Class News ~ November 18

Dear Families,

Thanks to Ben’s family for the donation or Legos! And Taylor’s family for the extra snacks!

This week’s learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication and division in area models
  • Reading ~ Text structures in nonfiction
  • Writing ~Planning and researching a topic
  • Science ~ Fossils, mountains and rivers
  • Language Arts ~ Irregular verbs, cursive

Mrs. Mann and I are so thankful to have your children in our class. They are a joy to get up to every day! Thank you for everything you do!


Mrs. P. & Mrs. M.

Class News ~ November 11

Dear Families,

We welcomed our new classmate, Sailor, this week. She already has 19 new friends!

We are so excited to be finishing our expert stories and are now ready to publish them in the hallway! We’ll be sending the writing home via SeeSaw in the next few days.

Happy birthday, Taylor!

This week’s learning plan:

  • Math ~ Multiplication and division problem solving
  • Reading ~ Main idea and text evidence in nonfiction
  • Writing ~ Ideas, planning for research project
  • Science ~ Fossils, mountains and rivers*
  • Language Arts ~ Homophones, cursive

Mountains and rivers include the Rockies and the Appalachian ranges. Rivers include the Mississippi, Rio Grande, Colorado, Hudson and Ohio. Talk about your experiences while locating them on a map.

Odds and Ends:

  • We have November Biblionasium challenge! Keep logging those books at home!
  • Warm coats are needed for cold days outside at recess. 
  • We need a donation of class snacks (Goldfish, graham crackers, pretzels suggested).
  • Please take the homework survey if you haven’t already. 🙂

Thanks for everything you do!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann


Class News ~ November 4

Dear Families,

Congratulations to our students in completing the Biblionasium Spooktacular Challenge! The children are reaping the rewards of all the time put into reading! As they’re moving up in their reading levels, they’re excited to be able to read more interesting and engaging stories.


  • Tuesday is election day and a day off for students.
  • Extra warm coats are needed now at recess.

Our learning plan this week:

  • Reading ~ Book of the Month compare/contrast, responses
  • Writing ~ Expert story revision and editing
  • Math ~ Distributive property, division/multiplication situations
  • Language Arts ~ Homophones to, too, two
  • Science ~ Fossils
  • Social Studies ~ Productive resources

We all enjoyed the cheese sticks, tangerines and Candy Corn sent in by our room mom, Mrs. Zogby!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann