Happy New Year!

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Dear Parents,

Happy 2017! It’s nice to be back for 2 days, look forward to a pleasant snow day on Saturday, and then get back to the routine next Monday! The children are so excited to see their classmates, and are working on their new year’s resolutions this morning.

Thank you again to our room moms and parent volunteers for the lovely holiday party that the children enjoyed so much! And you all were too generous with your gift to me. I plan on having a nice meal out any day now, and going shopping for some good books and a find new kitchen tool! Thank you so much for that and ALL my goodies!

Just 2 reminders or notes for today:

Make sure your child is bundled up warmly for the cold weather. If not, they won’t be able to have an outdoor recess. 🙁

Also, please send in a snack with your child each day as much as possible. The children were so enticed by the delicious treats we had in December, many were forgetting their snacks…and now we have only a one or two day supply of extra snack. Remember I have a refrigerator for things like yogurt and cheese.

Hope we have a winter wonderland of a weekend without the troubles – just the fun!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

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