Weekly News ~ March 26

Dear Families,

It was fun to come to work today and have our door decorated by Mr. Wilson and lunch delivered by Mr. Kuwamoto! And then I had some lovely cards and gifts. The children are being so sweet. I am lucky to share my days with your children. They are so full of energy and enthusiasm, and keep me young at heart!

Highlights this week include picture day on Tuesday, and Celebration of the Arts on Friday.

Happy birthday, Dax!

The end of grade Milestone will begin the Tuesday we get back from break, so we’ll work on test practice this week. Reviewing math concepts and answering written comprehension questions after reading will be given special attention. In math, we’re classifying shapes and learning that many shapes go into different categories (quadrilateral, rhombus, rectangle, square, polygon, parallelogram). In writing, we are adapting a fairy tale. There is no spelling this week. Instead we will continue working on mentor sentences, and will work on understanding Latin affixes in vocabulary.

If you’d like extra test practice for your child, the following site was shared by Mrs. Hintz.


It will be nice to have a Spring break before we begin testing. Our grandson is due to be born anyday now, so needless to say, there is plenty of excitement, nervous energy and anticipation at my house!

Weekly News ~ March 19

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Dear Families,

We are so excited about going on our 3rd grade field trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds in Cartersville! We’ll see a movie, watch a tools and weapons demonstration, and walk the historial site. Our buses are scheduled to leave at 9:15 and we’ll be back at about 1:15. The weather will be watched closely to see that we’re dressed properly for possible rain and probable mud. Finn and Sydney’s mothers will chaperone. We need just one more chaperone. First one to email me can come! I’ll SeeSaw photos home!

We have some fabulous leprechaun traps! There were signs of leprechaun activity throughout the school, and we’re hoping to catch one on Saturday when they do most of their mischief. We’ll wait patiently until Monday to see if we’re successful!

Congratulations Grayson, Tara, Angela and Emma for being our “Compassion Cougars”! They are always demonstrating caring and understanding towards others.

Be on the lookout for report cards this Wednesday.

Here’s our learning plan:

  • Math~ 2D shapes
  • Reading~ Point of view
  • Writing~ Adapting a fairy tale
  • Lang. Arts~ Contractions, prepositions
  • Science~ Heat
  • Testing Practice~ Here and there

Spelling Sort 14 ~ Contractions is, have
is have
who’s they’ve
where’s might’ve
she’s could’ve
here’s should’ve
what’s you’ve
he’s would’ve
there’s I’ve
Bonus words: although, because, therefore

We also have a Wellstar “Get Fit” presentation on the value of exercise this Wednesday. And of course, The Lion King performances will be the following weekend. So much excitement!

Happy birthday, Dax!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pennington





Weekly News ~ March 12

Dear Families,

Directions were sent home for an optional enrichment activity…a Leprechaun Trap! The traps are due on Thursday. We’ll set them on Friday and see what happens. The children have so much fun with this, and can get all the help they need from parents, so I’d like to encourage you to do it if you have the time.


Don’t forget that we have an early release day on Wednesday. Double check with your child about how you want them to go home. I’m missing a few field trip permission slips. Please send them in on Monday. We’ll need a couple of volunteers to chaperone the field trip on March 20th. Let me know if you’d like to accompany us and supervise about 5 children.

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

  • Reading~ Point of view
  • Writing~ Persuasive writing
  • Math~ Elapsed time, line plots, word problems
  • Language Arts~ Spelling, complex sentences
  • Social Studies~ Pentopia job assignments
  • Read Aloud~ Harry Potter
  • Test Practice here and there

Spelling Words – Homophones

chews choose hear here
berries buries pause paws
wood would peace piece
way weigh plain plane

Happy birthday, Ibrahima and Finn!

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

Mrs. Pennington

Weekly News ~ March 5

Dear Families,

This next week will a fairly uneventful week…which is unusual! This is the last 8 days of the third quarter, so we will be busy with reviews and assessments for the report cards that come out March 21st.

We had a great time time for Read Across America Day. Some great books were shared, we skypped with a reader from Garrett Middle School, we came up with different titles for Dr. Seuss books to show we understood the main idea, and we estimated, counted and calculated goldfish. Jacob was our winner with an estimate of 1200!

Our learning plan:

  • Math ~ Time to the minute, fractions on a numberline
  • Reading ~ Compare and contrast 2 texts
  • Writing ~ Opinion writing
  • Lang. Arts ~ Spelling, sentences
  • Social Studies ~ American Colonies, classroom economy
  • Read Aloud ~ Harry Potter

We’re setting up our classroom economy, Pentopia! We have a drafted constitution, will set up a government, and will have children apply for different jobs. Be on the look out for job applications. The applications are due next Friday.  The children will earn class money, and later we will have market days (usually every Friday until the end of the year) where goods and services will be sold. The children love it!

Thank you to Grayson, Finn and Ryan’s parents for the extra snack. Mason’s family sent in sanitary wipes and tissues. We’re grateful for the help with k eeping tummies full and the room clean!

We have a field trip to the Etowah Indian Mounds in Cartersville on March 20! Information will go home Wednesday. Please get the permission slip and donation back as soon as possible for planning purposes.

Thanks for everything you do! It is an honor to teach your children! Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs. Pennington