Halloween Weekly News

Dear Families,

It’s going to be an especially exciting week what with Halloween, a new classmate, and a new hamster! We’re going to have to practice some deep breathing exercises!

Here’s the learning plan:

  • Reading: Rereading nonfiction for important details
  • Writing: Revision, elaborating on our nonfiction topics
  • Math: Area concepts, multiplication
  • Language Arts: Spelling, Vocabulary
  • Social Studies: Christopher Columbus
  • Read Aloud: Peter Pan

Spelling Words

List 1:
prepay preview misplaced overjoy
preschool misunderstood mismatch oversize

List 2:
overloaded overeager mispronounce precooked
overcrowded overactive misbehave prerecorded

Please consider using the following vocabulary words in your conversations this week:

cylinder, examine, fatal, feature, grasp, jet, marine, scar, tentacle, vessel

Please keep your child away from Halloween candy in the morning before the school day begins! Trust me…a little candy can wreak havoc in a classroom! 🙂

Now that the weather has turned chilly, be sure your child comes to school with a warm jacket. We go out for recess every day, unless it is rainy.

ITBS test scores went home with your child Friday, so look in your child’s folder if you haven’t see it yet.

Have a fun week!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News for October 23

Dear Families,

It was good to meet with all the families this past week. I learn so much from each of you and it enables us to partner up to do the best for your child!

We’re beginning multiplication facts this next week. We’ll learn strategies for each of the facts in a particular order. We’ll begin with doubles, fives, and zeroes and ones. Speed is not the priority right now—just an efficient mental strategy.

Please encourage your child to take at least two AR quizzes per week. We’re going to have an AR Party for every child who achieves his or her goal by the end of this quarter!

Just about everyone is on SeeSaw now so I’ll begin publishing the spelling words to this blog AND SeeSaw every Friday. Plus, I’ll be training the students to post more of their work during the week.

Related image

Congratulations to Finn for being elected classroom representative on student council! Emma, the alternate representative, will fill in for him if ever needed.

What we’re learning this week:

  • Math ~ Multiplication area models and facts
  • Reading ~ Nonfiction reading strategies
  • Writing ~ Informative writing, drafting chapters
  • Language Arts ~ Spelling (prefixes & suffixes), verbs
  • Science ~ Soil, erosion and weathering

Homework Reminder:

  1. Homework packet and spelling notebook go home Monday and are due Friday.
  2. Nightly reading is highly encouraged (beware: nighttime screen time can disturb sleep. Better to read old fashioned print)
  3. Multiplication practice is encouraged daily (flashcards, Moby Max, apps, games, etc.)

Spelling –

List 1:
subtitle subheading undone inactive disapprove
subway underlined unable inability disconnect
List 2:
inexperienced independent subcontinent disagreement
indefinitely incredible submerse disqualify

Happy birthday, Jacob & Tara!

Have a lovely weekend —it’s supposed to be fabulous!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington


October 9 Weekly News

Dear Families,

We’re beginning a new quarter this week, and there are lots of exciting things to look forward to. We’re starting informational writing, and a mystery animal study in reading. Then we’re finishing up our American Indian unit with some fun crafts at the end of the week. We’ll also do some goal setting.

Here’s the plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication and division
  • Reading ~ Nonfiction
  • Writing ~ Informational
  • Social Studies ~ Productive resources, American Indians

I’m preparing report cards, which you will get at conferences. Be sure to confirm your conference time if you haven’t done so already. I’m really looking forward to meeting with each of you!

Thank you to Finn and Ryan’s moms for the snacks.:-) They went fast, so we still need more. Graham crackers and goldfish are always good to keep in the class and don’t need to be prepackaged. We have little paper cups that our snack helper can pass out. And thank you to Kaya’s mom, our room mother, who does so much copying for us!

Looks like we might have some indoor recess this week with the predicted rain!


Mrs. Pennington

Happy Fall!

Dear Families,

I hope you had a great Fall break! I’m looking forward to getting back into the groove…and to seeing you all for the parent conferences coming up in 2 weeks!

We’ll have spelling words and homework packets coming home this week. Also, look for your scheduled conference time notification. Send me a note either confirming the time or needing another. We’ll work out a good time for our meeting.

This is the last week of the 9 week period, so we’ll have some assessments this week in preparation for report cards. We are finishing up our American Indian poster projects this week. The children will present to their classmates, and evaluate their teamwork skills. We’ll also have some fun with American Indians handicrafts.

This is the plan this week:

  • Reading – Using text evidence to evaluate a character
  • Writing – Excellent endings in narrative
  • Math – Multiplication/division concepts
  • Social Studies – American Indians
  • Read Aloud – Peter Pan

Happy birthday, Valery!

We are in need of snacks. Thank you ahead of time!

Fondly, Mrs. Pennington