Weekly News ~ January 30


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Dear Parents,

It’s already groundhog day! It seems we are finally getting back into the routine after all the weather and activities in the first 3 weeks of January!

This is what we’re learning this next week:

  • Writing-  Informational writing powerpoint
  • Grammar: Literal/nonliteral language
  • Reading– Compare/contrast 2 texts looking at key points and details
  • Math– Fractions on a number line and measurement
  • Social Studies– Habitats of Georgia, plant and animal adaptations
  • Read Aloud– Finishing Pippi Longstocking

We just had our A.R. party, and Lauren and Aaron remain queen and king! We’re crowned Ashley and Hillel as princess and prince runner ups! Most of the children are progressing nicely toward the third nine week goal of 27 points. Others have an AR buddy to support and encourage them. We want everyone to join us for the AR celebration on March 22nd. The children decided it will be a “Fluffy Friend Pajama Party with Hot Chocolate”!

Thank you for encouraging your child as they’ve researched their Georgia animal this week for homework. They’ll have additional time to add to the research before they begin working on the power point in the computer lab. Power points are much too big a file to send home, so if you’d like a copy please send in a flash drive at some point. The power point will be saved under your child’s student login.

We have special activities coming up this week to include a Wellstar health lesson, guidance with Mrs. Scott, a Georgia snake presentation by Mr. Pennell, and a library lesson by Mrs. Perisino!

Happy belated birthday, P.J!

And happy birthdays to Frazer and Allyson!!

I’ll send home a Valentine’s list this coming week (23 students).

Thanks for all the donations of snacks! AND the terrific attendance —we’ve won a contest 4 times this year! Have a great week!


Mrs. Pennington



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