Time to Say Goodbye!

Dear Students and Families,

It is a bittersweet time of the year when we look forward to our summer vacation, but we have to say goodbye. This class has been full of the sweetest, most sociable and hard working 3rd graders I’ve ever met.

We’ve had lots of memorable moments to include calling for the Lirpaloof bird on April 1, building Pentopia (our classroom economy), biography shoeboxes, lunch bunch, learning about Japan, Brazil, Colombia, China, India and Egypt from classmates, dancing to GoNoodle, going to the Tellus Museum, edible soil, playing with Joey, and on and on. You children worked hard reading good books, writing wonderful stories and essays, conducting experiments, studying famous Americans, and learning more problem solving strategies in math. We loved our animal friends, especially eagles, bees, sharks, lots of fish, owls, hamsters, elephants and gorillas!

Thank you all so much for my year end gifts. My little beach/pool getaway bag is awaiting me as I write! You all have spoiled me terribly! And thank you for all your kindnesses after the loss of my mother. You’ve eased my path during this difficult time, and the children have kept me busily engaged and cared for.

Have a wonderful summer! Read a lot! Keep the promise to read all the Time for Kids. Continue to practice your multiplication facts. Work on MobyMax. Use your imagination —run, explore, build things, make a new friend, learn something new, create! The next school year will begin before we know it.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Pennington


Weekly News ~ May 16

Dear Families,

We have a week full of assessments, projects and fun, and sometimes we think there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything, but we manage to do it.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll have nice weather for field day on Wednesday. Each child needs athletic shoes, water, sunscreen, a hat and beach towel. The children are very competitive so we’ll have a good discussion about games and sportsmanship.

The children are working hard on their biography dioramas and will be presenting their favorite American (chosen from our biographical heroes) this week. We owe our thanks to Noah and Jesse’s mothers for coming up with 24 shoe boxes for us!

Our Trash to Treasure winners are:

Creativity – Zaid and Duke

Usefulness – Mary

Design – William

Grand Prize – Anya

The entries were fabulous, and the children had a wonderful time making, presenting and judging!


Mrs. Pennington




Weekly News ~ May 9

Dear Families,

I hope you all had a very special mother’s day! There’s nothing more important in this whole world than what a mother does for her children!

We’re in the midst of such a busy, busy time. The children are involved in projects, preparing for their final evaluation in multiplication facts up to 9 x 9, doing year-end assessments, creating their last writing pieces, and fitting in all the year-end traditions at Kincaid (kickball game this week).

If your child needs extra help with a difficult concept, you may see homework, but otherwise, you may not see any at all. Remember that daily reading is very powerful, especially now that your child can read to learn as well as for pleasure.

I’m sending home your child’s writing folders and notebook. Find a special spot to store these treasures!


  • All library books are due Friday.
  • It’s the time of year for water bottles!
  • Please empty out book bags daily. I’ll start to send home things little by little to avoid a heavy load.

Thank you for all you do!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington










Weekly News ~ May 2

Dear Families,

There are 17 days left of third grade, and these are bittersweet days. We’re still busy learning and will be up to the end even though the children are showing signs of summer fever. 🙂

Thank you for all the Relay for Life donations!

Trash to Treasure projects are still going on. The children have been so industrious and clever! I’ll post pictures soon.

This week in class…

Reading – Responses to literature

Writing – Opinion writing

Math – 2 digit multiplication

Social Studies – Geography, landforms

Health – Summer safety

There will be no HRJ homework for the rest of the years, just some math and occasional projects.

Have a wonderful week…and have a happy Mother’s Day, too!


Mrs. Pennington