wednesday, and finish up next week on Tuesday.  What you can do to help is to insure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has an extra hearty breakfast each testing morning. The children have to sit almost all morning, so good rest and food will keep them alert and focused in their seats. I’d love to have cheese sticks and yogurt tubes donated for a mid-test snack! It can be eaten quickly and has protein to keep the hunger pains away. I’d also love some peppermints — stimulating to the brain according to research. Encourage your child to do his or her very best, and calm any anxiety if it should appear. And be sure to be to school on time —testing begins promptly at 8 am.

There is no homework this week other than the daily reading that should always be encouraged. We’ll continue to have review activities in class and stimulating enrichment projects.

Mrs. Nastasi will be testing solar ovens with the children in 2 weeks. She is in need of 2 boxes of graham crackers and a multi-pack of Hershey’s milk chocolate bars. Leave a comment if you can donate anything. Thank you!


Mrs. Pennington




Newsletter ~ April 1

Dear Families,

I hope you have a nice spring break! You’ve made this week so special for me with  breakfast every morning, the special framed quote, and the spa gift certificate! I felt really spoiled every day with gifts, cards, flowers and treats, and it has been so appreciated!

We had such a nice Friday making and eating dirt (thank you for all the supplies!), and opening up the Pentopia bank and market for the first time. Here’s the list of jobs:

  • Rowen – Judge
  • Dahlia – Organizer
  • McKenna – Researcher
  • Victoria – Designer
  • Declan – Researcher
  • Mary – Judge
  • Jerry – Engineering
  • Linley – EMT
  • Angela – Counselor
  • Emma – Vice President
  • Brian – Food Management
  • Aaron – Artist
  • Noah – Sports Reporter
  • Jesse – Banker
  • Patience – Organizer
  • Tahil – Charity CEO
  • Duke- Sports Manager
  • Miyu – Assistant vice president
  • Zaid – banker
  • Emily – Counselor
  • Anya – Artist
  • Robert – Police & Safety Officer
  • William – Entertainer
  • Hannah – Librarian


We’ll be beginning the Milestones test the Wednesday we get back from break. The following link will give you a general overview and links to sites with practice questions:

Milestones Messengers

Thanks again for everything you do!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington