Weekly News ~ January 30


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Dear Parents,

It’s already groundhog day! It seems we are finally getting back into the routine after all the weather and activities in the first 3 weeks of January!

This is what we’re learning this next week:

  • Writing-  Informational writing powerpoint
  • Grammar: Literal/nonliteral language
  • Reading– Compare/contrast 2 texts looking at key points and details
  • Math– Fractions on a number line and measurement
  • Social Studies– Habitats of Georgia, plant and animal adaptations
  • Read Aloud– Finishing Pippi Longstocking

We just had our A.R. party, and Lauren and Aaron remain queen and king! We’re crowned Ashley and Hillel as princess and prince runner ups! Most of the children are progressing nicely toward the third nine week goal of 27 points. Others have an AR buddy to support and encourage them. We want everyone to join us for the AR celebration on March 22nd. The children decided it will be a “Fluffy Friend Pajama Party with Hot Chocolate”!

Thank you for encouraging your child as they’ve researched their Georgia animal this week for homework. They’ll have additional time to add to the research before they begin working on the power point in the computer lab. Power points are much too big a file to send home, so if you’d like a copy please send in a flash drive at some point. The power point will be saved under your child’s student login.

We have special activities coming up this week to include a Wellstar health lesson, guidance with Mrs. Scott, a Georgia snake presentation by Mr. Pennell, and a library lesson by Mrs. Perisino!

Happy belated birthday, P.J!

And happy birthdays to Frazer and Allyson!!

I’ll send home a Valentine’s list this coming week (23 students).

Thanks for all the donations of snacks! AND the terrific attendance —we’ve won a contest 4 times this year! Have a great week!


Mrs. Pennington



Final Night Before Boosterthon Ends

If you’ve been thinking about adding a donation to Boosterthon in your child’s name, this is your last chance! Tomorrow is the Fun Run where the children will run their laps with glow sticks and complete each lap in a zany way. It has been a fun fundraiser that has had the children using advanced math skills to figure out our standing in the competition.

Here’s the link if you just have to donate! 🙂



Mrs. Pennington

Boosterthon News

We are up to $16 pledged per lap! Thank you so much for your donations. The PUPPIES are psyched! There are only 2 days left, so please consider spreading the word on our fundraiser. Ten percent is given to the class to spend on great learning supplies!

Thanks again!

Mrs. Pennington

Boosterthon Team Day News


Our class is having a blast preparing for the Kincaid Elementary Glow Run coming up soon! Plus, we started learning how to “make a difference” through the Fun Run’s character theme, Backyard Box Office. We’re learning from REAL kids who are dedicated to making people’s lives better. From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kid difference-makers are inspiring our students to practice five “Character Acts” so they can also make an impact in our community.

Remember, as you connect to sponsors for the Fun Run, make sure all pledges are entered on funrun.com. The more pledges we get, the more incentives our class earns on our Pledge-O-Meter. Plus, for every $30 per lap our class pledges, three meals will be given to a local person in need through our giveback initiative, A Million Students Strong. Our students are excited to rise to the challenge and give back to our community!

Thank you for your generosity and supporting our school. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Have a great day!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

PS – Make sure to register your child on funrun.com. He or she will receive a FREE GIFT just for being signed up. Use our school registration code: 326478

Weekly News ~ January 9

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Dear Families,

Saturday may be what every child wishes for! Hope your weekend is fun…and safe.

This is what we’ll be learning:

  • Writing-  Personal narratives, editing
  • Lang. Arts- Commas in addressing someone, and quotes
  • Reading– Patricia Polacco author study
  • Math– Fractions Unit: Perimeter and partitioning
  • Science– Georgia regions, plant and animal adaptations
  • Read Aloud– Pippi Longstocking

We have a few events this week to include an A.R. party for everyone who met goal, the Boosterthon Pep Rally, a Wellstar health presentation, science lab, guidance and the Foundation Friday Snowball Fight. Whew!

Remember to send in a snack with your child…we’re out. 🙂

We’re so happy to welcome a new student, Cristian. The children have been wonderfully welcoming and helpful, so he already feels like he has lots of friends!

Please sign the report card envelope and return it, but keep the report card.

I’m going to spend my snowday in pajamas, drinking the delicious tea the class got me for Christmas, putting away decorations, reading a good book, and watching some movies. 🙂

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

Happy New Year!

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Dear Parents,

Happy 2017! It’s nice to be back for 2 days, look forward to a pleasant snow day on Saturday, and then get back to the routine next Monday! The children are so excited to see their classmates, and are working on their new year’s resolutions this morning.

Thank you again to our room moms and parent volunteers for the lovely holiday party that the children enjoyed so much! And you all were too generous with your gift to me. I plan on having a nice meal out any day now, and going shopping for some good books and a find new kitchen tool! Thank you so much for that and ALL my goodies!

Just 2 reminders or notes for today:

Make sure your child is bundled up warmly for the cold weather. If not, they won’t be able to have an outdoor recess. 🙁

Also, please send in a snack with your child each day as much as possible. The children were so enticed by the delicious treats we had in December, many were forgetting their snacks…and now we have only a one or two day supply of extra snack. Remember I have a refrigerator for things like yogurt and cheese.

Hope we have a winter wonderland of a weekend without the troubles – just the fun!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington