Weekly News ~ May 21

Dear Families,

The year has gone too fast! Only 3 days to go!

We had our last market day Friday. It was fun to see the entrepreneurial spirit in the children. We had a lively auction on some high dollar items. I hope you will notice your child making better money decisions.

Here’s our plan for the last 3 days:

  • Monday: 3rd grade yearbook and memory book signing, Kincaid kickball game
  • Tuesday: Early Release day –  Multiplication challenge, classroom awards,
  • Wed: Early Release day – (no backpacks today) – Year end celebration

Of course, I’ll be throwing in some final little assessments in preparation for report cards. 🙂

Please be sure to have your child empty out his/her bookbag each day. Lots of stuff is coming home! Be on the lookout for math workbooks, and a writing notebook. Please find a special place for the writing notebook because there are precious entries (most are rough drafts so don’t be alarmed by the imperfections). You’ll want to keep this forever. 🙂

I hope you were able to enjoy SeeSaw as much as the children and I have. It was quite exciting to share our classroom activities and artifacts in real time delivered straight to your device! You can print off everything your child has done this year and add it to a scrapbook, paper or digital.

Have a wonderful summer! Read a lot!  Use your imagination —run around, explore, build things, make a new friend, learn something new, start a new collection, create! The next school year will begin before we know it.

love, Mrs. Pennington