Home Learning March 30


Time to write in your journal about what you did over the weekend!   Challenge yourself to add your senses to your writing.  What did you see all around you?  What were some sounds you heard?  How did something feel when you touched it?  What did it smell like?   


  1. Login to Clever.  Click on Freckle.  You may need to select your teacher’s name.  Go to Math.  Click on the backpack at the bottom of your page labeled ‘Assignments’.  Complete the assignment under math that is titled #30 – Geometry – Shape Categories. 

2. First in Math and/or Prodigy

Reading with Mrs. Letendre 

  1. Watch the lesson linked below with Mrs. Letendre 

Lesson #1: https://youtu.be/Yuf2kObM-2Q 

*Illustrate two pictures from different perspectives.  For example, the person on a boat going to the island vs. the person on the island looking at the boat.  Another example, a young girl having a birthday party with her friends vs. a dog or grandma having a birthday.  Be creative.    

OPTIONAL: Invitation to participate in Zoom with Mrs. Letendre: Mrs. Letendre is doing a Choose Your Own Adventure book and you will get to virtually choose the path she takes.  The one with the most votes wins!   

When: Monday at 11:00 a.m. 

Link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/741061116

2. MyOn or Newsela free choice reading

*Remember you can adjust the reading level of Newsela articles. If it’s too hard, try a lower Lexile level. If it’s too easy, up the Lexile level.