Sunday Afternoon News

Dear Families,

While we are all sheltered in place, we wish you and your loved ones health! We’re all in this together!

I hope you’ve all been able to take the survey. We’ll let you know the results. We feel like things have improved. We’re working to implement web platforms that are engaging to students, provide individualized  instruction/practice, and have high quality resources. As teachers, it’s so important that the sites give us powerful feedback on your student so we can continue to target instruction from our remote location in our homes! It’s work in progress. 🙂

We’re LOVING Zoom! Mrs. Mann and I have been using it in our personal lives. Our first meeting was a great learning experience. This week, we’ll be setting up a few meetings. We’ll let you know when your child is scheduled to meet a day ahead of time. If your child can’t attend, for whatever reason, no worries. We’re all doing our best.

We are also loving Seesaw! Right now, children are able to share with each other. Here are new Seesaw guidelines:

  1. Share classwork with teachers only, unless we instruct you to share with the class.
  2. Keep those comments coming! They are always approved by teachers before being posted.

We care about you so much, and think of you often!


Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann

P.S. I hope it’s OK if I send out the home learning work in the morning by 8 a.m. Let me know if you need it the night before.