Weekly News ~ March 20

Dear Families,Image result for leprechaun

Happy Spring! The Leprechaun traps, as ingenious as they are, failed to trap the little rascal! He made a mess of our room and left little green footprints all over, but unfortunately it’s another year of near misses. Oh well, there’s always next year!

Be on the look out for report cards on Thursday. I have a wedding in Texas and will be out Thursday and Friday, but the sub will send them home. Target kids will get them on Friday.

Please return the registration form asap this week. I have a treat for each child who turns it in promptly.

The other highlights of the week include the FABULOUS Kincaid musical, Zaxby’s Night, and the SPLOST vote on Tuesday.

Homework Notes ~ Until the Milestone test in late April, 3rd grade will not have the usual HRJ homework. We’ll still have spelling, and the rest will be test review (both of which will be glued into the HRJ). I’ll send home additional math as is needed. I hope this isn’t too confusing.

What we’re learning this week…

  • Writing-  Preparing a writing piece to publish
  • Grammar- Conjunctions
  • Reading– Compare and contrast character, theme
  • Math– 2-step problem solving, fractions
  • Social Studies– Conservation & Pollution
  • Read Aloud– Bunnicula

Have a great week!


Mrs. Pennington


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