Home Learning March 27


  1. Go to Clever and click on Newsela. Read the article “Play it safe: What Kids Should Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak” . Answer the comprehension questions in the activities tab on the right side of the page.
  2. Free choice reading in MyOn or Newsela or a book in your hands.


  1. Draw or cut out 2 quadrilaterals and write down at least 3 attributes of each. Attributes include number of sides, congruent sides (equal side lengths), what kind of angles (right, acute, or obtuse), number of parallel lines, and number of vertices. Is the quadrilaterlal a  trapezoid, parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus, and/or a polygon?

Here are websites to help you.

Now draw or cut out one shape that is not a quadrilateral!  Explain why not. Share on Seesaw (video or picture) or in Office365.

2. Practice math facts in First in Math and/or complete Prodigy work.


In Office365 or on paper, add a Friday entry to your journal. Our reading today focuses on “social distancing”. Explain social distancing and what it means to you. How has it changed the ways you play and socialize with your friends? Think about how it has changed your normal daily life in your community. Write about this or something else that is on your mind.