Weekly News ~ October 3

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Dear Families,

I hope your Fall Break is fantastic! It’s a pleasant time of the year to take some time off, and I hope you can.

Our third grade Olympics was quite an event. The children participated in 5 events, had fun and were great sports. Thanks to our room moms and volunteers everything ran smoothly. We enjoyed a Greek snack of pita chips, hummus and cheese after our awards ceremony. Congratulations to our team and our gold medal winners:

  • Shot put: Lauren and Javon
  • Sprint: James and Ana
  • Long jump: Allyson and Ousman
  • Discus: Aaron and Graci
  • Javelin: P.J. and Ashley

The children nominated classmates for the Student Counsel class representative. I’ll send home the information with the nominees. Campaigning can begin as soon as we get back from the break. Voting will take place on October 11.

Some of the children are interested in becoming library interns. Information went home with them today.

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

  • Math – Multiplication and division problem solving
  • Language Arts – Capitolization rules
  • Reading – Folktales and myths
  • Writing – Opinion writing
  • Social Studies – Roots of democracy


Spelling : words with final –y adding inflecting ending s, ed, ing

+ ing change y to I and + es change y to I and +ed
replying replies replied
copying copies copied
hurrying hurries hurried
studying studies studied

Challenge words: explosion, erosion, division, inclusion, conclusion

Send me a note if you need the log on info for SeeSaw. Your child is excited to share entries with you!

Reflections – Leadership

I hope your child will have a creative entry for the Reflections competition this year!

Ask your child to tell you about Odysseus, our Preying Mantis visitor and our Kitten Cupcakery. We’re SO glad testing is over (sigh of relief)!


Mrs. Pennington

P.S. Conference notes will go home this week. Let me know if the time isn’t good for you, and what times are. I arrive early in the morning (6:30), so have those times open as of right now.



Weekly News ~ September 19

Dear Families,

We have another busy week ahead to include Iowa testing for 3 days. We’ll be happy to see it over so we can get back to normal. Thanks for all the snack donations, and the extra effort to get the children to bed! A great way to end this week will be with our Olympics competition! And that will also be our first full day of Autumn!

Just a reminder that fundraiser forms are due on Wednesday. I’ll happily purchase some wrapping paper for the first 2 students that ask.

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

  • Math – Multiplication and Division
  • Reading – Folktales and Myths
  • Writing – Opinion writing
  • Social Studies – Roots of Democracy

The HRJ will not go home this week, nor the homework packet. We lighten things up the weeks of testing. Here is a nice Olympics learning activity your child will enjoy:


Happy birthday, Graci!


Thanks so much for spreading the word about the class blog. It’s so exciting to see visitors from around the world, and practice our map skills at the same time!

Parents, I hope you’ll consider entering your creative child in the the PTA Reflections competition this year. It’s a wonderful way for your child’s creativity to shine! Here’s the link with all the information:

Reflection Contest Entry forms and Rules


Mrs. Pennington


Weekly News ~ Sept. 12

Dear Families,

The big news is that testing begins this week! We’ll have COGAT testing Tuesday through Thursday, and the ITBS will begin Friday and end next Wednesday. It will begin each morning at 8 a.m. when children are their freshest. Please make sure your child has a solid night’s rest, a calm morning, and a full, hearty breakfast (lots of protein especially). We don’t want anyone hungry or tired, just alert and focused! And thank you to all you volunteers that are sending in testing snacks!

We’ll still be having our regular learning, but maybe a bit abbreviated. Here’s the plan:

  • Math – Multiplication arrays
  • Reading – Folktales and Myths
  • Writing – Opinion writing and conventions
  • Science – Soil Study (we’ll eat our soil treat this week)
  • Social Studies – Roots of Democracy

The children are doing a great job of remembering to bring their homework packet and HRJs on Fridays, and I greatly appreciate your help and support with this! I am reminding many of the children to slow down when they’re printing so that the handwriting is legible and neatly placed on the lines.

Hope to see many of you at the Welcome Back Picnic tonight (Sept. 9th)!

Fondly, Kim Pennington



Weekly News ~ September 5

Dear Parents,

This is our learning plan for the week:

  • Math – Multiplication!
  • Reading – Fables, Fairy tales, Folktales and Myths!
  • Writing – Opinion essays – Finishing this week
  • Science – Rocks & minerals & soil
  • Language Arts – Pronouns

Note: We do not have spelling on shortened weeks.

Our room mothers would like to kindly remind you to send in the information to them as soon as you can.

We’ve been getting very hungry before lunch. Thirteen children raised their hands to the question. Please have a discussion with your child about it as he or she may need a snack that is more filling.

If you haven’t already, please log on to SeeSaw with the instructions I sent home with your student. Some of the students’ parents have given the login information to grandparents which allows them to see a child’s work and activity, and make comments. Be assured that it is completely private. No one can see your child’s SeeSaw feed unless you have given them the QR code. You’re going to love it!

We are making and eating dirt next week, and need your help with supplies! We need:

  • 12 vanilla pudding cups (clay)
  • 22 Gummy Worms (decomposers)
  • 1 package Oreos
  • Large bag of M&Ms (rocks)
  • 22 chocolate chip cookies (bedrock)
  • 22 clear plastic cups
  • 22 spoons

Please comment below if you can donate an item. Send the items in by Thursday. Thanks so much ahead of time!

Happy birthday,

Ana & Ashley!

Happy Labor Day!

Mrs. Pennington