Home Learning April 30



  • Finish your folk tale or fable today! Remember to edit and revise.  If you have blue or red lines, move your cursor over the word and right click.  You will be given hints on how to correct. 


  • Complete Prodigy assignment. No need to look for the assignment bcause Prodigy takes you directly to it.
  • First in Math fact practice.


  • Continue working on the optional solar oven project using information from the Newsela article Make It Yourself: Sun S’mores. Test your oven on a sunny day (you may have to wait until the weekend) and post the results on Flipgrid. 


Home Learning April 29


 Go to MyOn (through Clever) and click on Library, then click on the search button and type in fables.  You should see a lot of choices that come up.  Choose another book that seems interesting to you.  Read it and send me an email or word document stating the title of the book and what the moral of the story was.  


Continue your folk tale.  Are you ready to create your ending? Revise your story by adding interesting details, descriptions, and dialogue.


Watch the LearnZillion videos on measuring the volume of liquids. 



After watching the videos, login to Freckle (through Clever) and complete the assignment – Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses of objects using standard units of liters. 


Continue working on the optional solar oven project using information from the Newsela article Make It Yourself: Sun S’mores. 


Mrs. Weitnauer –  Personal Safety for 3rd Graders 


Home Learning April 28


Have fun reading folk tales and fables! We’ll be asking for your favorites. Here are some resources:


  • Required: Continue drafting your fable or folk tale. Think about the lesson you want to teach your reader. 
  • Optional: You can always add to your historic Covid quarantine journal. A second grader’s journal was just published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution!


Watch one or more of these videos:

After watching the video, find objects around your house that would be measured in grams or kilograms. Email or Seesaw a list.


Continue working on the optional solar oven project using information from the Newsela article Make It Yourself: Sun S’mores.  


Mrs. Perisino’s Lunch and a Story with the Be-tweeners 

Second and third graders are invited to join us in Zoom and listen to a story (or 2) while you eat your lunch! Alert parents! We may laugh with our mouths open! 

Presenter: Mrs. Perisino 

Date and Time: Apr 29, 2020 12:00  

Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/95576263961 

Password: cougar 

Home Learning April 27


Go to MyOn (through Clever) and click on library, then click on the search button and type in fables.  You should see a lot of choices!  Choose a story and read it. Seesaw or email the title of the book and the moral of the story


This week in writing you will compose your own folk tale adaptation!  You will work on it all week.  Today think about the introduction, setting, and characters. You may base it on The Three Little Pigs or another classic folk tale. Start writing your introduction in Office365 and share it, so we can have our ‘writing conferences’ all week long using the comment feature.    


Watch the LearnZillion videos about measuring mass in grams  



After watching the videos, login to Freckle through Clever. Complete the assignment – #06 – Measurement & Data – Mass/Volume Measurements 

Enrichment Project of the Week:

Read the Newsela article (login through Clever) on how to make a solar oven, Make It Yourself: Sun S’mores, and take the quiz. Make your own solar oven!  Post a video of your solar oven on Flipgrid. You will log in with your 365 login 


How to Make a Solar Oven 

If you like, look online for other examples of solar ovens

A cardboard box with a lid. The box should be at least 3 inches deep, and it should be big enough to set a pie tin inside. 

  • Aluminum foil  
  • Clear plastic wrap  
  • Glue stick  
  • Tape. You can use clear or masking tape. Any kind will work.  
  • A stick. You will use this to keep the oven lid open. The stick should be 1 foot long. A knitting needle would work well.  
  • Ruler 


  • Graham crackers  
  • Large marshmallows  
  • Plain chocolate bars  



Sunday Afternoon News

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all well and staying adjusted to sheltering in place. It’s really getting old, isn’t it? Hang in there!

Last week was hard on Mrs. Mann and I as we packed and boxed the entire classroom. As I walked through the empty halls, I couldn’t help but think of all our little people that give a school building life and meaning. It’s such a pleasure to ZOOM, but it will never be a satisfying substitute for being WITH the children!

If you haven’t picked up your child’s belongings yet, please plan to do so Monday. Otherwise, we’ll have to box it up until we see you again. The work at Kincaid beginsthis week. When you see the school again, it’ll be all sparkly with new floors and paint!

We’re looking forward to a week of distance learning with the children without any interruptions!

🙂 Mrs. P. and Mrs. M.


Home Learning April 23


  • In Newsela, choose to read “Toy Library” Helps Earth or Strike to Fight Climate ChangeAfter completing the article, take the quiz. 


  • Today you will finish up your fairy tale.  Remember to edit and revise it.  


  • First in Math – Time and math fact practice


  • Continue to work on your “Trash to Treasure” project.  Remember to post it on the third grade Flipgrid.   https://flipgrid.com/8c447594 

Your login code is your Office 365 login (firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org 

Happy Earth Day!


  • In Newsela, do the assignment “The History of Earth Day.” Answer the questions that go with it.  
  • Free reading


  • Continue your fairy tale.  Are you ready to create your ending?  When you finish working on it today, remember to share it! 



  • Continue to work on your “Trash to Treasure” project.  

Earth Day Enrichment

Watch The Lorax movie or read the book.

Home Learning April 21


  • In Newsela, do the assignment “10 Things You Can do to Save the Earth”.  Complete quiz.
  • Free choice reading


  • In MyOn, read Writing Stories: Fairy Tales. Use the tips to help you revise your writing. Be sure you have a BIG problem and some magic to fix it. 



Continue to work on your “Trash to Treasure” project.  Post your creation on Seesaw and the third grade Flipgrid.   https://flipgrid.com/8c447594 

Your login code is your Office 365 login (firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org 


Enrichment Opportunities 

Choose Your Own Adventure Online Story
Wednesday & Friday at 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday’s Link      Friday’s Link 

Kincaid Gardens – The Seedlings Are Growing!
Playlist Link 

Virtual Enrichment Classes
Art     Music     PE     STEM  

Mrs. Kotarba K-2   Mrs. Weitnauer 3-5 

Academic Support
Learning Commons   Reading & Writing Workshop 

Home Learning April 20



  • View the attached How to Write a Fairy or Folk Tale.  As you are watching think about the fairy tales you read last week.  Did they have these elements 
  • This week in writing you will compose your own fairy tale or fable!  You will work on it all week.  Today, think about the introduction, setting and characters. Share your writing progress with your teachers each day. We will check in with students as they build their stories.


  • First in MathClick play at the top, click on the orange circleMeasurement World (you will see a clock, ruler and scales in the orange circle).  Click on the Blue circle that has a clock in it (Equal Time) and play at least 4 games.  
  • Complete Prodigy assignment.

Earth Day Trash to Treasure Project!  Due Friday

  1. Watch the Brainpop video “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” 
  2. Read “Tons of Trash” on https://www.readworks.org/ 

Keeping our Earth clean and healthy is so important, and we all must do our part.   Your job is to make something cool (a treasure) out of something you might normally trash.  This project should not cost you any money!  

Watch the Flipgrid video below to see a couple of examples of how you can use “trash” to create a “treasure” and then you will create your own treasure! After you have created your masterpiece, record your own video on Flipgrid where you showcase your creation and explain how your creation helps planet Earth and its inhabitants.  


Sunday Afternoon News

Dear Families,

Mrs. Mann and I are going into the classroom this week to pack up  the classroom. 🙁 If you want to pick up your child’s belongings, we’ll have them available at the end of the week. We will Seesaw/email the pickup time.

Please check your email each morning for ZOOM meeting invitations. Mrs. Mann and I will be meeting with children each day of the week. If your child misses a meeting, he or she will be invited to another. Our goal is to work out a schedule so you can pencil it in to your calendar. It’s so fun to get together on ZOOM!

If we were in school, we’d be doing all kinds of Earth Day themed activities. We’d watch The Lorax, compare it to a reading of Wump World, and plant seeds to attract polinators. You may want to do some of these things on your own. We will have our Trash to Treasure project! It could be used thank our essential workers! Lowe’s Challenge 

We’re going back to posting a daily schedule after parent feedback. 🙂

Thinking of our students & their families!

Mrs. Pennington & Mrs. Mann