Weekly News ~ December 20


Dear Families,

First of all, I thank you for making my birthday so special on Friday. The cards, flowers and gifts were lovely! I came down with the stomach flu this weekend, and was home sick on Monday, so that put us behind in some of our plans, but we’ll make it! It’s a crazy time of the year!

Our Holiday Party is tomorrow! We’ll have an exciting day to kick off our winter holiday. I’m so thankful for our room moms and volunteers for helping it come together for the children.

We had the third grade multiplication challenge this morning. Lewis, Hillel and Ashley were our finalists! We also had our gift exchange. It was fun and dramatic because they could keep the gift that was opened or trade it.

Holidays are always special times for both relaxation and enrichment. Here are some websites for creative fun:





Have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ December 12

Dear Families,

We’ve been SO busy that I forgot the newsletter last week! Luckily, no one’s birthday was missed!

Please make sure your child is well bundled for cold days. A heavy coat and hat are normally the only thing needed on colder days, but the weather is unpredictable. We’ll try to get outside everyday it’s not raining.

The children will take the mid-year reading and math inventories this week, and I will get you a copy of the growth report. We’re doing lots of assessments because report cards will go out the week we get back from the winter break.

This is what we’re learning this week:

  • Writing-  Poetry writing
  • Grammar: Vocabulary, prefixes and suffixes
  • Reading– Text structures: poems, plays and verses
  • Math– Multiplication problem solving, properties
  • Social Studies– Susan B. Anthony
  • Read Aloud– Pippi Longstocking

We’re going to have a gift exchange on December 16. Please don’t spend more than a couple of dollars on your gift. Just set your child loose in a dollar store or the Target dollar section! It should be wrapped and brought to school before the 16th.  Please make a note if it is a specific girl or boy gift. We’ll have a fun game of exchanging gifts!

Have a great week!


Kim Pennington