Weekly News ~ August 29

Dear Families,

I’m so happy to announce that our Donors Choose project was funded! We had 3 donors, and then the Gates Foundation matched the funds! So we’ll soon be receiving one publication for each child for 24 weeks!

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Homework Reminders:

I am sending a math homework packet that will be due on Friday along with the HRJ.

Here’s the HRJ and spelling list for the week:

This is due on Friday, August 26th

  1. In our Wellstar program, we learned about food labels. Cut out and glue in your journal two of your favorite food labels.  Write down the calories, serving size and sugar content.  Do you think this food is healthy?  Explain your answer in 1 or 2 sentences
  2. Spelling: Choose 2 choice board activities from the back of your journal. At least one must be written or typed.  Complete in the work in your journal.
  3. MobyMax: Complete all three activities and record your time and score.

Unusual Plurals- part one

singular- f or fe plural – ves singular plural no change
leaf leaves woman women deer
loaf loaves mice mouse sheep
life lives tooth teeth fish

Challenge: education, decoration, imitation, fascination, complication

This is our learning plan for the week:

  • Math – Addition & subtraction strategies in problem solving
  • Reading – Because of Winn Dixie, Character (traits, actions, words, feelings, lessons learned)
  • Writing – Opinion essays – we’re going to take the plunge and complete one this week.
  • Science – Rocks & minerals
  • Language Arts – Nouns – possessive

I just began to upload entries on your students in Seesaw, the online portfolio I told you about at the beginning of the year. I am sending home the information on how you can access your student’s work. I see great potential in this, and will gradually get the students more involved in sharing their work with you through Seesaw.

Happy birthday,

Mia and Ousman!

Have a terrific weekend!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington




Donors Choose Project Funded!!

If you’d like to help fund a class subscription to Time for Kids, please visit my Donors Choose page and consider a donation. The children will receive this resource weekly for the rest of the school year, and it will be used to support nonfiction reading and critical thinking skills. It’s a great way to keep children up on current events! It breaks out to about $8 per child.


Weekly News August 22

Dear Families,

Here’s the pic of our lovely class! I am so pleased with how they’ve gotten into the swing of things so quickly!

the class

Our room mothers this year are Mrs. Pederson and Mrs. Echeverria. They’ll be sending home information for you next week letting you know what’s happening this year and ways you can help.

Here’s the plan for the week of August 22th:

  • Math – Subtraction strategies 2/3 digit numbers
  • Reading – Characters (traits, actions, words, feelings, lessons learned)
  • Writing – Opinion essays – choosing an idea and developing it
  • Social Studies – Economics – Using money, resources and trade
  • Science – Introduction to Rocks
  • Language Arts – Nouns – singular, plural, abstract, pronouns

Happy birthday, Tomoki!

FYI – We go to the media center for checkout every Thursday, but the children can go everyday during independent reading as long as one of our 4 passes is available. I encourage them to choose one AR book and another book of their choice. Children can take AR tests every morning before announcements and during independent reading time.

The children have science lab this week and will continue their study of rocks.


Mrs. Pennington


P.S. The secret code word this week is Banana Phone.


Papa John’s Fundraiser ~ Thursday Night

KINCAID NIGHT AT PAPA JOHNS IS THIS THURSDAY! Take a night off from meal planning and cooking and support your Kincaid Foundation with our Papa John’s fundraiser. This is an easy way to support your Foundation and enjoy an evening with no cooking or cleaning up! Papa John’s donates 20% of the proceeds back to Kincaid. The class with the MOST orders wins a class pizza party! See the attached flyer  and make sure to give to your driver. Call (770) 565-3599 to place your order. KincaidElem771FundraiserAugust18_2016   

Weekly News August 15th


Dear Families,

We just finished another stellar week in third grade! The children are learning the new expectations and procedures SO quickly that we are moving along much more quickly than anticipated! Ask your child to tell you about the characters Lilly, Chester, Wimberly and Chrysanthemum!

Happy birthday, Lauren!

Most everyone turned in the HRJs, and we had a small talk about neatness, not skipping any pages, and getting signed off on Moby Max time. Your child can be creative and colorful with the HRJ. If you need the Moby Max log in info, just send me a note. I was so pleased with the work that was turned in!

Thanks to some generous parents, we have 4 snack donations on hand. I’ll send out another request when we get close to running out.

We had had some sicknesses this week, so we are making sure to wipe down the surfaces of the room each day. The children now have classroom jobs that are being taken very seriously. We didn’t get to take our class pic yet due to student absences. Next week!

Here’s the plan for the week of August 15th:

  • Math – Addition/subtraction strategies
  • Reading – Stamina, choosing the right books, setting goals, characters
  • Writing – Opinion writing – generating ideas, planning, rough drafts
  • Social Studies – Economics – productive resources, trade interdependence
  • Language Arts – Nouns – singular, plural, abstract

Try out these links to favorite apps and websites for extra practice:


Mrs. Pennington

PS – The secret code is Jolly Giraffe. 🙂 Also, we would like to get pings to our website from visitors around the US and world, so please encourage family and friends to visit! We check our globe frequently.





Welcome Third Grade Class of 2016-17!

Good afternoon!

The students and I have had a wonderful week getting to know one another! I can tell we’re going to have full year of learning and growing together. The children have been cooperative, hard working, and filled with positive energy.

It was so nice to meet so many students and their families at Kincaid’s open house/meet and greet! If you were unable to come, no worries! We’ll get you caught up in no time. Just click on this link: Open House PP

Please send in supplies and paperwork by this Monday, if possible. I need to add sanitizing table wipes and a backup snack (goldfish, cereal, etc.) to our wishlist. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

The Homework Response Journal (HRJ) will go home each Monday, and it is due back on Fridays. Look for it on Monday. Look for spelling words on Monday, also. We’ll have a quiz each Friday.

We’ve spent much of our time this week getting to know one another, and the routines and procedures in the classroom. In each subject area, we’ve touched on the following and will go deeper next week.

  • Math – Using place value to round by tens and hundreds
  • Reading – Stamina, choosing the right books, setting goals, characters
  • Writing – Finding ideas for writing
  • Social Studies – Mapping skills (latitude, longitude, equator, prime meridian), economics

Just a heads up…we’re studying ancient Greece and the Olympics this year, and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games’ opening ceremony is Friday! I hope your child can enjoy watching it so that we can make some great connections to our studies. Your child also needs to bring in a small rock to study in our upcoming Rocks and Soil unit.

Happy birthday, Hillel!


Mrs. Pennington

P.S. We’re welcoming a new student on Monday so we’ll update our class picture next week. The secret code is PURPLE TURTLE.