August 23 ~ Classroom News

Dear Families,

It’ll be a busy week! Wednesday is early release day…and picture day. So practice smiling for a camera.:-)

Our learning plan for the week:

  • Math ~ Addition and subtraction within 1000, strategies¬†
  • Reading ~ Comprehension, retelling
  • Writing ~ Revision of first personal narrative
  • Social Studies ~ Three branches of the government, separation of powers

The week after Labor Day weekend, we will have testing, so we will familiarize the students with the testing format and items.

Thanks to Ava’s family for the sidewalk chalk, Ben’s family for the balls and jump ropes, and Guillermo’s family for the Legos! We’re so fortunate to have Ms. Zogby and Ms. Brown as our room mothers!

We’re so excited that Mrs. Mann is the recipient of a grant that is bringing more iPads into our classroom! Among other things, we’ll use them for speech to text capabilities in writing, exploring Google Earth in mapping, and communicating with pen pals in online projects. We could use more headphones and earbuds. If you’d like to send a pair in with your child, he/she can store it for use throughout the year.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann