Weekly News ~ May 20


Dear Families,

The year has gone too fast! Only 3 days to go!

Here’s our loose plan for the last 3 days:

  • Monday: Multiplication challenge, 3rd grade yearbook & memory book signing, Kincaid kickball game, Senior Walk
  • Tuesday: Early Release day – (no backpack today) Year end celebration, summer reading goals
  • Wed: Early Release day – (no backpacks today), teacher report cards ~ Kids grade US!

I’ll be throwing in some final little assessments in preparation for report cards. 🙂

Please be sure to have your child has an empty bookbag on Monday. The writing collection is coming home!  Your child is so excited to share his/her writing! You’ll want to keep these forever.  FYI:

  • Writing Notebook: Ideas
  • Green folder: Unfinished work in progress
  • Yellow folder: Completed work that hasn’t gone through the revision and editing stages
  • Red folder: The finest writing! (all stages of the writing process completed)

I hope you enjoyed SeeSaw!  It is priceless to share our classroom activities and artifacts in real time delivered straight to your device! You can print off everything your child has done this year and add it to a paper or digital scrapbook.

Have a wonderful summer! Read a lot!  Use your imagination —run around, explore, build things, make a new friend, learn something new, start a new collection, create! The next school year will begin before we know it. We’ll miss our students! They are a dream of a class, and such precious individuals!

Love, Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

P.S. We will post links to summer learning ideas and fun later this week!