Happy December!

Dear Families,

We have an exciting week ahead with special activities in store. We have a Wellstar nutrition presentation, science lab, a media center lesson, guidance, and the Thursday night Grinch PTA performance. Holiday project making will start, and there is a rumor that an elf has been sent by Santa to keep an eye on our room. I won’t believe it until I see it!

The students found a Carolina Preying Mantis on the playground, and “Pearl” is now our class pet! We’ll be observing all her marvelous adaptations, and if we’re lucky, she’ll produce an egg case, and we’ll study her offspring in a few months. By the way, we’ll welcome a new hamster after the winter break.

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

  • Math– Distributive property of multiplication, problem solving
  • Reading– Central message of fiction
  • Science– Fossils
  • Writing – Informational brochure on favorite winter holiday
  • Read Alouds – A Hundred Dresses, Silver Packages, Patricia Polacco stories, Poems


List 1:
washable returnable enjoyable agreeable
leader painter actor director

List 2:
predictable dependable affordable conductor
tourist novelist journalist inventor


Mrs. Pennington