Weekly News ~ April 24

Dear Families,

It’s the last 2 days of Milestones testing, and we’re so excited for it to come to an end! We’ll test on Math on Monday and Tuesday, and then finish the week with projects and getting back to a normal routine.

Thank you so much for all the testing snack donations! We even had left overs, which we can always use.

There will be math homework only this week.

Happy birthday, Davis & Daniel!


Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ April 17


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Dear Families,

The Georgia Milestones test will begin Wednesday and will be completed Tuesday the 25. The first three days children will be tested on language arts, and the final two days will be math. It’s important for the children to have a good night’s sleep and a nutritious breakfast. We’ll have out snack before the test begins to insure no one gets hungry. Fortunately, we only have one session of testing a day so the children won’t be worn out. We can still still fit in some learning, in addition to special projects we have planned.

For homework, we’ll continue to work on math review. I’ll send home a packet on Monday. We won’t have HRJ or spelling.

Thank you for snack donations. Our room mother sent in chocolate bars for the science lab project. We still are in need of graham crackers for the solar oven project scheduled for Tuesday. We also need PAPER egg containers for a project coming up.

Thank you for all you do!


Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ April 10


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Dear Families,

I hope you had a terrific break. It feels like maybe Spring has finally arrived!

Thank you all for making teacher appreciation week so special for me. It’s a special joy to have children greet me in the morning with flowers, treats, sweet notes and other goodies! I appreciate the class gift of the beautiful orchid and the gift card.

This is what we’re learning this week:

  • Writing-  Opinion
  • Grammar- Review
  • Reading– Compare and contrast
  • Math– Geometry. capacity
  • Social Studies– Thurgood Marshall
  • Science- Magnets
  • Read Aloud– Wonder

We’ll be having lots of test taking practice and review in preparation for the Georgia Milestones test coming up.

This is Braves’ week so we’ll have some excitement pumping up support for our baseball team! We’re also going to have a presentation on Thurgood Marshall this Wednesday. The children love learning about important Americans.

Happy birthday, Cristian!

We are low on class snack, so any donations are appreciated! The science lab also needs donations of 6 regular size Hershey bars and a box of graham crackers for the class solar oven projects.

Thanks so much for everything. I just LOVE my class! I took a trip to Maine and saw so many wonderful examples of rocks and erosion that I wanted to share with the class, so I brought the children a rock back instead.


Mrs. Pennington