Weekly News ~ March 13

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Dear Families,

Here are some reminders for the Tellus field trip on Monday, March 13!

  • Make sure you are here on time so you don’t get left behind! Spring your clock forward on Sunday. 🙂
  • If you have one, wear a RED shirt or a Kincaid shirt.
  • Wear tennis shoes.
  • If you ‘re bringing lunch, put it in a disposable bag labeled with your name.
  • Please bring a jacket…it may be cold eating outside.
  • No more than $10 spending money(send in a ziplock with your name)
  • You’ll be responsible for keeping up with $$.

Here’s the learning plan for the week:

  • Writing-  Strong compare and contrast paragraphs
  • Grammar- Conjunctions
  • Reading– Cause and effect
  • Math– 2-step problem solving, fractions
  • Social Studies– Mary Bethune
  • Read Aloud– Bunnicula

Please plan to vote on March 21 to support improvements in Cobb County schools!

The book fair continues all next week. Tuesday night is Parent Ed Night with a technology theme at 6:30pm. Dinner and childcare are available!

Have a good weekend!


Mrs. Pennington

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