Weekly News ~ October 31


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Dear Families,

We had a terrific time at the Third Grade Folk Festival. I hope you all were able to see your child’s portrait on Seesaw. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who donated food and supplies. A big thanks goes to Mrs. Pederson for supervising the dance floor and taking pictures, and Mrs. Echeverria for coordinating efforts. I couldn’t do it without you!

What we’re learning this week:

  • Writing-  Informational writing
  • Grammar: Vocabulary
  • Reading– Nonfiction, text features & evidence
  • Math– Properties of multiplication (associative, commutative, distributive), 0-5 facts
  • Social Studies– Paul Revere poster presentations and quiz, mountain ranges
  • Science– Fossils
  • Read Aloud– Sarah, Plain and Tall

Many of you asked for cursive handwriting homework, so it is now being included in the work packet.

Our AR queen and king are Lauren and Aaron! Congratulations. They’ve chosen donut rewards for everyone who met the AR goal for the first 9 weeks.

Have a fun week! Encourage your children to stay away from the candy before school starts. Believe me when I say that candy can be the root of many problems the days after Halloween. 🙂


Mrs. Pennington

P.S. If you need a fun fall excursion that fits in quite nicely to the third grade curriculum, consider a visit to Brasstown Bald, Georgia’s highest mountain peak. It’s spectacular this time of the year and a fabulous family outing!



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