Weekly Newsletter ~ January 16

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Dear Families,

I hope you enjoy your long weekend in honor of Dr. King! And stay well with the flu going around!

We are in need of the following, and will appreciate any donations!

  • table wipes (germ killing)
  • snack
  • treasure box donations

Here’s our learning plan:

  • Math~ Introduction to fractions, partitioning
  • Writing~ Opinion writing
  • Reading~ Compare and contrast
  • Language Arts~ Spelling, adjectives, handwriting
  • Science~ Georgia habitats, plant and animal adaptations
  • Read Aloud~ Harry Potter

Spelling Sort 17 Review inflected endings
double+ ing e- drop + ing +ing +ing
cutting moving adding talking
stopping living spelling snowing
humming coming floating working
begging taking chewing pushing

Congratulations to our AR Queen Angela and King Finn!

Our Moby Max Ninja Master award goes to Mason!

We’ve moved on to the study of the multiplication facts sixes through nines! Five students have mastered all their facts! The goal is to master them by the end of 3rd grade, so practice, practice, practice! Practice through Moby Max, flash cards, apps, etc. are all acceptable. Whatever gets your child to practice consistently is the best method.

Cursive handwriting is going along beautifully. Curiously, some of the children are actually better at cursive than printing.

The children had a blast writing a story in the “graphic novel” way this week. Some of the children want to take them home to complete them since we’re moving on. The next 5 weeks we’ll work on opinion writing. You’ll enjoy reading their pieces!

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Pennington