Home Learning March 31


  1. Watch Mrs. Letendre’s lesson on Point of View linked below.

Lesson #2: https://youtu.be/oFENFqfWq5I 

After you watch her lesson, complete the following questions about a book you are reading at home.   

  • Through whose eyes are you seeing the story?  The narrator or a character?   
  • From which point of view is it written?  1st Person (uses pronouns like I, me, we, or us) or 3rd Person (uses pronouns like he, she, they, or them)?   
  • How are your experiences the same or different from that of the character or the narrator?

2. Free reading – MyOn, Newsela or your own book! 


  1. We will use Nearpod for our lesson today“What Are Quadrilaterals?”   

Sign in at https://nearpod.com/student/

Sign in with your first name and last name. Enter this code: RYHBM

2. First in Math and/or Prodigy practice


Add an entry to your journal. Write about whatever is on your mind. If you need an idea, think about how it’s Spring now! Have you noticed that dusty yellow stuff all over everything? Have any Carpenter Bees hovered around you? What else have you noticed?