Weekly News ~ May 1

Dear Families,

It’s MAY! How time flies! We’re in our last 3 and a half weeks of school, and we have so much on our plate. Thank you for making my teacher appreciation luncheon special! We are awaiting bird friends at the feeder that is set up on our back door. I love how the children all signed the bird feeder!

We need a collection of materials for our insulator project this week. Plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum foil, bubble wrap, cotton, and straw are just some that came to mind. You and your child might think of something different. The plan is to have a bin of materials for teams to access in an attempt to keep an ice cube from melting. We’ll begin building on Wednesday, so need some materials by then. Thanks ahead of time!

Homework will include spelling, and daily math and handwriting. Here’s the plan for the week:

  • Writing-  Progressive imaginary story
  • Grammar- Review, complex sentences
  • Reading– Literature circles
  • Math– Geometry, grids
  • Social Studies- Heat
  • Read Aloud– Wonder

We also started our Pentopia market day on Friday. The children LOVED it! We made our own currency, are being paid a weekly salary for jobs, and are providing products and services to buy and sell. This week, the children will have to pay taxes! 🙁 I haven’t given them the bad news yet. By the way, the children shouldn’t have to spend hardly any money to bring in products from home. Noodle necklaces, homemade bookmarks, ninja stars, etc. have always been popular. I’ll be sure to send you some pictures of our events as we’ll have a market day 2 more Fridays.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Pennington





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