Home Learning April 1

Reading and Writing 

  1. It’s Lirpaloof Bird season in Georgia! Today you get to be a naturalist and go outside to watch for the famous bird as it migrates north. Click on the link and follow the directions carefully. Message your teacher (email or Seesaw) if you spot one! The writing assignment is at the bottom of the Lirpaloof page. Turn in your writing assignment on Office365 or Seesaw. Good luck! 

Lirpaloof Assignment 

2. Read GetEpic.com, Newsela, MyOn, or the book in your hands!


  1. We will play Kahoot for our math review today. This is an interactive game you connect to with the link below.  You’ll be reviewing what you know about polygons and quadrilaterals, and competing with all students in the third grade, so do your best to answer quickly and accurately. The top scores in third grade will be posted on Thursday.  


  1. You must join with your first and last name.     
  2. Complete the challenge by 9:00 p.m. Wednesday!  
  3. Have fun!!

Kahoot Link:  https://kahoot.it/challenge/0939759?challenge-id=bb28748b-9e5e-45ad-bfdc-20bb8e0bc423_1585584210003 

Challenge Pin: 0939759 

2. Work on Prodigy and/or First in Math.

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